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Sunday, 27 January 2008
An... Interesting Evening
Mood:  chillin'
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Last night was an interesting night for me.

First off my two friends and I went to Macaroni Grill. What was fun about this restaurant was that they covered their tables with two large sheets of paper that acted as a table cloth, but they also supplied crayons. Well, since my friends and I are about as mature as five-year-olds, we had a good time writing and drawing on our table. Things from 'Our waiter is hot' to 'I'm a pervert' and 'I love bananas' (which were some of the things I wrote) entertained our waiter tremendously. It didn't help that our waiter was sooooo cute, and even went so far as to lie to the host that it was my birthday so that we could get our cake for free.

Before we left I wrote my phone number on the table as well.

Now, I don't know how this happened, but for some reason we got the idea to go to some gay male bars. My dear friend who's a travel tech, he's gay. My other friend who I met on this contract, she's straight and as nutty as me. Since we're all from Texas, we like to get together and do shit the Texan way, which means we're just the loudest and most annoying.

Anyhoo, the first place we went to was this gay strip bar called 'Boyz Town.' It was kind of lame looking as far as bars went, and small. But since the drinks were very, very good, I soon didn't give a shit.

Then I guess around ten the strippers started coming out, and that was when I learned something very strange about me. Even though I write yaoi, and can't really stand hetero relationships between anime characters, when it comes to seeing two men kiss or something along those lines... it bothers me. I just can't tolerate it. But when this one stripper was on stage, and this older man went to him to put money in his g-string... the customer embraced the stripper in a way that was sensual, conveyed desire, but was respectful.

The whole scene turned me on.

I damn near fell off my stool. I was SO fuckin' turned on! How the hell did I go from cringing to salivating? I think it was their appearance, in all honesty. The customer was older but tall, good looking, and built. The stripper was VERY nicely toned, but slim. Maybe it was the contrast that worked for me? The idea of two burly, hairy guys going at it makes me want to run away screaming in terror. But to see those two together was a sight for sore, bleeding eyes.

After that, my friends dragged me away to the gay club a couple of doors down, where I fell in love with the atmosphere right when I walked in.

I know you can't group all people into a single category, but I felt last night like all gay men were wonderful. My female friend and I were slightly nervous because we were the only women there (there were quite a few women at the strip club), but the guys were all over us, telling us how gorgeous we were and to come in and dance with them and blah blah blah. The bartenders were gorgeous (which made me hate them), but were such jewels that I couldn't help but adore them. One had taken his shirt off, and he was really, really built, but covered in tattoos. The tattoos were incredible, and he got a kick outta me staring at him all night.

Thankfully, we only had one incident happen to us this time, and considering how wild we are I'm counting it a blessing. My gay friend, Cole, always stradles me and pushes his crotch in my face when I'm drinking because he knows it pisses me off. Well, this other guy saw him do that, and I cringed when I saw the way his eyes raked up and down his body. I tried to get Cole's attention to tell him to 'get the fuck off me before you get raped.' He turned to the guy, said something, then the guy just... grabbed my friend's ass! That fucker! Instead of bashing my glass over his head like I wanted to, Cole just grabbed me and Lee Ann (my other friend) and we went to the other side of the bar. About 15 minutes later that guy got kicked out. Thank God.

What was really weird to me, was that everybody checks everybody out... I just couldn't tell WHO. In any other club, I know that 'hey, he's checking me out' or 'why the hell does he want HER when he could be with ME.' When I was sitting at the bar, this guy, cute as he wanted to be, was looking in my direction. But there was this other really, really cute guy sitting me to me, drinking too. I started to wink at him when I thought, 'Wait, this is a gay bar. Is he looking at me or at him?' Unable to figure this out, I just said 'fuck it' and finished my drink in silence.

What was also weird was that people I would never expect to be gay, were. There were these big, buff guys there that looked like they shit turds bigger than me, with their arms wrapped around their tiny boyfriends. Then there were this mousy guys that were as straight as an arrow that only stopped by to hit on fag-hags and get cheap drinks.

All in all, I had a good time and really want to go back. Especially to see Dante, who was my favorite stripper. ~__^


Posted by Karen at 16:34 CST
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Wednesday, 30 January 2008 - 19:16 CST

Name: "Rebecca"

Nice to hear you had such a great time!


Alright, this is off topic, but I just found - and read - the new BIS chapter and wanted to tell you how much I liked it. I think the description of the scenes where Duo enters and leaves the earth are really good and his flight with Quatre's exciting. The death of the baby is terrible but it's a very good plot device to motivate the following battle between the packs - sort of a last straw. And I've wondered for a while when Duo'd get the fact that he has some connection with Noin and should use it to find her.

Now I'm very curious about the next chapter - I guess the story's almost finished by now? I can't wait to see how it ends!


Best wishes...

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