Past updates:
**UPDATED 21 March 2018**

First update of the New Year! And so far it's been rough. Needed some comforting, so here's more of Duo's crazy adventure!

**UPDATED 25 November 2017**

Next chapter of AiB is finally up! I literally rewrote it 4 times before I decided to just pick a path and see it through. Having said (typed?) that, I am happy I chose the path for Duo I did. Didn't make it any less of a headache tho.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays to everyone! Please take care of yourselves.

With all my love, Karen.

**UPDATED 27 May 2017**

Next chapter of AiB is up! I have been feeling so inspired lately. I miss feeling that.

Take care everybody, and God bless Manchester. God bless all of us.

**UPDATED 5 May 2017**

Next chapter of AiB is up! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

**UPDATED 28 January 2017**

Next chapter of AiB is up! Finally!

And is it just me, or does the site pages seem huge? I don't know why, but they seem extra large to me.

**UPDATED 15 April 2016**

Wait? What's this? An AiB update?! Holy Crap!!

**UPDATED 21 Feb 2014**

Next chapter of AiB is up. Action packed! Whoo hop! (Too much Iron Man, Hunger Games, etc.)

**UPDATED 29 Dec 2013**

The holidays are almost over! Thank goodness! My work schedule has been insane.

Next chapter of AiB is up. Hope you like... *evil grin*

**UPDATED 16 Nov 2013**

Oh god, it's been too long. Next chapter of AiB is up!

Leaving town the day after tomorrow, so I'll be out of touch for about a week. I don't think I'll have access to internet. >.<

**UPDATED 9 Feb 2013**

Happy Super Belated New Year! Wow! Already started this year off with a bang! Went to Puerto Rico in January. Saw a whale while visiting a Spanish fort (So cool!), nearly broke my leg jet skiing (So not cool!), and nearly got kidnapped (slight exaggeration, but really, really not cool!), but all and all a pleasant trip. Now to pick the next destination.

Oh, sorry. Next chapter of AiB is up!

**UPDATED 12/13/12**

AiB updated! Whoo! Now lunch, then the gym. :(

**UPDATED 11/17/12**

AiB updated. Passing out now. Getting a bad headache. :(

**UPDATED 9/20/12**

AiB updated. *passes out*

**UPDATED 8/11/12**

Next chapter of AiB is up. Gotta go! Gotta do my PT exercises for my knee. (Looooong story.)

**UPDATED 6/24/12**

The first chapter of Alliance in Blood is up! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(continues cheering like a college student on spring break)

I'm really excited about this next segment. Let's get it on!!!!

**UPDATED 4/30/11**

Guess what? The FINAL two chapters of BiS are up! Yosh! I'm fiiiiinnnniiiiissshhhheeeedddd!

Honestly, I don't know when I will start posting the next sequel. I am leaning towards the fall. For one, I really, REALLY need to finish the Murder Series. For another, I've been toying more and more with the thought of writing a book. I have a concept that I am totally taken with, but I haven't really figured out how to put it together yet. Or where to start. Or anything else of the nature. I'm terrified of it all. I'm having chest palpitations just *thinking* about it. Ugh.

Anyway, congrats to William and Kate! Royal wedding! Wahoo!

**UPDATED 4/2/11**

Hello Hello!

Next chapter of BiS is up! We're almost done. I've already got the last two chapters written up, but it's kinda rough. I'm letting them simmer in my head before posting. Hopefully I'll have them sorted by next weekend or the week after that.

**UPDATED 3/22/11**

Next chapter of BiS is up! I don't know what it is, but I hope I keep it up! I have been so inspired. I've almost done already with the next chapter! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

**UPDATED 3/14/11**

Updated next chapter of BiS yesterday! Sorry I'm late announcing it. I was exhausted!

And may all of our prayers go out to Japan. I can not begin to imagine the hell they are going through.

**UPDATED 12/25/10**

Merry/Happy Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful, warming holiday.

Oh yeah, next chapter of BiS is up. I have to say that I had the hardest time writing this chapter out of the entire series. I was so stuck. My goodness. Thank god for Buckethead. He's my new muse. ^_______^

**UPDATED 9/11/10**

Next chapter of BiS is up!

God bless America and the entire world on this September 11.

**UPDATED 8/15/10**

Next chapter of BiS is up! Five months later. Oh boy. I did a crap job this time, didn't I?

