A New Love, A New Life

Written By: Leonardo B. Castro

Just because your whole day has been peaceful and calm, doesn’t mean that there was no chaos raging around you and others.

-Leonardo B. Castro, Lord of Shadows-

Story - Chapter Three

Ranko and Ryoga entered the house at the same time, by through different entrances. But then saw each other at the same time. They ran to each other and held each other tightly, not wanting to let go.

Somewhere in space…

A lone man on a giant ship was staring at a monitor. “Perfect. She is absolutely perfect.” The man said as he looked at the monitor on the front of him. On the monitor, was Ranko.

“Very soon my dear, you’ll be resting in my arms, instead of that brutish husband of yours.”

At the Masaki household…

Ranko sneezed and a mere second later Ryoga sneezed. They nodded their heads. Someone was talking about them.

They quickly forgot about that and continued upstairs to their bedroom. They had more important plans on there mind. Thankful that Washu made their room sound proof and in another dimension so only they can get access to it.

They saw Ryoko in the hallway there. “How are you two love birds.” Ryoko said. Then she noticed that blushing and guess what they were planning.

“Ah, I see it still mating season for you two. Ryoga you luck dog.” Ryoko said with a grin and lightly jabbed him on the arm. Then Ryoko continued on her way, snickering at Ranko’s blushing figure. Ranko covered her face with her hands. She was complete embarrassed.

Ryoko knew what they were planning. Suddenly all thoughts of Ryoko knowing was swept away as Ryoga picked her up and carried her to a door that didn’t even exist until they came.

And a few moments after they entered, Ranko knew nothing but Ryoga and his marital ministrations.

“Damn that Washu. And that blasted Mihoshi, too. ” Ryoko said as sat in the cage. Ryoko current problem happened when Mihoshi was walking and tripped. Knocking both her and Ryoko into the mad scientist lab.

Then the anti-Mihoshi traps did the rest. Now here she was trapped in a cage she can’t destroy, teleport out of, or faze through.

While Mihoshi is set loose upon Washu’s equipment. Ryoko sigh as another explosion rocked the lab.

Ayeka was watching Television. Two masses of globish gabs were hitting each other in a display of comedy. She didn’t care for this. She changed the channel and got a mushy romance.

The whale-like man professed his love for the whale-like woman, even though he had a wife. They draw close to kiss. Ayeka leaned for, waiting for the kiss to happen. Then suddenly, the broadcast was interrupted.

A blond Jurian appeared on the scene. “Sorry for the interruption, but we got some real important news to report.” The news man said.

Ayeka grew disgusted and waited for the broadcast to end. “The Jurian Spaceship Namoto and Katikana have recently been discover destroyed. As reported a few weeks back, these ship were left in the Sol System to protect Jurian Princess Ayeka and Princess Sasami. The people responsible have yet to be determined. Also the reasons why they been destroy and how remains unknown. As we speak, Jurai is massing a large fleet to investigate the incident.”

The T.V. turned off. It must be some freak accident, right. Ayeka thought. If something was out there, Washu’s New Spacial Scanner would have detected something.

“Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I broke Washu’s new Spacial thingie.” Mihoshi cried as the machine caught on fire. She doused it with cold water in hopes of put it out.


Washu left her room and went to her lab. She slept like the dead. Man, she swore that the whole lab exploding won’t wake her up.

Dressed in her usual clothes, she went back to the lab to work. Only to break down crying to see most of her lab destroyed, Ryoko trapped in the anti-Mihoshi trap. And the ditzy blond detective was currently releasing all the man eating animals and trying to lead them from the fire.


Cologne packed some herbs in a case. So I’m going to me up with my old Airen again. Cologne thought of Yosho. The one that got away.

“I wonder what he looks like now?” Cologne asked to no one in peculiar

I have to warn them, Mousse thought to himself. He didn’t want Ranma back in his beloved Shampoo’s life again. Let Hibiki keep Ranma.

Why couldn’t his Shampoo see that he the only one for her, Mousse wondered. He couldn’t let Cologne break Ranma and Ryoga up.

He didn’t want Shampoo be forced to marry someone.

Shampoo sharpen her sword. She was planning to cut off a certain lost boy’s manhood off. She was going to be Ranma’s first, but Ryoga took that away from her along with Ranma.

He is worse than Violent Akane. He actually bedded Ranma’s girl side and then forced the confused Ranma into marriage. That’s it. Ryoga tricked Ranma into this.

Shampoo could see Ryoga’s evil plan now. What better way to get revenge then turn them into your slave. Making Ranma-chan beckon at his every command and make her fulfill every whim and desire.

Shampoo knew that these Japanese males got it backwards. Thinking that the woman should be the meek and submissive one. But it the women that should rule.

Now she was going to teach the stupid lost boy not to tamper with Amazon Goods.

In the real world…

Xin Xin Cheng crept closer to her target. Now she was going to get her revenge. She raised her mallet and swung downwards. Wham.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA. I finally got you Leonardo B. Castro.” Then she hear a growl from the target. The target turned around. It was a security guard.

“You tricked that girl again didn’t you.” Mika asked as she was Xin Xin Cheng throw out of the hotel from her room’s window.

“Where the fun if you don’t make them thrive for there goal.” Leonardo B. Castro said as he continue to write his story, ‘Why me?’.

Anime world, Ranko and Ryoga Hibiki‘s room…

Ranko sleepily cuddled next to her husband. Ryoga ran his fingers through Ranko’s hair “There nothing that can wrong today.” Ranko said.

Little did they know that a full scale battle was being raged outside between the other Masaki household members and the escape animals of Washu’s Lab.

To be continued…

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