For the umpteenth time, Gundam Wing does not belong to me. Don't depress me any further.

The characters are completely, totally, and utterly OOC. Don't say 'Heero would never do that' or 'Wufei couldn't possibly' and all that good stuff. I stamped 'OOC' on the label, so I can do what I want. Muahahahahaha!

This fic is set in an AU (alternate universe) timeline, so there isn't any connection with the series. It contains yaoi, shounen ai, very bad language, and some 'what the hell was she smoking' scenes.

Special Thanks

In case my mom came in here anyway, I would like to thank my family for living next to a pond, where there are crows galore, and taking the time to drive me crazy to the point where I wrote this.

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The FanArt
By: Tiffany
Alternate pic cover (Note: This pic is *stunning!*)

By: Ponderosa

Award picture

By: Sidhe

Another pic cover (Note: The key is just how I imagined it!)
The Awards

Best Alternate Universe
'a little piece of gundam wing' fanfic contest

Best Angst
Gundam Wing Original Character Fanfiction Contest
The Information Links
For The Love Of Crows
Raven's Aviary
Crow Haven
Crow City
A Gathering Of Crows
A Crow's Nest (No longer available)

Completed November/December 2000.
Revision Completed May 2006.