Warning: Violence, mention of drug use, discrimination against hippies (I don't mean it though, honest) and blood sucking. You have been warned.

Blood or Chocolate?

Chapter 20: Quinze and His Mate, Trollé

We made it to Yantis in just over three hours. Quatre had gained the title of 'Speed Demon,' outrunning six squad cars, three hundred and twelve slow drivers, and thirteen deer. I thought we would be driving forever when the car lurched to a hard, stuttering stop, kicking dirt up twenty feet in the air and causing one of the tires to pop. I felt the car rock from side to side as the werewolves jumped out, and then felt cool air swish next to me as Wufei got out. Gently, I felt hands slide under me to lift me out, and I was once again thrown over someone's shoulder. This time it was Heero's. I had a good view of his naked ass, watching the muscles flex with every step he took, and asked God for the umteenth time when the hell was this night going to end.

Looking from side to side, I could see that we were at what looked like a cheezy motel. The lights on the sign said 'The Sanctuary,' but only a third of the lights were working. Bodies were strewn this way and that, some sleeping while others looked like that was where they landed when they passed out. This place reeked of depression and despair. Beer bottles, cans and drugs were everywhere, and one man was propped up against the building, holding his beer in his (unsteady) hand.

"Life is pain!" he cried to no one. "Life is cruel!"

Then his eyes met mine, although I doubt he registered my presence. But I saw that his eyes were an unnatural blue, illuminating themselves from within, and that his skin was a shade of white that the sun could never tan. His fangs were out, halfway to his chin, and his long nails were clear and trim, as if he just had them manicured.

Oh my god...he was a vampire.

"This room, eight ten," Wufei said. He was walking ahead of us. "Trowa, open it."

I flinched as Trowa opened the door by kicking it. Hell, it sounded more like a horse kicked it than Trowa. The wood splintered into a million pieces, flying everywhere. Howard and Hilde had to shield themselves behind the others or else get splintered to death. Then as one we entered.

There was a light on in the corner of the room. Now this was a sight to see. The walls were yellow, and the lampshades were covered with peace signs, sea shells, and other symbols I didn't recognize. The carpet was shag (dear god) and on the floor was a purse mirror with white particles on it. To the side of the mirror were baggies of what had to be cocaine. What the fuck?!

"Still with his habits I see," I heard Wufei sneer.

Shit, he knew about this?! "You took me to a crackhead vampire?!" I shrieked. "Are you shitting me?!"

"Duo, please!" Quatre said, eyes wide and pleading. "I know the circumstances aren't ideal, but trust me. He's the best!"

"But he's a fuckin' crackhead Quatre!" I shrieked again, weakly kicking my legs. "What kind of bullshit is this?!"

"Peace man," said a man entering the room. He was tall, with shoulder length white-blond hair, and round glasses that reminded me of John Lennon. He swayed when he moved, and waved his hands unnecessarily in the air, as if floating in water. He had on a tye-dyed pink shirt, with a blue vest over it, and bell bottoms. A brown bandana was tied around his head, and a peace-symbol medallion hung from around his neck.

"Oh my god...you took me to a crackhead, hippie vampire?!"

"Whoa, calm down man," he said in that 'hippie' voice. "You're gonna kill my buzz."

"God...why me?" I whined, on the verge of tears. "Why?" I stopped holding myself up and drooped, forcing Heero to hold my dead weight. As I looked down, instead of getting a view of his pert ass, I came eye to eye with the ugliest creature I have ever seen.

"Jesus Christ!" I screamed, damn near leaping off of Heero's shoulder. Howard and Hilde jumped back against the wall. "What the fuck is that?!"

Whatever it was, I didn't think it was friendly. Its face was wrinkled like a raisin, and just as rough looking. I didn't think it ever smiled. It had the height of a dwarf, with green skin and gold eyes. Its hands had knobbly fingers, with nails long and sharp enough to chop wood. It was bald, but its pointy ears stuck straight out to either side, with gold hoops earrings.

"This is Trollé," Quatre said, introducing it as if we were at a god damn luncheon. "She is Quinze's mate."

"I don't give a shit who she is!" I was beyond hospitality, as anyone with a working brain cell should've figured by now. Plus, I was shocked that 'it' was a female! "What the hell is she?"

"I'm a troll," she said in a voice that I swear up and down was masculine, and gravelly.

Nuh uh. I was not having this. "Put me down," I told Heero. "I'm leaving."

"Not yet you aren't," he said, and in three eye blinks he had me face down on the carpet, straddling my legs. "We don't have much time."

"He's been bitten," Wufei started. "Cure him and I won't kill you."

The room dropped to below zero in temperature. Everything was suddenly at a standstill.

