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~~Everything Anime ~~ Last Updated 6-22-01~~ New Serial Experiment: Lain site is up and running!~~ More TriGun coming soon along with Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, etc.~~ Enjoy, and email with comments questions, and suggestions.~~

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<< #! wheeee !# >>
Very Important!!

I have just recieved this very disturbing news and I would like all of you whe come here to first before doing anything!! READ THE LEGAL DISCLAIMER!!!

WOO HOOO!!! BACK UP!!! (5/9/02)

Wow, its been like a year! Well, I finally got this back up and running, and I got photoshop! The lain site I think is finished, It has like one page left. Feel free to look at that, link is at top of page. This site will get a new look hopefully soon. It just depends on how lazy I am, and how much scripting there is to do... Email me with any suggestions!

Finally updated!! 5-30-01

The Lain Site is in progress now, but since the stupid servers, yes angelfire, your server stinks its gonna take awhile since I had to learn how to use geocities. Well, itll be dont in about a month, thats about it minna-san!


Well, its been a short while minna-san. I am taking a vacation at the moment from my page, but will start work on August 17th. And when I say work, I mean lots of it. The lain site will probably be happening, as well as the new layout! Plus I am learning all of Photoshop6 out of a book I recently purchased to do all the new graphics on. So by the time school starts, the page will be fully rennovated, and will hopefully have a domain name. The domain name is just a big wish, so be hoping for that. thas all now minna-san!

Finally updated!! 5-30-01

I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to update!! Well I havent really added since I am working on this from my school, but I decided to inform a few people on my plans for the site. I am getting a new layout in the summer and expect it to be done by about the end of August. I got Adobe Photoshop 6.0 finally!! So my graphics will be drastically improved!! I am also planning on doing a all Lain site, in Java of course, but completely every server compatable, provided you have Java enabled, because I have gotten a few complaints about pictures that did not show up and such. plus on a few servers the layout is drastically messed up. Well those plans will really help my turnout of visitors. buh bye for now!! and keep visiting my site!

News for 3-13-01

Hey! Minna-san! I put up the DBGT Evil Shenlong page! Yay! If any of you have images you would like to put on that, that goes with the story, please send them to me!

News for 3-8-01

Hey minna-san!! If you haven't noticed, I added alot of Fushigi Yuugi!! Thanks to all the poeple for nagging me about it! I also added a few links that are broken, but will have pages soon. The reason I did that is to save me time. The ones that don't work yet are: under Trigun: Milly, Meryl, Knives, Legato, and kuro neko sama; under Escaflowne: Naria and Eriya, and group pictures; under Fushigi Yugi: Fushigi Yugi info; Under DBZ, etc.: Evil shenlong saga; under Gundam Wing: Relena, Miliardo, Noin, Sally; and filanny under the other anime's: Lum, blue sub, blue seed, outlaw star. So if there was something there that you really wanted, and were dissapointed that it wasnt really there, email me and Ill put that up first. The reason these aren't up yet is because of lack of info! So send me some info, even on animes not yet up! Thats how they get here! Well enjoy the new pages, and email me with suggestions, pictures, or info!

News for 3/2-4/01

Konnichi-wa minna san!! I put up the Sailor Moon Quiz today!! Take the quiz to see how great of a moonie you are! I also put up the Vash and Wolfwood bios in my Trigun page, which will be expanding quite a bit, thanx to Nightstalker (dont know your real name -_-;).

News for 2-28-01

Hey minna-san.My Sailor Moon pages got a makeover, and so if ya wanna check those out, go ahead. Someone volunteered to help me with the TriGun page, so that will be expanding as the info comes in. Check it out!

News for 2-20-01

Hey. If you havent noticed, alot of the news is gone. Well that is because somehow this page is getting screwed up alot. I dont know how, but I am working on fixing it. As for the links that disapeared on the top portion of the page, I incorporated them with the links on the left side of the page, finally! Some arent up yet, but I got to thinking that every time I add a new page, I have to go edit like 100 pages to add the link to them and decided to add them now and then get the pages up shen I have a chance. So if there are pages that dont work either the link is broken or theyre the ones I havent got up. ^v^

News for 2-7-01

hehehe... if you have noticed I took the links down to the gundam pages. That is because I screwed them up, but dont worry, I will have them up and running again soon! ^v^ sorry for the inconvenience... but if it is any consolation, I will have sailor moon fixed probably this week!!! Ive been waiting a loong time for this and Im really happy its gonna happen! I am also proud to say that I have a generator Gawl page that will be up either today or tommorow, depending on what goes on with the Gundam Pages.

