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Welcome to my fan fic page! Feel free to brows around and enjoy the view. I encourage the reading of my various fan fiction posted below. I write mostly comedys (dispite the dreary atmosphere of this site), so get ready to laugh (hopefully) Thank you and enjoy your stay at Unbraided! ~Kamel~

A Chance Meeting
Duo meets who? from Sailor Moon? a crossover

Heero's gonna kill himself unless Duo can stop him. a song-fic.

The Wrath of Jerry?
An insane tale full of humor, plot twists, and special guests.

Don't Mess With Toasters
Things get turned upside down by a toaster thats a little "diffrent."

Toaster Revisited
The Toaster is back with a vegence don't miss this sequal!

Hell Loops and Devil-ade
Duo has a Shakespearean word fight with his breakfast.
Caution: extream misuse of thesaurus.

What A Mess
A double header of insanely humorous short stories.

All New Doujinshi!
The epic story of Beowulf told by the Chibi GW boys.

hey, these is me stories and what-not...u don't be stealin my ideas or i'll hunt u down. plus thats just down right wrong.

oh ya by the way...i dont own gundam wing, and who ever does is probably getting filthy rich over all the paraphernalia i've been buying. so basically i'm mearly a poor helpless wannabe writer that happen to dream up a few stories here and don't sue me...if you think i own duo ur crazy...

(or am i the crazee one..hehehe...)

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