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Rules for Submission

I shall punish those who do not obey, in the name of the planet Saturn!

Okay, these are the rules to follow. If you don't follow these rules, chances are, your fanfics are NOT going to be posted. But these are simple rules to follow. There are exceptions, too, if your fanfic is exceptionally good. Then...MAYBE I'll post them. Okay, here are the simple rules to follow:

1. The rating must NOT be over PG-13 (which would mean, R)
2. No hentai whatsoever
3. No yaoi or yuri (unless it is REALLY good)
4. It must come with a LABEL (see Submit for that)
5. It is from an anime or manga.
6. No plagarizing (it IS illegal, you know)

There! It's as simple as that! Just follow those rules and submit!!! I look forward to reading all your fanfics! Oh, if your fanfic isn't good enough, it might not make it, but let's hope that my panel isn't that mean...Well, you have to submit to different people so go to the submit link. Also, if you get over 5 (on a one to ten scale) from 2 or more people, you're fanfic is posted. Easy enough? And if you get 10 from at least TWO of the panel, you get recommended. The recommendations before 8/20 are MINE ALONE. Thank you.

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