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stupid caveman.

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news and updates

flint is mocking you. hehe. charge! nevermind.

7.15.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
the "swiped by bootch" mini-sec was updated, and the copied and pasted ep description from fox kids for this week's eps:

friday's "coconaut:"

Flint and the Time Detectives travel to 1492 to capture Time Shifter Coconaut who has been helping Christopher Columbus navigate stormy waters.

saturday's "leafy:"

Flint and the Time Detectives are sent back to 6th Century England to free the Time Shifter Leafy from Petra Fina's evil clutches.

well, there's this week's eps. bleech!

7.15.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
wow. raldo. who would have thought petra fina was a princess. it was an okay ep, it had some info and such that explains a lot. i'll have to update a couple of the sections too. that's about it. oh yeah, e-mail me some flint humor. i need some. now. peace everybody.

7.14.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
some minor changes to layout... kind of. they're noticeable... yeah.

7.12.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
i added my banner link to the "link to us" mini-section at the bottom. yeah.

7.11.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
i updated the "swiped by bootch" minisection, although this week's saturday ep doesn't sound to appealing, though more like a ronald mcdonald reject. "raldo." who writes this crap? heh. oh well. if you want an ep description for "raldo," i swiped that too, straight from those fox kids ass munchers. here it is:

Petra Fina tries to capture the Time Shifter Raldo and tracks him back in time to a very familiar place-- her childhood home.

this friday's "mosbee" ep description:

Flint and his friends must rescue Time Shifter Mosbee, who, under Petra's command is unwittingly helping Napoleon win his war against Russia in 1812.

7.09.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
i added some link banners at the bottom of the page, given to me by aj. thanks bud. that's about all i did to the website in general, i also posted a little in the forum. well, more to come tomorrow! peace.

oh yeah, i'd appreatiate some more banners, from anyone! please send them in! okeey, i'm out! bleech! just had to do that. heheh.

7.08.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
todays ep was kind of stupid. well, stupid and informative. at least they established the role of old timer, that wierd voyeur (dare i say pigfucker? heh.) what a freak. i probably have to update the characters section now, i'll get to that later. i should add some pics, and i still need to do some for the time shifters. dang, still more work. oh well, summer vacation leaves me with a lot of time, and it's better than masturbating all day. just kidding. there's always time for both.

oh yeah, i finally got to update the feature image. yup. see you guys at the forums, i'm outta here!

7.07.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
not much today. i've just been at it in the forum, and talking to people. yeah. so go over there. oh i need to change that stupid featured image. i'll get to it sometime. yeah. remeber, send in your stuff e-mail about stuff, yeah. i like reading e-mail. so e-amil. please. yeah. okay. bye.

7.06.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
eek. i'm back. i created "swiped by bootchookoi." yeah. i like it that way. yeah. heh heh. i like it, so shut up. just kidding. i'll see how it goes. i might just take it off. bleech. hoom ba hoom ba hoom ba hoom. hoom daga heen daga hoom daga heen daga bye bye suckas. heh. okeey, now i'm gone. really. until tomorrow! bwa ha ha ha ha ha bye!

7.06.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
yo, its's me again. i added some more fan art. yeah. check em' out. oh i gotta change that damn image of the day. maybe i'll just change it to "featured image." yeah, heh heh. okeey, buh bye!

7.06.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
wassup peoples. i did little teensie wheesie little think to the main page, so there are just two columns. pretty cool, eh? c'mon, i like it. quit booing! please? hey, who threw that tomatoe at me. here i go again, talking to myself. gee, i have to stop that.

okay, i need a banner for this site. the 88 x 31 pixels kind. i'm making one, but i would gladly accept any submissions. please to send them in. variety is good. very good. yep. i like variety.

gee gollers. i need some more things to do with this site. i need some fttd humor submissions, so i can make that stupid lyrics page into a humor page. that would be cool. but no one has sent in any. so please do send in your stuff. and continue sending in you're flint info, pictures, screen shots, fan art, fan fiction, and whatnot. i haven't put some of the stuff sent to me yet, but i'm planning to later on. so send it in.

this concludes this update. i'll be hanging around the forum. peace.

7.05.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
um yeah. this is the official day i revealed the site as it is, revamped. revamp. revamp. revamp. i like that word. sounds cool. revamped sounds better. nevermind about that. all the sections are up. well, they should be at the end of the day. the image gallery and lyrics page aren't uploaded yet (like you really need the lyrics! i might change that section to humor or something, who knows! actually i do. hehe.), at least they aren't right now as i write this update. in fact, i'll do them write after i write this. so go there and check, by the time you read this they will be. btw, the layout of the front page isn't quite finished yet, i might change later too. so if you don't like, don't yell at me. i personally liked it at first, when the updates part wasn't as long as it is now. oh, well, i'll work on it sometime after this update. okay, buh bye!

6.30.Y2K! :: bootchookoi
well, i made a new layout. it's much simpler than the tabled to death piece of crap that was the flint network, so it's more netscape (and whatever else) compatible. ie is still better though. it'll kick any other browser's ass any day. well, nevermind about that. hehe. (i know, not funny.)

okay kiddies, i've finally put up all the fandom and other crap up. some of it still needs to be worked on, but it's better than nothing, right? remember to send in anything you have, like screenshots, fan art, fan fiction, information (episode synopsis, character profiles, time shifter information, anything you can think of), basically anything you can get to me over the internet. that's it. peace.

swiped by bootch

the swipin' master presents: this weeks episode title swiped by me from fox kids for you to see!

this week's friday [07.21.00] ep: coconaut

this week's saturday [07.22.00]ep: leafy

mmmmm..... leafy.

featured image

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goonies. i think this tongue is a little grotesque. what do you think? nasty villianess, cool screen capture.

medium: screen capture
source: amitrius17

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