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More wackiness, with all-new questions and outcomes!

1. What is your first action during a fight?

Snap your fingers and send legions of unthinking minions upon the opponent.
Suggest a vigorous game of tic-tac-toe instead.
Look to the heavens for inspiration.
Lightly smack your opponent about the face with a glove - there's no excuse for a lack of dignity.
Cleave the opponent's skull in two and devour their chewy-delicious brains.
If the opponent is female, suggest you team up. If the opponent is male, kick him in the crotch.
Triangulate the optimum attack strategy before employing any manoeuvres.
Smash the other guy up real good.
Insult the opponent's mother, then attempt to pants him.
Yell and shout from the sidelines as your Digimon fights instead.
Make sure you don't destroy the other guy unless you really have to.
Ineffectively latch onto his ankle.
I can't decide what my first action would be.

2. There's a member of the opposite sex that you really like. What do you do?

Make lewd jokes.
Walk up to him and demand he go out with me.
"Opposite... sex?" What is this opposite sex you speak of?
Woo them with money and power.
Act like a complete idiot around them, then be surprised when they don't want to go out with you.
Girls are icky.
Partnership indicates a lack of emotion, and emotions are unnecessary.
Assure them that you're NOT the same sex as they are, despite what everyone's saying.
Uh... which sex would that be, then?
Look ridiculously cute.
Fight with the other half of my brain over which one gets him/her first.
Say something really profound and intelligent that he/she will never be able to resist.
Take her to dinner and dancing, because you know that a lady deserves respect.
Drool on them.

3. Boxers, briefs, or what?

Boxers, dude!
A little from column A, a little from column B.
A natural armoured shell.
Who needs underwear?
It's hardly a relevant query.
You ever try wearing underwear under leather? It's no picnic.
I never can decide.
Whatever way the spirits move me.
Hot pants and suspenders.
A simple rag stained with the blood of those I have slaughtered.
I do not comprehend the question.

4. If you could have one question answered, what would it be?

It's not man's place to question the will of those above us.
Where the hell do men get off being men, huh?
I don't need any questions answered, I already know everything.
What is life?
Wanna play a game?
Why do girls run away when I get close to them?
When can I stop pretending and start being truly me?
Can't... decide!! Argh! My chance for infinite knowledge is lost!!
How much wood WOULD a woodchuck chuck? Heh... I said "wood"...
When am I gonna be old enough to cross the street on my own?
That's a personal topic, thank you very much.
Milk and sugar?
Why doesn't anyone else grasp the sheer brillance of Angela Anaconda?
Which part of the human body tastes best with catsup?

5. What are your opinions of your friends?

What is "friend"?
They're very understanding when I'm confused about things.
They're all pretty cool dudes.
You can tell the measure of a man's friends by the quality of the man himself.
I will kill them all when they least expect it, and feast upon their bones.
F... f... friends?
I exist merely to pull them out of red jell-o.
I got enough voices inside my own head without my friends yammering on at me!
They're cool, but they just don't seem to like my games.
I'm better than all of them, and I can prove it, too. You wanna go right now? Come on!
Whaddaya mean by that?! You tryin' to say I don't have friends! Well, I DO, so there!
Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall when I talk to them.
They're great - we especially like to sit around drinking wine and talk about how evil men are.
A man is nothing without some good friends, by jove.

6. What's your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Mint Chocolate Chip.
Rocky Road.
Belgian Chocolate.
Orange Sorbet.
Rum and Raisin.
Tsk, that stuffs rots the teeth. Have a cup of tea instead, eh what?
Sustenance is not required.

7. What's your favourite TV show?

"Sex and the City."
The educational and informative programming. I watch in secret.
"Bear in the Big Blue House."
Television fails to stimulate my cerebral cortex to any effective degree.
"Digimon" - truly it is a frog among princes.
"Angela Anaconda."
"The Odd Couple."
The news.
I prefer to make my own entertainment, by stalking and consuming the weak and defenceless.
There shall be none to choose from - all disparate entites shall become one with the collective.
I just constantly flip through the channels.

8. What's your hobby?

Hunting live prey.
Meditation and spiritual cleansing.
Ruling with an iron fist.
Bird-watching and stamp-collecting.
Random games.
Self-Assertion classes.
Endless on-line surfing.
Attending night classes on Really Hard Math.
I can never stay focused on one thing, I'm always changing my mind.
Video games.
In-depth studies of biology in an attempt to learn more about yourself.
Spreading glorious chaos.

9. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Spreading the message of peace, as those above us desire.
As a professor of physics at Harvard.
I'm sure I'll be big in business, with a lotta great friends and lots of money!
I'll own a noodle cart, dude!
Standing atop the bloody remains of all life in the universe, with me as their destroyer.
I shall be all, and all shall be me, and we shall be one and everything.
The first female president of the USA, and I'll fill the government with lots more women, too, just to shove it down the throats of the male oppressor.
Same as now - the coolest dude around.
Host of a popular physical-challenge game show.
Agony Aunt/Uncle who helps kids understand the changes their bodies undergo as they age.
Ruler of Ear.... I mean, computer programmer.
I'll be retired and living out in the country.
I'll still be doing the job I'm doing now.
Lying in a gutter, having failed to make that one important decision that would have made or broke my life.

10. What's a more productive method of passing time than doing tests like these?

Playing "Eye Spy."
Hitting things for the fun of it.
Hitting on the girl that has no interest in you.
The card game, dude, the card game.
Time is all relative... it is how much of it we use to achieve our goals that is important.
Watching paint dry.
Brushing up on etiquette. Does the salad fork go on the left or right...?
Slaughtering the feeble and savouring the tangy taste of their warm blood.
Learning more about my body.
Controlling the airwaves.
Giving my brain food for thought.
I think these are a fine way to pass time... no they're not! Yes they are! Oh YEAH? YEAH!!
Stopping the males from taking our civil rights.
Plotting. Oh, yes, plotting for the future...