**UPDATED 3/7/10**

Next chapter of BiS is up! Only 5 or 10 chapters to go! >.<

**UPDATED 1/5/10**

First update of the new year! Wah hoo! This year is going to be GREAT!

Next chapter BiS is up!

**UPDATED 11/28/09**

BiS is updated! I'm only a week late. >.<

Now to go back to bed. I'm as sick as a dog. Hope to hell it's not H1N1...

**UPDATED 10/7/09**

BiS is up. *faints in exhaustion*

**UPDATED 6/1/09**

Sorry if this looks funny. I'm so tired I'm seeing cross-eyed.

Anyhoo, the next chapter of BiS is up!! Chapters 1-5 of Blood or Chocolate have been slightly cleaned up, mostly putting in commas/hyphens where they're needed and fixing some broken image links of the cars I had for the guys. I hope to do some serious damage this week going thru the rest of the first book to make sure everything jives with book two.

I am also going over the Murder Saga. It's been so long since I've worked on it. I really will try to get it finished this year. I mean, Christ, I've been writing it since 2001. It's time to let the baby grow up, you know? But again, I haven't worked on it in so long, I've forgotten where I was going on some things.

I'm also considering purchasing Poser 7. I'd love to have some fanart, and since I can't draw worth a shit, but I can splice with the best of them, I think this will have to be the way to go. I'm excited anyway. I'm not using hardly any bandwidth on Angelfire. Probably why they've given me so much. >.<

Wow. I'm such a chatterbox today. Later!

**UPDATED 4/13/09**

Next chappie of BiS! I'm afraid it's probably going to be more like 30 chapters. Hope you don't mind!

**UPDATED 11/06/08**

BiS updated! Almost done with TFM, still some stuff to hammer out as well as a new idea to implement. I hate it sometimes when I get a new idea. >.<

And a big, healthy, tearful HELL FUCKIN' YES! to the victory of President Obama! I have renewed faith and hope for my country that I thought I'd never have since September 11th.


**UPDATED 08/21/08**

BiS updated! With luck, I'll have the next TFM chapter completed in three weeks.

**UPDATED 05/11/08**

Happy Mother's Day to you mothers.

Updated the Links pages. Cleared out a lot a links that were gone. Nothing major.

**UPDATED 05/01/08**

Hey! Next chapter of BiS is up! And kinda creepy. I would love some fanart for this chapter. It'd be out of this world.

I'm working on the Murder series as I type, but so far the chapter isn't shaping up the way I want. I'm hoping to have both TFM and the sidestory updated by the end of the month. Hopefully. Whether that'll be the case will remain to be seen.


**UPDATED 01/24/08**

Geez! It's 2008! Can you believe it? Anyhoo, happy belated holidays... and the next chapter of BiS is up!! Read! Read for your lives!

**UPDATED 09/30/07**

After an unfortunate time of 16 months... the next chapter of TFM is up! Thanks to all who kept their foot in my ass. ^__^

**UPDATED 08/04/07**

Hello all! I just updated the next installation of 'How It Came To Be,' part of the Murder Saga series. I'm still working on the next chapter of TFM. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.

**UPDATED 07/25/07**

BiS updated! Get comfortable folks, because there is ALOT of action in this chapter. You'll be as dizzy as Duo when you're thru!

And I made a correction to the German translation in MoC that was sent to me MONTHS ago that I finally got off my ass to fix. The other correction I'll do when I find the phrase. I think it's somewhere in AMoC.

Next to work on is the Murder Saga. I promise!

**UPDATED 05/27/07**

BIS updated!! Since I took so long, the chapter's extra long! (At least I think so).

**UPDATED 02/17/07**

Wai hoo!! Guess what's UPDATED!!


Last slow chapter, and then thing's are going to pick up, because there's a mystery to be solved. OH YEAH!

And I'm super happy because the clinical manager really likes me, so my contracts been extended to July! I'll be in Phoenix for the summer! OH YEAH!

God, life is GOOD.

**UPDATED 02/11/07**

Sorry, it's not a fic update, just letting folks know what's going on. My laptop died a final death about a month ago, and it's taken me time to get everything back up. Since I lost *everything* (I was too pissed to even rant), but I'm restoring everything I can. Luckily, I emailed myself what I had of BiS before it died. I have maybe another 3 pages before I'm finished with the chapter, and then it'll be post time.

