CHAPTER ONE... Divine Perspectives

The summer colors had just begun to set in, and the air a humid reminder that the seasons were in progress. Kiki-chan sat alone in the inn's dimly lit room, wondering exactly what she was going to do about Gourry. After all, he was the only person here who really understood what she was going through, although he hadn't witnessed several good friends of his devoured by a dragon, but that was besides the point. All she really needed to get done was find Deedlit and find a way to ignore Xellos. That damn little akurei perv! Oh well, things would probably straighten out eventually. She just had to bide her time and worry less about how she would tell Gourry that she was leaving, most likely to never see him again. Nevertheless, these dreams every night... the ones that she had no idea how to decipher. It was too much to endure. She needed council, that is why she had to see Deedlit, because it was only Deedlit who could stop these dreams and make it easy for kiki-chan to stay sane!! The little Kiki sighed, "Maybe I'm not fit to be anywhere, since I was given these." She was referring to her big white wings, covered in shining, velvety feathers. She had changed so much since she got here... her wings for one, her ears had grown pointed like an elf's, and she discovered that she was relatively good at sword fighting. " Hey beautiful." A voice broke her thoughts; Gourry's voice. Just the thought of him made her smile inwardly. "Of course I am. What did you need?" she unexpectedly felt his distress. "uhh.... Well, there is an elf here. Said their name was Deedlit. She told me you wanted her council, or something." Kiki-chan leapt up. "Are you serious!?! I've wanted to see her for weeks! Thank you so much for telling me Gourry!" Her lips pecked his cheek and she ran off to go meet Deedlit in the tavern's main room. "Phew!" Gourry sighed and sat down on Kiki-chan's bed. " I never thought she would like the fact that an elf wanted to chat with her. I guess I don't know her as well as I thought I did." He ran his slim fingers through his blonde hair "How am I supposed to notify her of the upcoming quest appointed to her, I and Xellos? She certainly won't enjoy traveling with that little shit, now will she?" There was a presence in the room, he realized. " No she won't, but you must show her the way to me", a raspy voice seemed to be whispering to Gourry. "

"What?" his lips moved slowly. He didn't understand what was happening... it made no sense. " No, I must protect Kiki..." He trailed off. The presence was gone. It felt like a spell was lifted off of Gourry right when Kiki re-entered the room. " Gourry..." she paused. "Gourry, what's wrong?! You're as white as a sheet!" she rushed over to him, Deedlit trailing behind. "It- it's nothing. Honestly." He looked at Deedlit, who gave him a piercing glance, telling him that he could not fool her. She knew. Somehow she knew what he'd heard. " Maybe he's just too happy to see you", she said, but relentlessly kept her eyes on Gourry. Kiki-chan looked around the room " All the candles went out. Was that you who did it, Gourry?" He turned away " I- I don't know" The uncomfortable silence that followed was deafening, and it only disturbed Kiki's mind even further. She did not sleep well that night, for she was not sure why Gourry turned away from her as she spoke to him earlier that day, and it worried her deeply. What was he hiding from her? Something had, without a doubt, happened when she had gone to see Deedlit in the tavern. She thought of the way Deedlit saw life, in her own divine perspectives, enabling her to see more than just what she wanted to. Kiki-chan sighed and wrapped her wings tightly about her body. She was not content with sleeping in the inn's beds, so would instead nestle in her own feathers and sleep in a corner of her room. Oh well, tomorrow would be another day.

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