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Matrix Dragon's Fanfiction

You there, obey the fist!
Fanfiction, for those of you that only just arrived, is what happens when you let the fans write the script. It's what we think would have happened, or should happen, or simple wish fulfillment. For the past few years, I've tried my hand at this, and I think I'm getting half decent at it.
My imagination is surprisingly evil, and constantly bombards me with ideas, often based off characters that I can't claim credit for. Rather then let it be wasted, I've been writing it up into something presentable, and offering it for your enjoyment.
Currently, I have a few of my creations for you to read and enjoy. All of them are crossovers or fusions between different series, because I find my muse throws those my way more often then not.
First, there is Soldiers of the Imperium. A crossover between Warhammer 40,000 and Anime in general, SotI is set in the far future, where the galaxy is a dark place, where humanity stands alone in the night, fighting against aliens, traitors, and the twisted demons of the realm known as the Warp. This four part series is complete, but its two sequels are on hold due to writers block.
Then there is Gundam Sorceress. Set in the Gundam Wing universe, it also has elements from other series. The year is After Colony 195, and all of humanity is under the rule of the Earth Sphere Alliance. But with the appearance of six powerful mecha known as Gundams, the balance of power is about to shift in ways no one could ever imagine.
So, there you go. Enjoy!