"Packmaster," Quinze started, threatened but trying to play it nonchalant. "How are you gonna come in here and threaten me? Huh? That's not cool man--"

He didn't get to finish his sentence as Wufei's hand shot out and caught him around the neck. Quinze's hands came up around Wufei's wrists, as if that would stop it. I was surprised that he wasn't able to break the hold around his neck. I mean, vampires were stronger than werewolves, weren't they?

"Release him or he dies!"

I turned my head in the other direction, and saw that the troll was standing a few feet away from us. In her hands was a shotgun, and it was aimed at me.

"There's no way you'll be able to kill me before I get you," Heero said arrogantly.

"You, no," the troll agreed. "But him?" She cocked the shotgun and aimed it back at me. "At this range, there will be nothing left of his head. He's no werewolf."

No one said anything and the tension increased. Wufei wasn't letting go of the vampire, and I could feel the troll's temper slipping even further. She wasn't afraid of the werewolves like Quinze was. She had no problem taking me out and dying after that. I however, had a big problem with her taking me out. "Trolle."

"It's Trol-lé," she corrected. "I am French."

I could not believe what I was hearing! "Trol-lé," I said, doing my best to keep my sarcasm out of my voice. French my ass. "Please forgive Wu...the Packmaster." I wanted to smack myself for that slipup. "Today has been a very bad day for them. But it's important for them to have me alive. In helping me you're helping yourself. Please."

She looked at me long and hard. Then she looked at the werewolves, Howard, and Hilde. When she returned her gaze to me, she had a knowing glow in her eyes. I tried to read her mind, but it was blocked. Fortunately, it was blocked in a lesser way than the werewolves. She didn't have a brick wall shielding her mind, but she had what felt like a crowd of people hiding her from me. All I had to do was push past the crowd and I could see...

She knew I wasn't what I appeared to be, but not to what extent. And she knew that in bringing me here, I was something very important to the werewolves.

She was going to kill me to hurt them.

"Packmaster," I said, and tried to put the urgency into my voice. "Please."

I didn't see what happened, because I kept my eyes on Trollé, but I heard Wufei release Quinze. Grunting something, I saw Trowa walk forward and kneel down in front of me, holding me down by my shoulders. Quinze walked up and kneeled at my side, placing his hands on me. I broke my eye contact with the troll and turned to face him.

He gave me a dark look. "This is going to hurt a lot." He glanced at Wufei out of the corner of his eye, then back to me.

I see. He didn't want Wufei to kill him for hurting me. "I know and he knows," I said. "Just do it."

Wufei stood behind Quinze, ready to kill him if he did anything suspicious. The vampire didn't seem to be bothered by this. Nodding to Trollé, Quinze bent forward. I saw his fangs slide out of his mouth, and he licked them in anticipation. I threw Wufei a terrified look. I didn't know what I wanted him to do, but I wanted him to do something!

"Everything will be fine," he told me. "I promise."

I wasn't happy, but it would have to do for now. So, I turned my attention back to Quinze. He saw that I was ready, and without any warning, he sank his teeth into the wound.

I spent the next few hours of my life screaming.


I screamed until I couldn't scream any more. I tried not to, but I attempted to fight against Quinze, Heero and Trowa to get a respite from the pain. But he and the werewolves were so strong that I might as well have been trying to move the Eiffel Tower with my bare hands.

When I became too exhausted to fight, Trowa released his grip from around my shoulders and held my hands. I rolled my eyes up to look at him, and he gave me a pained smile, not knowing my pain but sorry for it. Heero released his grip too, and massaged my hips and legs, trying to offer some comfort in my agony. I appreciated both gestures.

After who knew how long, Quinze finally stopped. "Okay, it's all out," he said in a strange voice. "Now, I'm gonna hafta bite him to put in the coagulant, as I'm sure you understand..."

"Yes I do," I heard Wufei say. He didn't sound pissed off, but he didn't sound like he was in a good mood either. Well, what the hell was he pissy about? I was the one that got bit!

"Okay," he tapped me lightly on the shoulder. "Here we go."

I didn't bother trying to brace myself. My reserves had all been used up. Plus, I wouldn't have been ready anyway, so it was no surprise that when he bit me, I started to scream all over again. It sounded worse than before because my throat was terribly raw, and I was just too tired to make any real attempt to suffer silently. Howard was just beyond himself, and Hilde had gotten so upset she couldn't stand staying there, and was escorted outside by Quatre. Hell, I felt sympathy rolling off of the troll! I must have looked bad.

Thankfully, this lasted maybe five minutes. At once Quinze pulled up, and spent some time trying to get himself together. He seemed...out of it.

"Ahhh," Quinze murmured, eyes dilated in the room's light. "His blood is intoxicating..."

"Focus on the task at hand!" Wufei snapped. "I need him functional!"