As I've been replacing things, I've kinda...revised the fics as I went along. The onehshots and songfics have been revised and backup(ed), as has the site itself. I still have to do the multi-part fics and the two big series, but since I'm writing those, I'm saving them for last.

Removed - 'A Night in Cairo'

I finally decided just to take it down. I can't stand the story, and every time I looked at it, I cringed. I couldn't even try to revise it. It's absolutely terrible, so fuck it. It had 5 years. Good job, Cairo.

Gotta go. Night.

**UPDATED 12/10/06**

Guess what's been updated...sort of...

I updated the Murder Saga, but not TFM. It's a new sidestory series like 'How The Triangle Died,' but it's focused on pre AMoC. Let me explain.

When I was rereading AMoC part 1, and I read how Duo and Heero broke it off, how Relena got Heero, how Quatre lost Trowa and how he got his son...I was surprised how I just threw all of that out and kept on going. That was two years worth of significant ground that I tossed out, without really explaining. Ever since I realized that, it has bugged me.

I meant to start on this later, but when my disk ate the entire series (if you're curious about that, see my blog), I went ahead and started, since I was so mad that it fit perfectly with Quatre's frame of mind in the opening chapter of this sidestory series. Since I don't have my notes for the rest of TFM, I may have to wait until I get back to Texas to rewrite the next chapter. I will be back January 4th. We'll see. I might not wait that long.

In the meantime, I'm pumping this out, and replacing what I can of the Murder series.

**UPDATED 10/23/06**

Guess what's been updated...BIS!!! Go read! Read for your lives!!

And Happy Birthday to my brother! He's the big 19!!!

Next to work on is TFM. (Like I didn't say that last time.)

**UPDATED 6/20/06**

Whoo hoo! Updated the next chapter of BiS!! Gooo me!

Next to work on is TFM.

**UPDATED 6/5/06**

*drum roll* May I present to you...the next chapter of Blood in Siberia!

*crowds cheer, confetti falls*

Thank you, thank you. Duo, FINALLY, meets the prince, and sees he is not what he expects, in more ways than one. *wink*

Gotta go, gonna be late for class! Vroom vroom!!

**UPDATED 5/20/06**

Hey hey hey! Next chapter of TFM is up!!! *angels start singing* I know, it's been FOREVER, hasn't it? Well, it's up, but it's not beta'ed. I'll probably do that tomorrow or Monday, so don't be surprised if you come back to reread and there's a few things different. I don't *think* it needs any corrections, but who knows.

Hope it was worth the wait!

Next, BiS!

**UPDATED 5/16/06**
Sorry guys!

I know I said in my updates page that I'll be updating TFM on Wednesday--but I'll have to postpone that until Saturday. My charge nurse called in sick this week so that leaves ME in charge. Tomorrow I work from 5am to 9pm and I still need to go to work the following day, so I won't have time--or be in the mood--to update. My next day off will be Saturday, provided another catastrophe.

Sorry guys. I damn near cried when she called in. Wah.

**UPDATED 5/13/06**

Holy hell! It's been forever since I've updated, and this isn't really an update. >.<

The revision of MoC is complete! Finally! I can't believe it took me six months for twelve chapters! *is digusted* I also cleaned up the title page for MoC. Took out Edgar Allen Poe's quote (since it was about a raven, not a crow) and I redid the picture for the story too. It looks SO much better now. Not as grainy as the one before. So hopefully, a good change.

I have another two pages to go before I finish the next chapter of TFM, which I will be finishing tonight. I work sixty hours this week, so I'm going to be busy, but I'm hoping to post it on Wednesday.

The next chapter of BiS is about 1/4 of the way done. That I haven't worked on since the beginning of April, so I'm not quite sure when I'll finish that. But as soon as TFM is posted, I'll be all over it like ugly on an ape.


**UPDATED 12/17/05**

Next chapter of BiS is up! Merry/Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays!

**UPDATED 11/20/05**

Next chapter of BiS is up!

The next chapter of TFM won't be finished until I'm pretty much done revising MoC. That chapter is going to begin going to be about how all of this started, so I need to refamilarise (sp?) myself with it. And while I'm doing that, I might as well make the changes needed.

**UPDATED 10/28/05**

Next chapter of BiS is up! Bedtime!

