CHAPTER TWO... My Only Saving Grace

What else can I say about my life, and the way it will end? All I know is that I will most likely die unhappy, but will have saved many others... is this my true fate?

The words upon the page were written in the Japanese language, but Kiki-Chan read them with little trouble, as they had in fact been the words of the beautiful sorceress Musume no Shibo. Musume had been the one who gave Kiki her wings, her skills, and yes, her pointy ears. It had only been the first week that Kiki had come to this kingdom, that Musume caught the young girl wandering through the forest, and invited her to see her domain. Kiki had found that day the true meaning of living, the reason for living. The sorceress gave her a necklace that held all the answers to humanity and immortal life, and made Kiki the most invulnerable young woman in the universe. However, one bad thing about this gift was that if anyone used Kiki for purposes other than good, they would have full and absolute control of all existence. It was even written long ago, in the transcripts of ancient Japan, that there would be one and only one young mortal (in this case, she was a mere teen) who would be given the gift of immortality, but not quite know it. This young girl would be the key to all being. Most of the ancient transcripts were copied down into the thick journal that Kiki was reading at the inn. Musume wrote the words Kiki had just read barely a week before she killed herself. The words had never meant anything to Kiki before now, but they were rapidly sinking in to her subconscious, and actually making sense. " What's that? I've never seen you reading it before now." "Xellos!!! What are you doing in my room?" The little akurei watched her huge wings spread with her growing anger and confusion. " God, don't have a damn cow just because I wanted to pop in and say hi! I merely wanted to find Gourry, so I went to you, that's all." "Liar! Don't give me all that bull about how you wanted to be nice and all. I know you're looking for my luggage, just to go through my dainties." "Oh! You know me better than I thought, young Kiki-Chan!" "You disgust me, Xellos, but did you really want to speak with me about anything?" "Well, I was wondering if you had agreed with Deedlit directly about going on the quest, or had you gotten some one to tell her for you?" Kiki paused, confused beyond her wits, and then horribly fierce anger rose within her. "WHAT!!!??? I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THIS QUEST!!", she roared. Xellos cowered behind Kiki's bed as she seemed to get larger and much more frightening than ever. " uh- I- I- I mean, -uh- Gourry never told you?" "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!! TELL ME NOW!!" Xellos flinched at her angry words. "Deedlit told him that you, me and Gourry were offered to go on a quest through out the western borders of the kingdom. Gourry agreed to tell you about it. So... I suppose that he didn't, correct?" Kiki shrank back and sat down on her bed, growling. "I can't believe he didn't tell me! After everything I've done for him..." she trailed off, getting even madder. " Well, don't get angry at me. At least I told you, right? I think this calls for a peek at your luggage" "XELLOS! You're not helping!" Kiki swung a fist at the little akurei, but missed. "Ha ha ha!" Xellos ran out the door before she royally kicked his ass. That was it! She was going straight to Gourry and yell at him for his nerve. He had no idea how pissed she was at him, but he would soon. "I swear to God, if he does that again, I'll..." At that moment, Gourry walked through her bedroom door. "Hey baby! What's up?" He received a look that made his legs almost give out. "Uhhh... what's the matter, sunshine?" For the next half hour, Gourry got screamed at, then slapped several times, and literally kicked out of Kiki-Chan's room into the tavern hallway. Xellos stood smiling over the heap-of-Gourry and giggled. "Hee hee!You should have told her when you found out, but you did deserved a good beating, my friend" "I'll show you a good beating!!" Gourry lunged painfully at Xellos, who slipped easily out of the way. This made it so that Gourry was at the bottom of the stairs (after tumbling down them, of course) right at Deedlit's feet! She sighed, "You didn't tell her, did you? Mortal men are so stupid sometimes, and you are no doubt one of them. But you are lucky, for she loves you and that is nearly as fragile as she." "Quit speaking gibberish, elf. I didn't understand a single word you told me!", Gourry complained. "Oh just shut up.", Deedlit said, stepping over him to go see Kiki in her bedroom. She found her out on the balcony, staring at the faraway valley. "I know he made a mistake, Kiki-Chan, but don't worry about it too much. He loves you, deep down he does. I can see it." " Are you sure you want me to go with them... through the western borders, I mean. I have heard that it's the most dangerous area of this land. Knowing that I am even remotely safe is my saving grace. So why should I go if what you say of me being so valuable is true?" Deedlit looked up at the sky in regret. "Because you are the one that needs to be accompanied, not them. You are very precious to this world, Kiki. Your old friend Musume no Shibo... they believe that she may still be alive, hiding far away in the woods next to the western borders... They think she may be hiding from something, or someone who could be trying to get to you through her. Musume really wants to protect you, and she will stay hidden forever if she can." "But if she cares so much, why doesn't she come and try to save me?", Kiki asked. Deedlit wiped a small tear from her eye. "She can't come to save you for she is too weak now. The force that wants you has diminished her powers and left her defenseless." Kiki gasped "You can't be serious..." The young elf nodded, and then left Kiki alone out in the summer breeze, her short brown hair waving and shining in the sun, her wings flexing softly. "Maybe you should speak to her, Gourry... you really upset her." Xellos and Deedlit watched as his shoed feet carried him up the stairs to Kiki-Chan's door. He knocked softly " Kiki? Are you okay?", he asked, his tone soft. He opened the door quietly but only found several feathers on the balcony. Off in the distance, Gourry was sure he could make out the shape of a small woman flying with large, beautiful wings. "Bring her to me. Bring her soon." It was that rasping voice again! He could feel some thing in the room, but it wasn't to be seen. "Who..? Who's there?", Gourry's voice sounded sleepy and quiet. It was gone. She was in danger, and he knew it. He heard feet running up the steps to the room. Gourry collapsed on to the bed, and that's how Deedlit and Xellos found him, all alone but dreadfully pale.

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