The Winners' Booty

Awards for: 2004 | Spring 2003 | Winter 2002 | Spring 2002
Best Overall
But For The Love Of My Sisters


What I liked the best was the mystery to it all. Quatre was no where to be found, his sisters were nowhere to be found, and Duo and Trowa made a great team, even though they were stuck in the middle.
Best Villain
From The Shadows Rising


Quatre's indifference to the death of his sitters and Heero's failing health was not only funny (in a sadistic sense) but also cruel. That combination made for a very believable villain.
Best Drama
Namida To Ame

Duo popping in and out of Heero's life is typical of real life. People come in and out of our lives all the time, and impact them whether we know it or not. This fic has that message.
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