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Gundam Deathscythe Technical Details

Gundam Deathscythe Official Name: Gundam Deathscythe
OZ Designation: Gundam 02
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Height: 16.7 meters
Weight: 7.4 tons
Armour: Gundamium Alloys
Weapons: Beam Scythe, Buster Shield, Head Vulcans, Shoulder Vulcans.
Personal Notes: Of all the Gundams that made up Operation Meteor, I find myself liking the Deathscythe most of all. Undoubtedly designed for close combat, this Gundam continues to surprise me, thanks to its well thought out design and skilled pilot.
All the basic design features of the Deathscythe match with all known Suits except my own, thanks to their common origins in the Tallgeese.
Like all the Gundams though, they are far superior to the mass-produced Leos and Aries used by the ESA and Oz. Deathscythe depends on Beam weapons for most of its combat ability, and this is shown with the larger power plant to handle the extra requirements. The Beam Scythe is perhaps the most impressive thermal weapon I have ever seen. It has an extremely high power output, is capable of operating underwater, and good armor penetration abilities. The Scythe has a rather short range, but the Deathscythe posesses the speed needed to get within that range quickly.
The other Beam weapon is the Buster Shield mounted on its left arm, which can best be described as a rocket-propelled Beam Saber. This weapon only has a limited range, and it must be retrieved after each shot, but its value as a surprise ranged weapon can not be ignored. Also mounted on the Deathscythe are two pairs of vulcan cannons, two in the head and two in the shoulders. There is room for a decent supply of ammunition for these weapons, however they lack the destructive power of the Beam weapons, and this shows in Duo's combat style. While he has no problems with ranged combat, he prefers to get in close where he holds the advantage over almost all Mobile Suits.
But the most powerful piece of equipment Deathscythe contains is it's stealth systems. This gundam contains the most powerful stealth technology of any of the Gundams, including my own designs. I suspect, although have not confirmed, that this may actually include an actual cloaking system, hiding Scythe from every form of detection except for physical contact. Duo's skills with this technology is nothing short of incredible.
- Brianna Diggers.

Heh, you're too kind Bri'. Her assessment of Deathscyhes abilities is pretty accurate, although I think I'll keep her guessing on just what its limits are. For now anyway. She's a pretty good mad scientist. Might be worth having her upgrade the big guy. Then we'll see how Romafeller likes the new Shinigami :)
-Duo Maxwell