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The Reading Room

~this part of the den is cozy, with several comfy looking chairs, a fireplace, and a coffee table in the middle, on which lie several print-outs stabled together, front pages revealing titles such as "Sage's Dillemna", "Football" and "Boredom" you peer at them curiously~

Dais: Hello, welcome to the reading room. ~you turn and regard him with mild surprise~ Sakura isn't here, she's been too busy lately to read many books. But her, me and Anubis are pretty much in here alot.

~you gaze around the rest the room, which has a few book cases around the walls, you turn and gesture curiously toward the pile of stapled pages~

Dais: Oh, that's Sakura's mess. She has so few fanfictions, she just piles them all on the table. Feel free to read them. Right now their only Sakura's, but she's hoping to receive some from others as well. ~you kneel at the table, looking curiously at the selection~

The Midnight Haircut
Will Anubis ever decide to get his hair cut? Or will the a sneaky Dark Warlord make that choice for him?

A discussion of football gone horribly wrong. Kale and Sekhmet act like idiotic teenage boys, whilst Dais and Anubis stare at the ceiling. What does Sakura-chan have in mind? And where are the Ronins?

Sage's Dilemna
Terror strike's as everyone's favorite blond dicovers a hair raising problem. Will Cye have to clean the bathroom, and is this a wiff of crossover I smell? Read and find out!

What's this? Sakura-chan is depressed and bored, while Anubis is acting caring? Has the world gone mad? Anubis moves to sickening levels to cheer Sakura up.

This Stud
Kento goes to the Nether Realm to play with the Warlords, and duct tape torture ensues. Kento with duct tape? Frightening!

Dais: That's it. And please, don't forget to submit your own fanfiction. Sakura promises to read all of it, no matter how long, badly written, and boring it is! She'll even review it for you, and come up with neat descriptions like the ones above!

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