**UPDATED 10/20/05**

Hellooooooooo! Hope everyone is well!

This is a note that I'm leaving to say that I have created an update page for the revisions to the Murder Saga, on the main page to the story itself. I did *not* want to clog up this page with it. To see updates on the revisions, go the the main Murder Saga page, and scroll to the bottom. It will say 'Murder Saga: Updates.' Pretty straightforward.

And I had a blast in Hawaii! Thanks to those who asked!

**UPDATED 8/29/05**

Next chapter of BiS is up!

Gotta go to work. Later!

**UPDATED 8/28/05**

Hello! Hope you all are doing well.

YES! The next chapter of TFM is DONE! Hope it's okay. I also posted in my blog about what's going on with The Murder Saga. Read it if you dare. When I wrote the blog, I was pretty pissed off at someone.

I am posting the next chapter of BiS tomorrow night, so be on the lookout for that. The werewolf's identity will be revealed!

Okay, I'm done plugging. >.<

**UPDATED 7/26/05**

Sorry ya'll. I'm EXHAUSTED so I'll make this fast. Next chapter of BiS is up! Hope you enjoy!

**UPDATED 6/06/05**

Hello hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Me, I'm doing great!

Next chapter of BiS is up! And this chapter is longer than any of the others, so be sure you're comfortable before you start reading.

The next chapter of TFM is going to be out in another four weeks. For one, it's not nearly finished. Second, I really don't like what I have, so I'm letting it simmer before I look at it again. I KNOW I'm going to make alot of changes, but it works out better when I leave it awhile before coming back to it.

This week, I'm also moving! My best friend built a house, so I'm moving in as her roommate. That's going to make me slow to respond to email for 1 to 2 days. (Any longer than that and I start going into withdrawal). So if I don't respond right away, I'm packing/moving.

Have a good week everyone!

**UPDATED 5/22/05**

Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing great!

The next chapter of BiS is up!

I also have an announcement to make. After careful reconsideration...I've decided that I'm going to revise 'A Murder of Crows' and part of 'Another Murder of Crows.'

Looking back over the stories now...I just can't stand them. I feel that the later stories are not in sync with how I started, and Quatre, although he has grown up, I feel that in the beginning, he wavered too much. I don't intend to do any major changes to the plot. How things happened will remain the same. But the grammar is horrible, and I don't care too much for the characterizations. The revision may be major or minor, I'm not sure. I don't intend to start until July. I'm pleased with how 'The Final Murder' is and the second half of AMoC, so I will leave those as they are.

Catch ya'll later!

**UPDATED 05/14/05**

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well!

Next chapter of BiS is up! The plot is starting to thicken....muahahahaha!

I know I said I'd post part of the songfic/multi-part that I was working on, but I reeeeeeally don't like it, so I intend to rewrite it. I just haven't gotten off my ass to restart it, as of yet.

And if anyone knows of any good Gravitation fanfics/archives, please let me know! I'm hooked!

**UPDATED 04/16/05**

Hey hey hey! Next chapter of BiS is up! I'll put that new songfic up tomorrow. I worked my ass off today at work. M'tired. Night.

**UPDATED 04/15/05**

Hey everyone! Next chapter of TFM is up, and hopefully it's alright. ^___^ I think it is. Anyway, I should have the next chapter of 'BiS' up either tomorrow or Sunday at the latest, because I'm done with that. Also on Sat or Sun I'm posting part one of a songfic that I'm working on. Hopefully you all won't shoot me. I'm writing it for a contest, and it's a totally new style for me, so I'm having a hard time with it.

Other than that, I have redone the site slightly, (I think it looks cleaner, don't you?) and I've corrected two links in the GW section (Sweetly Sour and Shades&Echoes) AND I deleted a site from the 'Other Links' section in RK. I think that's everything.

Have a good weekend!

**UPDATED 03/29/05**

Next chapter of BiS is up! I may revise it still; the beta hasn't given this one the 'thumbs up' yet. Gotta run!

**UPDATED 02/19/05**

Hey hey hey! The next chapter of TFM is up, finally! I know I told some of ya'll that there would be a lemon in this chapter, but at the last minute I changed my mind, and swapped some stuff around. The lemon is going to be in the NEXT chapter, I promise. You guys are right. There's not enough man-loving going on.

And the 'Devil With An Angel's Face' contest is open for business! Spread the word!