News for 2-2-01

Update! Update! The Sailor Moon Pages are to be redone soon! I am getting the synopsises finished and will have a really kewl and informative sailor moon article also. I am gonna try to put up Outlaw Star (Gene...*drool drool*) and a bit on Battle Angel, Voltage Fighters, Generator Gawl, Fatal Fury, Lodoss Wars, Blue Submarine #6, and Gasaraki. Well I guess thats all!

News for 1-28-01

Today I added the Heero Yuy, ChangWufei, and Trowa Barton pages to the new expanding Gundam Pages, and I also added The Synopsis to the Super 17 saga of DBGT, but I warn you before you go, there are MAJOR SPOILERS in this one!! Go to the Super 17 Saga Synopsis. I will be getting the Sailor Moon pages redone soon, because the Person doing the synopsises has finally about finished them!! Also, I am trying to get a few eva pics up today, so If I do Ill add the link either today or tomorrow.

News for 1-27-01

Outlaw star is getting good!! And my site is still expanding!! Visit the Sailor Mercury Page to see new song lyrics taken from her Mixxine Book, Meet Sailor Mercury.

News for 1-22-00

Today I am proud to announce that I have indeed gotten Quatre's page up! I will try to have the other characters up soon, but it is nearing finals week and frankly I dont have the time!

News for 1-16-01

Alright!! Outlaw star is great!! The second episode aired today on Cartoon Network, so get watching! Also the Pocket Pika Diary is back up because of a request by my friend so if ne one wants to look at that Click here. Well I guess thats it!

News for 1-15-01

Outlaw Star airs today on Cartoon Network!! Which means Outlaw Star pages are that much more close to getting on this site! As for Dragonball Z Dragonball and Dragonball GT I have found some people who can do those pages, sooo if anyone wants to submit any pictures, Do so here. Thats all the news for today! And do feel free to sign the guestbook!

News for 1-12-01

Yay! I finished watching the Gundam: W series over the weekend and so it inspired me to put my Gundam pages up! I finished Duo's and will have more up soon. As for Outlaw star, It comes on in 3 days!!!! YAY!! Well I hope Ill have more pages up soon.

Things to Come

I have been working hard over the past week, through being sick and everything, and I finally got this page up! I am planning on putting more things on and I was wondering what you guys would like to see! I am planning on Gundam WIng and a bit of info about the other Gundam Series (ooh! Theyre actually trying and suceeding at building REAL Mechas!!! (gundams)). I am finishing the Fushigi Yugi section and doing one on Lum. But so far Sailor Moon, Trigun, Tenchi, Pokemon, Escaflowne, and the Tasuki page will have to do... Seeing as I have alot of work ahead of me, I decided maybe I should get a few people to write some character synopsises for me. I have already gotten someone to do Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, and Escaflowne, so if you want to do any of the other ones, feel free to ask. It would be a big help, considering that I hate doing it myself! (hehehe....) well I better stop babbling and let you look!

Funny Animes

Hey! I thought that you might want to know what some funny animes are so you wont be so bored. One of The Animes I really think is funny is Trigun. Vash The Stampede is the Main Character.
To check out this anime Click Here!. Its definately worth your time and money!
Another kewl anime I discovered at a friends house is called Lum (or Uresei Yatsura, which oddly translates out to those annoying aliens). The girl on the right is Lum and the little baby is Ten. This anime is a definate must see for people who like spontaneous random things (like me ^v^). I will soon have a page on the anime Lum, but since I am still working on getting some of my other pages finished I really dont know when I can do that.

News for 1/3/01

I heard from my friend at school that cartoon network was airing a new anime called Outlaw Star!! Hooray! FOr those of you who dont know I have been wanting to see that for a while and am really happy that its coming on!! I will put up caracter synopsises and pictures when I see the series, so keep your eyes open for that. It will be a while though, because I need to see the series and since I dont get cartoon network (boo hoo!!!) I lend tapes to my friend to record it for me and then I watch it when the tape runs out. So.. that will take a while. And also if anyone wants to help me out with graphics, just Holler!

FanStuff News

I have been wanting to expand my gallery of FanArt (all the ones up now are mine hehe) and wanted an opinion on how to display the art and would really appreciate if people sumbitted art. I also want to do a FanFic page, but dont have many fanfics by other people. This page will only improve with your help. So let's submit some FanStuff!!

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