Lately, I've been feeling very special because I've had requests from webmasters that wanted to host this ficlet or that on their sites. I've also felt bad because I've taken 1-2 weeks to get back to some of them, and to me that's not acceptable, so here's my policy's page.

My required medications:

  1. My site is link free, meaning you can link to it without asking permission from me. But let me know so that I can link to your page. The more links, the better!
  2. Any series fic, oneshot or songfic can be taken to be posted on your site without permission from me. I've yet to say no, and I don't think I will. Just be sure to let me know that you've taken it, where it's taken to and credit it to me. I honestly don't know how I would react if I stumbled onto your site and just saw it there. A little heads up would be good you know.
  3. I'm learning how to draw, color, splice pictures and all that stuff. Any pics done by me or that are posted on this site that you want are free to take also. Just again, let me know you're taking it, unless:

    • If it's done by a doujinshi artist, if you take them from my site, whatever, because I didn't ask permission to post it anyway. But credit it properly if you can. Most of the doujinshi pics will be from my personal collection, so if I have it credited, you should too.

    • Any pics not done by me, but that are donated to me (like Shine's headers), are not to take. Those were given to me, so I'll be a two year old concerning those. Mine, all mine.

    Other than that, have at it.

  4. If taking a fic or pic, it's not necessary to link back to me.
  5. There is no five, but I wanted it to be five reasons. ~__^ (And I know my grammar is incorrect, but what can I say?)