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This is an obscenely long Alternate Universe fic, set in America (tho shoot me if I know exactly where...) It deals with the lives of the Sorcerer Hunters, namely Marron and Gateau, a few years older than they are in the manga. This story includes (but is not limited to) male/male love, and contains a bit of violence, possible spoilers for the movie ‘Benny and Joon’, strange random humor, bashing of Abercrombie and Fitch and some language you probably would not use in front of your grandmother. Do not read while undergoing plastic surgery or handling nervous animals. Also, I must say that the characters Marron Glace, Gateau Mocha, Carrot Glace, Tira Misu, Chocolate Misu, Eclaire Mocha, Mille Feuille, Mother, Daughter, Cerise, and Cinnamon Koocha do not belong to me, and that I’m using them for the purposes of my own (and possibly your) entertainment. Please do not sue me. That would be very mean of you. You are a NICE person who does not sue pathetic writers of fanfiction. Yeeessss... But the story IS mine. And I guess I own Danish, Currant, Mozzerella, Biscotti, Woody Chardonnay, Mousse, Apple Cora, Mrs. Hollyndaise, and the band Hornie Unicornie because I made them up. Please refrain from using them without my permission (Yeah, I’m saying this as if you’d actually want to! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s funny, no? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!). Are we good? We're good. Okie-dokie-artichokey, on with the fic!!! (oh, and FYI, the title means ‘Come to Me’). That is all. Thank you and good night.

I wish I was a hunter in search of different food
I wish I was the animal that fits into that mood
I wish I was a person with unlimited breath
I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest

(Komm zu mir)

I wish I was a stranger who wanders down the sky
I wish I was a starship in silence flying by
I wish I was a princess with armies at her hand
I wish I was a ruler who’d make them understand

(Komm zu mir)

I wish I was a writer who sees what’s yet unseen
I wish I was a prayer expressing what I mean
I wish I was a forest of trees that do not hide
I wish I was a clearing no secrets left inside

(Komm zu mir)

~many lines taken from “Wish”,
a song from ‘Lola Rennt’ (Run, Lola Run)

“Komm zu Mir”

By Fala

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