**UPDATED 02/12/05**

Sorry ya'll, I'm WAY overdue from my update schedule. We got a virus (again) so my computer is now doing some rauchy shit, and it ALSO destroyed the last chapter of TFM (how the HELL does it do that) so I'm retyping as we speak. I hopefully, will have it up by middle of next week.

To the point, the next chappie of Blood in Siberia is up! Hope you all enjoy it. *smirks*

**UPDATED 01/01/05**

Happy New Year! This year is going to be a great year, I can tell already. To start off on the right foot, I have two stories updated. *drum roll* TFM part 17 is up! After five months, I finally finished it and got it done. I hope it's not a disappointment to ya'll. Many thanks to Kristen, Butterbrains, Sandra, and especially Valeria Wellnitz for emailing me and telling me to get my butt into gear!

And the first chapter in the sequel to BorC? is up! I hope you all still find it funny, as well as romantic and adventure-ous. (sp?) Take care!

**UPDATED 09/20/04**

The final chapter of Blood or Chocolate? is up! *throws confetti* Hope you all enjoyed reading it, 'cause I had a blast writing it! Now onward to TFM! *marches in place*

And before ppl start foaming at the mouth, I don't intend to start posting the next book until 2005, if not sooner. Hell, I wasn't intending to start BorC? until I finished TFM. Looked how well that plan worked...

**UPDATED 09/14/04**

Hope everything's been going well for you all. My prayers to all you folks in the middle of these hurricanes. I get pissy when there's a strong *breeze* let alone a hurricane...Next chapter of BorC? is up! This one's more somber than the others have been. Sorry, just trying to wrap everything up. One more chapter to go then back to TFM! (thank god).

**UPDATED 09/11/04**

Hey all! How's it going? Good I hope. Next chapter of BorC? is up. Only two more after this. It's official. And I added a new GW link!

**UPDATED 09/08/04**

Hello hello. Okay, Part 19 of BorC? is online. Maybe another two chapters should rap it up. Um...I put back up chapters 8-10 of AMOC. *whew!* Only forty more chapters to go! >.< I believe that's all folks.

**UPDATED 09/05/04**

Hey all! Next chapter of BorC? is up, and I put chapters 6 & 7 of AMOC back up. I'm working on chapter 8, but there's so much detail that I'm too tired to deal with. Still working on chapter 17 of TFM. I ended up scrapping damn near everything because I've run across a miniature storyline in AMOC that I'd completely forgotten about that I *need* to stick in, like, now. Aaaaargh!

**UPDATED 8/29/04**

Guess what's up? Next BorC? chapter. We're getting close. Looking at maybe 21 or 22 chapters. I'm rewriting chapters 18 and up (I thought they were utter shit) so this is taking longer than I wanted. Forget the contest. I don't care anymore.

And everyone pray/drink for me! Finals are next week and I need to pass!

**UPDATED 8/27/04**

Next chapter of BorC? is up! Damnit, I only got three more days to finish this before the end of the 'Summer Luvin' Contest. Wahhhhhh!

**UPDATED 8/26/04**

Next chapter of BorC? is up! Gotta test to study for. Wish me luck!

**UPDATED 8/22/04**

Next chapter of BorC? is up! Yep, I'm trying to get his fic done!

**UPDATED 8/21/04**

Next chaptef of BorC? is up! Sorry ya'll, but this fic may be longer than what I thought. I woke up this morning with this idea that I thought was kick-ass, so now I gotta plug it in. So we're looking at maybe 20 chapters, possibly 21, but hopefully no more. I'm ready to get back to TFM.

**UPDATED 8/18/04**

I'm dead tired so I'll make this quick. Chapter 12 of Blood or Chocolate is up. Major clues in this chapter!

**UPDATED 8/16/04**

Next chapter of BoC? is up. Hope you all enjoy it. I rewrote it a gagillion times. Well, gotta go study!

**UPDATED 8/13/04**

Sorry I didn't update when I said I would. This week has been emotionally and physically hard on me. Next chapter of BorC? is up, and that's it. I haven't forgotten about TFM guys. That's still my #1 baby. However, this other fic is distracting the hell outta me, and I wanna hurry up and finish it so that I can keep on where I left off. Don't give up on me!

**UPDATED 8/07/04**

Chapter 9 of BorC? is up. Added a new link to the GW Links page. That's all folks.

