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Submit A Fanfic

Thanks! Just keep sending them in!

Before you submit, please read the rules for submitting. When you submit, please send it as .txt form as an attachment on your email. Include the following:

1. Your full name or alias (I suggest you use one that's NOT already taken)
2. The title of your fanfic (I also suggest that you use a name that is not taken)
3. A brief summary (no longer than 5 sentences)
4. The category in which it belongs (ex. humor, romance, action, etc.)
5. The rating (be honest)
6. Your email (this is optional, if you don't want people to email you)
7. The anime or manga series it is from (that'll make my life easier)
8. A warning if there is yaoi, yuri, or any other stuff like that (that is, IF your fanfic is accepted)

Please include this information when you submit fanfics. Unless you want ME to fill it in for you...and trust me...if I'm pissed off, you will NOT be satisfied with what I write. Also, if something essential is missing (ex. your NAME), I will email you back. Otherwise, I'll just delete it. Okay...I'm starting to sound mean. Um...thank you very much for submitting! ^_~

Click here to submit your humor fanfiction or any short stuff! NOTICE: ALWAYS SUBMIT A COPY OF YOUR FANFIC TO THIS ADDRESS!!!
Click here to submit romances.
Click here to submit action fanfics.
Click here to submit dramas.
Click here to submit fanfics that do not belong in any of these categories.

Thanks much! Go back to rules to see how your fanfic can be posted or recommended.

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