Quinze took a few more seconds trying to get himself together. When he did, I watched in horror as he brought his wrist up to his mouth and bit it. I grimaced at the sound of tearing flesh, and would've thrown up if I hadn't done so eight million times yesterday because of the 'eye' thing.

"Drink this," he said, wrist held out to my mouth.

Oh...hell no.

"Duo," Trowa said, sounding soft yet urgent. "You have to drink some of his blood." I rolled my eyes back up to him and tried to tell him 'fuck that!' with my facial expression. He didn't seem fazed. Damn. "Don't worry, it will be okay. You won't turn into a vampire. It would take much more than what you went through for that to happen."

I still didn't do it. In fact, I turned my head away from Quinze, bringing the troll back into my sight. She was looking at me with calm, but I could tell she was angry with me. Apparently, I was refusing a great gift, and I should be skinned alive for doing so.

I tried to give her my 'I could give a damn' face. As far as I was concerned, everyone that was nonhuman in this room could kiss my white ass.


Involuntarily, I turned my head back to face Wufei. His expression was closed and unreadable. I could see a faint glow around his body. "Drink." His tones were clipped and unforgiving...and desperate.

If I didn't do this, I was going to die.

Squashing down my queasiness, I opened my mouth. Quinze brought his wrist towards me, and just like a barracuda I latched on. Not knowing how else I was supposed to do this, I gently sucked, and flinched at the squirt of blood that popped into my mouth. Fighting the wave of nausea that came with the fact that I was drinking blood, I continued to do what I was doing until Quinze told me to stop. I have never been so relieved in my entire life.

"Give him a minute," Quinze said in a lust-filled voice.

Not as quickly as I would have liked, but surely, I started to feel better. The pain was receding bit by bit, back down to a level where it was tolerable. I laid still for another five minutes after that, waiting for any spasms or other weird stuff to happen. When it didn't, I pushed myself up to my hands and knees, and waited until the dizziness passed. When it did, I pushed myself to my feet, but remained hunched over because of my twinging back muscles. Heero stood behind me, and tried to support me as best as he could by holding me under my arms to relieve some body tension. It helped.

"That's everything," Quinze announced, sprawled against an ugly green couch. His head lolled back against the cushions and he grinned at me. Glad someone had a good time. "You should be back to normal in a few days."

"Thank you," I said to Quinze in a hoarse voice. Hell, I didn't like him or trust him, but he saved my life regardless. Damn that sucked. That really, really sucked.

His eyebrows jumped behind his bandana. He was surprised that I thanked him, and I felt surprise rolling off of the troll as well. Pleasantries weren't well known with the werewolves apparently. "You're welcome," he told me with a nod.

"Good work," Wufei said, as if it was more mandatory than truly felt. "Your talent is unprecedented."

"Thank you Packmaster," he said with reverence that came from fear. The troll didn't say anything.

"Also," Wufei began, stepping forward. Quinze and the troll tensed. "This human is the Primus Privileged." Quinze and the troll's eyes widened. I didn't understand why, but I didn't think it was because I was human or Privileged. Primus? What the hell was that? "His name and title must remain a secret for the rest of your existences, but it is to be known what he is. Therefore, any threat to him that you know of must be eliminated, you are to be destroyed for him if necessary, and any violence against him will be considered a declaration of war against me." He glared at the troll. "Is this clear?"

"Yes Packmaster," the troll answered quickly, surprising me. I thought she would've told him to kiss her wrinkled ass. But I read a thought of fear in her mind, and that scared me. This troll, as far as I could tell, wasn't afraid of shit. However, she was nearly shaking in her green feet. She did not like that there was an 'Untouchable' in her presence, and she wanted us the hell outta there. Now.

How interesting.

"Then we will take our leave," Wufei said, and as one we started shuffling (well, I shuffled, everyone else walked) out the door. Once outside, I spotted Hilde and Quatre already in the car. I glanced around and saw the vampires, all of them attentively watching me from the various spots they passed out in. That unnerved me. Here I was, surrounded by two naked men and a Chinese stud-muffin, and all of their focus was on the beat-up guy that walked like an old man. Hell, I figured they'd look at my uncle's loud clothes! They were certainly bright enough to see.

"Ignore them," Heero murmured in my ear. "They are merely curious. Our kind doesn't come here often, and humans don't come at all because this place is a wasteland. I believe we are their first visitors in over a hundred blue moons."

I didn't answer. I just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.

Finally, we made it to the car, where I got in under my own power. (Hooray for me!) Howard and Hilde sat on either side of me, and the Three Naked Men (as opposed to Wise) were in the front. After a brief mental debate Wufei went ahead and scrunched in between me and Howard. Once everyone was settled, Quatre carefully pulled onto the road. I glanced at the different vampires as we passed them, and saw nothing but hopelessness and loneliness in their eyes.