**UPDATED 7/30/04**

Next chapter of 'Blood or Chocolate?' is up. Bye.

**UPDATED 7/28/04**

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. Next chapter of Blood or Chocolate? is up. The next chapter of TFM is coming along, and hopefully should be done shortly (I hope, if I stop changing my mind on things). Updated my blog, and that's it. Have fun ya'll.

**UPDATED 7/23/04**

Hello hello. Damn I'm hungry. Next chapter of Blood or Chocolate is up, and I put AMOC chapter 5 back up. I wrote in my blog...and I think that's it.

**UPDATED 7/16/04**

Hey! Next chapter of Blood or Chocolate? is up! Added three links in the GW Link section. Sites 'Uru-chan's Lair' and 'Trunks and Gohan' are both active and updated, so stop there if you wanna. Gotta go, pizza's here!

**UPDATED 7/14/04**

Hello hello. I'm dead tired, so I'll make this quick. Chapter 4 of Blood or Chocolate is up. ETA of next chapter is 3 days. ETA of TFM chapter is three weeks. 'Night.

**UPDATED 7/10/04**

Hey. Sorry if I misspell something or something. It's damn near one in the morning and I am Tired, with a capital T. Next chapter of Blood or Chocolate is up. That's all. Chapter 4 is going to be out in another day or two. I want to finish this fic ASAP as there are contests going on I wanna get in on. Next chapter of TFM is probably going to be another 4 weeks. I ran into a serious hiccup in the story, and am wondering how I am going to write myself out of it!

**UPDATED 7/2/04**

I'm so proud of me! I'm actually posting on time! Whoo hoo! Next chapter of TFM and BorC? is up, chapters 3 and 4 of AMOC is up, my blog is up and running and that's all. I plan on adding more links for GW (as if I need to) and I'm gonna try and hurry to finish BorC?. There are a few contests going on that I want to compete in, but we'll see. This writing 'two series at once' shit is wearing on my nerves and creativity.

**UPDATED 6/20/04**

Well, how do you like the new look? Besides revamping the site, I broke up the links page by anime to allow faster downloading time. AMOC has been taking down, as I am reading through each chapter and trying to find any loopholes that I need to correct in the final book. Also, the next chapter of TFM is up, and I've also put up the start of the new series 'Running With The Moon.' The first book of the series is 'Blood or Chocolate?' I also have another bit of drabble in my 'Padded Room' section, and I think that's it. ETA of next chapter for both fics will hopefully be in two weeks.

**UPDATED 5/29/04**

Hey everyone. I'm reeeeally sorry it took so long. Life hasn't been very pleasant. I'm in trouble with my job, school isn't going well, my depression has been acting up and something in my room keeps biting me. >.< But I have prevailed! Next chapter is up and running!

Warning: During the second week of June (the 14th day) I will be revamping the site and getting another URL. So if you come and see a black page saying 'Come back later,' it's just me.

Another warning: Things with TFM may slow down a *tiny* bit because I'm starting a new series that I've been wanting to do for some time now. It will be another POV supernatural AU series starring Duo and Wufei. That's all the hinting I'm going to do.


**UPDATED 4/9/04**

I know, I know. I said a week and it turned out to be a month. I know I need an ass-kicking, but I'll try to make up for it! I did some bad things, like see "Secret Window", and that opened up a big ass can of ideas. So now I've changed a million things and have only a million more. So instead of the 30 odd chapters I planned, this may get pushed to 50. We'll see, won't we?

And the Devil With An Angel's Face' Contest is open until October 1st! I need submissions! Spread the word!

**UPDATED 3/6/04**

Today is the sixth, isn't it? Anyway, next chapter of TFM is up everyone! Thank you all for the nice emails letting me know how great the story is. I knew what they were, nice emails telling me to get my ass in gear. Yes, I saw the truth, but that's okay. ETA of next chapter is a week and a half. That one is practically done, just tweaking some stuff I'm not happy with and another plot change. >.<

And to anyone who cares, Katsu no Miko has started the sequel to AA and PB! *cheers!*

**UPDATED 1/8/04**

Happy belated New Year everyone! *throws confetti* First update of the new year and soon the site will be *counts on fingers* 3 years old! Can you believe it? I can't! My baby's turning 3...

