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Monday, 23 June 2008
I'm Done, But Not Out
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: 'Sooner or Later' by N.E.R.D.
Topic: life, travel nursing

I'm done with my assignment in the Carolinas, so I'm happy about that. But my dad isn't going to be here until Friday to help me drive back to Chicago. I'm in a hotel now that I think sucks, but compared to my apartment in Corpus Christi, I'm at a Hilton. Whatever.

I had an interesting morning. I was told that I had all day Monday to pack my shit and get out, so I told the apartment complex I'll be out by 3. They said that was fine (they being the apartment managers). So imagine my surprise when, this morning around 10, as I was walking around the apartment in a t-shirt and undies, I heard a noise. I walked out of my bedroom and found two guys standing in the doorway. Let me reinterate that I had my panties on and a t-shirt. No bra. I'm a big girl (40DDD) so I was sure I was swinging like monkeys on vines. We all stood and stared at each other for a moment before one of the guys said 'We're here from Aaron's to get the furniture.' I was like 'oh, okay' and jumped into some pj pants. Unfortunately, my bras were... elsewhere, and nearly all of my clothes were in the wash at the time. But then I figured 'what the hell, they've seen boobs before' and didn't think anything more about it. It went fine after that. We all talked a bit as I packed and they did their work. Then they left. It wasn't until I was walking out the door to put stuff in the car when I noticed a piece of paper on the ground. Picking it up, I saw it was a map I had printed out and torn up. On it was the number of one of the guys. >.< I guess he did notice. Heh.

Now, in my P.O.S hotel room, I am headachy, sore, and Exhausted. I want to rest, but I need to get the rest of my shit outta my car so it won't get stolen. I can't wait to get to my dad's, where I can rest without having to be so alert of my surroundings. I am really getting tired of this shit. I need a massage.

Maybe I'll call that guy after all. ~__^

Nighty night.

Posted by Karen at 19:05 CDT
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