I didn't want to meet another vampire as long as I live.


Luckily, Quatre had changed the flat tire during my 'ordeal.' He had to outrun a few more police cars. Apparently, werewolves didn't have any 'charms' like the vampires did, where they could make their victims forget what they had seen (if that was even true). Traffic was getting heavier since folks were on their way to work, and everyone noticed the three naked men in the front seat. Heero and Trowa were especially popular with the catcalls.

I was so exhausted at this point that I didn't give a shit about anything, and Howard and Hilde were out like lights. Through the drive, Wufei ran his fingers through my hair, massaged my neck and shoulders (gently, I was so sore!) and showered me with tender kisses on my brow, nose, checks, neck, and anything within lip range. When he wasn't doing that, he held me. His arms were warm and safe.

"I'm sorry," he said, lips glossing against my ear.

"You were acting so distant," I said, slightly hurt. "While I was being...healed, you stood over his shoulder and watched everything."

"I had to." He kissed my ear. "It was important for me to uphold the facade for my position. They did not realize how important you were to me beforehand, and if they did...they would've had power over me instead of the other way around."

"The troll did," I told him, snuggling into his neck. "She was going to kill me."

"Trolls are like that," he sighed. "Dying to them is nothing. Their hatefulness is second to no one. Why she is with a drug-addicted, pathetic excuse of a vampire is beyond me."

A vampire and a troll? That was a union I did not want to think about. "I don't want to think about them. I just want to go home."

"I'll take you home immediately," he whispered in my hair. "And for what you've done for my Pack, you will be treated as a prince."

I wiped my nose with my hand. I could really give a shit about that now. "What is a Primus Privileged? That's my title?"

"Yes," he said, holding me closer. "That means you are my mate."

I sat back as much as his arms would allow, and looked him in the eye. "So I'm your mate?"

"Technically, no," he said softly. "I said that so they would understand your importance to me, and that you are in no way, shape or form, dispensable. As for you becoming my mate, you would have to accept me as such in front of the Pack, and you haven't done that. But I don't want to rush you. Heero has...suggested to me that I should allow you to set the pace. He said you would accept everything when you're ready, and not a moment before."

"Well, he's right," I told him honestly.

"Yes. Well, like I said before, the human aspect of this is something I don't know and won't understand. I trust Heero to help you through this."

"Yeah, me too." I thought about something. "Wufei, if you told them that I was the Primus so that they would know how important I was, then why did you tell them that afterward, and not when she was leveling a damn gun at me?"

He sighed. I could tell he didn't like that I put that together. Tough shit. "If I had let them know beforehand, the troll would have either killed you," I rolled my eyes. Hell, she was willing to do that in the first damn place, "or Quinze could have bargained for his life."

That last bit caught my attention. Bargained for his life? "I don't understand."

"I own him Duo. He is my servant, and is supposed to do what I tell him to without monetary or any other compensation. Basically put, he's in a form of slavery. However, he could've bargained for his freedom, using the fact that he saved your life, to break my hold over him."

Wow. Vampires as slaves? This shit just kept getting better and better.

"But now that he's healed you, he's obligated to do so again if need be, and he won't be able to make any demands." Wufei frowned. "He will either do what I tell him to or be destroyed."

"Oh," I murmured. Damn, there was so much I still had to learn.

"You're tired now," Wufei said, running his fingers through my hair again. "Go to sleep."

"Okay." I started to snuggle against him, but then I remembered what I saw in Trollé's head. "Hey, what is 'Untouchable?' "

Wufei gave me a cautious look. "Where did you hear that term?"

"I didn't. I picked it out of the troll's head." I started to get suspicious. Even when I asked Quatre what ‘Privileged' meant, he answered my question first before asking where I heard it. "She wanted us the hell outta there because she didn't like an 'Untouchable' near her."

"It means that no one is to touch you without my permission. Doing so is punishable by death." I jumped. Shit! Punishment of death if I was touched, if I wasn't healed, if it rained...Wufei didn't fuck around with disobedience, did he? "Quinze had to touch you to heal you, but that was it. If he touched you after that, or if the troll did, I would be within my rights to kill them and everyone in Yantis. And they knew I would've done so."

I didn't want to get into a morality fight with him. I'd save that battle for after I took a nap. Speaking of naps...I yawned, and rubbed my gritty eyes. It was way past my bedtime. The whole night crashed down on me right at that instant. "What about Darlian?" I asked in a sleepy voice.

"He will be dealt with," he told me in a tone that would've chilled icebergs. "He will regret the day of his birth, rest assured."

I believed him. I believed him so much that I closed my eyes and went to sleep, knowing that by the time I woke everything would be better.