Onward, chapter 11 of TFM is up along with the chapter's sidestory! Er...that's it for now. I'm finally paying for space, so no more ads (thank GOD!) and I'll be changing the URL soon. I think. I hope.

I going to restart the 'Devil W/ An Angel's Face' contest very soon, as well as make drastic changes. But that I'll probably not announce until February.

Thank you, goodnight!

**UPDATED 12/4/03**

Finally! Holy damn! The next part of TFM is FINALLY up, despite school, work, family, the computer chewing up the chapters and every damn thing else getting in my way. *growls* Hopefully with the holiday things will slow down so that I can actually WRITE, but so far not so good.

Does anyone want to adopt me? Will write for food.

**UPDATED 10/24/03**

Hey all. Here's another update on TFM that was waaaaaay overdue. Please trust that I'm not going to abandon TFM or GW. I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon in the near or distant future. It's my first love, okay? I'm just extraordinarily busy right now. But thank you to all the concerned emails. It made me tingly.

**UPDATED 09/04/03**

Don't kill me! Sorry guys, I got in SERIOUS trouble in nursing school, and I was at risk for failing, but everything is okay now! I passed! *squeals* So I'm on for next semester. God, you wouldn't believe how stressed out I was. Anyhoo, next chapter of TFM is up, and yes, I know, I'm supposed to put up some links which I STILL haven't done, and yes, I'm going to start buying my space. VERY SOON. I can't believe those assholes put banners on the bottom of the page....

**UPDATED 07/15/03**

Sorry for the delay everyone. My job has been taking up *much* of my time and school has been taking up alot more. But the next chapter of TFM is up, and the contest winners are up. Ummmm....I needed to update the links page, which I'll probably do this weekend, and I'm just about ready to change the URL, hopefully in the next few weeks. Blah.

**UPDATED 06/04/03**

I think that's the date. Anyway, as you can see I remodeled (again), updated the links (I wish ya'll would stop changing your &@#% URL's!), and made 5 new banners for me! *cheers* Fic wise, the final installation of 'It Came From The Kitchen' is up, another one shot that's actually a poem (I'm on a poetry stint now), and the next chapter of TFM! I plan on starting another fic also, this one giving the OZ boys a chance to shine. We'll see.

**UPDATED 04/26/03**

Hey all. *coughs* Right now I'm sick, broke, unemployed, and I didn't win the lottery Wednesday, so I'm pretty pissy and short on creativity. So this is what I got:

1.) Part 5 of TFM is up.

2.) New addition in 'Padded Room' Section.

3.) I still intend to get my own domain. So don't flip out one day if you come to the site and it's gone. This shit is more of a pain in the ass than I thought.

4.) Watch Kenshin.

**UPDATED 03/17/03**

Hello hello. I hope everything is well with everyone, since I seem to be having the cramps from HELL!

Of course you all wanted to know that.

Anyway, the next TWO chapters of TFM are up (aren't you proud of me), the next installment of 'It Came From the Kitchen' and a letter that I wrote to a dear friend in the padded room section, if anyone's interested.

And please still let me know of any DBZ or Rurouni Kenshin sites! And watch Kenshin! It's now on Cartoon Network, six thirty eastern standard time.

**UPDATED 2/21/03**

Hey all! After eight thousand years I've finally updated! Sorry about the wait. I'm in nursing school now, so when I'm not getting spit on by an Alzheimer patient I'm spraining something. The next chapter of TFM and 'It Came From The Kitchen' is up. I added three links to GW and took the questionaire down. I know I said I'd warn ya, but seeing as how the replies stopped, I didn't worry about it. So if you want to answer it, just email me and I'll send ya the questions.

Also, if anyone knows of a good yaoi (or het) Dragon Ball Z or Rurouni Kenshin site, please feel free to share! I want to add more to the links page, but I'm not really happy with what I've turned up on my own.

**UPDATED 1/13/03**

First update of the New Year! Guess what's up?!?! The next chapter of the 'Murder' Series is up, along with sidestories about the triangle between Heero, Duo and Relena (you all can thank Dyna for that ~__^). And a super special thanks to Dyna, Maaya, SSCAMinky, Seimei no Miko, Judy M. and Jeffrey R and last but not least, Zan, Shine and Lorena M. for your encouragements and surprising answers for the questionaire.

