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Designed specially for those who have read my funfics, this little test will tell you which of the quirky Digi-characters you are! Certified to bamboozle and confuse anyone who's never read anything I've written, and totally 100% inaccurate!

Test One is below... click here for TEST TWO.

1. Out of the following, which is your favourite to eat?

Food is not among my concerns.
Beef jerky.
Custard pie.
Haute cuisine accompanied by fine wine.
Digimon pasta shapes in tomato sauce.
Whatever I can capture and kill myself.
Lima beans.
I eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.
Cheeze Whiz.
Whatever's in the fridge.

2. You are challenged to a fight. What course of action do you take?

Refuse - I don't like to make waves.
You do it, because fighting is all there is.
Get my Digimon to fight with me.
Defend myself with humour.
Refuse, on the grounds that fighting is a bad influence on both us and our children.
Get my boys to lay the smack down.
Get ready to rumble.
Hug the opponent's leg.
Relish the manhandling you're about to recieve.
Use minions to fight rather than dirty your own hands.

3. What's your favourite movie?

"Boys in the Hood."
"The Crying Game."
"2001: A Space Odyssey."
"Barney's Great Adventure."
Whatever's playing.
"Charlie's Angels."
Something nice and conservative.
"Devil's Advocate."
"Old Yeller."
"Digimon: The Movie," of course!!
"Duck Soup."
"Short Circuit."

4. What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Money brings no happiness.
Buy lots of Digimon toys and games and stuff!!
Buy a pony.
Pay those horrible Japanese men to stop making those violent cartoons.
Finance a series of experiments into the building of killer cyborgs.
Use it in the fight against those who would threaten innocent citizens.
Uhm, spend it, I guess.
Buy a whole new summer wardrobe.
Buy my own comedy club.
Start a twelve-step program to help those with traumatic childhoods.
Become a big-time pimp daddy.

5. Do you think others like you?

They like me, and only me - if I catch them with anyone else, they'll be sorry!
There's only one person that I *really* want to like me.
No. I wish I was dead.
Who cares? I like Digimon!
They don't have to like me - just respect me.
Of course! They look up to me, for I am great!
I love everyone and they love me!
I think it's more important that they learn to like themselves.
Some of 'em, I guess.

6. What's your idea of a perfect evening?

Regaling friends with amusing anecdotes.
A ho, a bathroom, a couple of roll-ups and a few ounces of the good stuff.
Nothin' much.
Rescusing an imperlied damsel, and having her swoon over me.
Having friends over and playing the Digimon card game and watching Digimon videos.
Candlelight supper with the man of my dreams.
Chatting online.
Beating the living piss out of something.
A date. With anyone. Or anything.
Folk dancing.
A quiet stay at home with a book on the philosophy of existance.

7. What is your favourite colour?

Black. Unending, soul-destroying black.
Flaming red.
Orange - just like Agumon!
Gold, because, like me, it signifies greatness.
Beige. It's nice and plain.
Pfft. Stupid question.
A lively, cheeky shade of fuschia.
Blue is big, baby!
Passionate purple.
Gun-metal grey.

8. Where do you like to hang out?

In large groups.
The park, 'cause I can play on the swings!
What, with *people?* Screw THAT.
Internet cafés.
Back alleyways.
Anywhere, really, I'm not fussed.
With the person for whom I feel unrequited love.
Dark rooms where I can wallow in self-pity and misery.
Smartly furbished observatories.
With those who understand me and share my outlook.
Anywhere I can watch/play/talk Digimon.
With my groupies.

9. What's your dream job?

Ambassador for peace.
I've already achieved my dream job.
Don't have one.
Men's tailor/fashion designer.
Assistant to someone really important.
Highly-paid rap artist who leads a street gang in his spare time.
Successful comedian with weekly Fox sitcom.
Idol of millions.
Someone who works on Digimon.
A vet, so I can work with animals. Animals are more fun than people.
Guidance counsellor.
A job is nothing more than a meaningless title.
Minister of war.

10. What's a more productive method of passing time than doing tests like these?

Cuddling on the couch.
This is just as good a way of passing time as anything else.
Striking poses. Strike a pose!
Helping the less fortunate.
Watching Digimon.
Plotting world domination.
Rehearsing my new material.
What did you just say about my mother?
Indulging in a wild night on the town with my crew.
Painting the dog.