**UPDATED 11/02/02**

Hey all! Changed the layout again. Can't help myself. I've been feeling very festive lately. Anyway, I added two new links for GW fiction, uh....another sidestory for AMOC about the birth of Quatre's son, and I've started another horror mini-series. Probably 5 parts max. Also, I have a questionaire up about the Murder Saga that I want everyone's opinion on. I'm going to leave it up until...let's say December sometime. Don't know what date yet, but I'll warn ya'll two weeks in advance when I'm going to take it down. Thanks a bunch!

**UPDATE 10/4/02**

Sorry guys! I wanted to update on the first but it didn't work out that way. >.< The site has a new layout (in honor of Halloween, of course), but the interlude for the AMOC is up and ready to be read! Hopefully it's not really depressing. I should be ready to begin posting the final book of this stuff come late December, around Christmas. I hope.

**UPDATE 7/24/02**

The FINAL chapter of AMOC is up!! *throws confetti, horns sound* Looks like not even cracked kneecaps will keep me away! A huge thank you to people like Zan, Shine, Lorena, Dyna (thanks so much for the sweet note honey) and DD who stuck with this story the whole 19 months it took me to finish it!

**DELAYED UPDATE 7/19/02**

The next update will unfortunately be delayed another two weeks. I've been in a bad car accident and I'm not feeling too well. I'll figure out how to make it up to you all. ~__^

**UPDATED 7/03/02**

I have four new links for GW and one for DBZ, but I only have the next chapter of AMOC up. I was hoping for some other oneshots or something but that's it. However, it looks like we're just about done with AMOC. Only one more chapter to go, and that's the epilogue! Thank you, the almighty beer god!

**UPDATED 6/15/02**

Next chapter of AMOC is up along with another oneshot. The next update will more than likely be in 3 weeks as I'm finishing up judging the contest, getting the awards done, and I want to revamp this entire website. So we'll see. Later guys.

**UPDATED 6/09/02**

If you can call it an update. I'm not updating any fics until Wednesday or so. But I DO have the music up for AMOC. I wanted to put up songs that the characters mentioned just in passing also, but I exceeded my bandwidth just on 3 songs! So until I decide whether or not to fork out some money for a bigger space, this will be it for now.

And I wanted to do the same with the songfics. >.<

And let me know if you have any problems. I'm expecting around a million or so.

**UPDATED 6/01/02**

Hey all! The next chapter of AMOC is up. Plus I've written a poem that is in my "Inside The Padded Room" section, incase someone feels adventurous enough to go in there. Also, there is a new oneshot up of a San Antonio legend one of my coworkers told me about that I damn near died over. Til next time.

Oh yeah! Going over AMOC, I realized that I'm putting alot of songs into the story. So now, I'm setting up a system where while you read the chapter you could hear the song. If you all have any suggestions on how you would like this done, don't be afraid to tell me!

**UPDATED 5/15/02**

Finally updated, and school is out. Hooray! Next chapter of AMOC is up, and I'm working on some oneshot(s). I know ya'll are probably sick of looking at the same stuff, cause I know I am.

**UPDATED 4/18/2002**

I updated AMOC at last! Muahahahahaha!

**NOTE 4/13/2002**

I am sure that the computer gods hate me. The disk that I kept my fiction on was mysteriously "corrupted" the other day by a demon that passes for my younger brother. (The disk *MADE* him spill his Mountain Dew all over it). Because of my disk's success at committing technological suicide, I have lost EVERYTHING. If it was not already on the site, it's gone. The worst being the next chapter of AMOC. But I *did* send it to my beta reader before the diskette's demise. Hopefully she still has a copy she can send to me. In the meantime, I'm trying to retype what I had.

**UPDATED 3/23/02**

Damn it's been a long time! And it wasn't my fault! But I'm posting this chapter in one part instead of two that it was in originally, since I took so damn long getting the computer fixed. (It still isn't fixed by the way). So here you go!

**UPDATED 2/20/02**

Holy shit it's been a while! Next chapter of AMOC is up and running folks. Don't kill me after you read it!

**UPDATED 2/01/02**

Next chapter of AMOC is up! I think it's kinda slow, but oh well.

**UPDATED 1/13/2002**

Hey all! My first update since the new year! The next chapter of AMOC is up, and I'm sorry but that's it. I don't know what my problem is, but I'm having writer's block episodes, and school's starting so that's making things worse. Ugh!