Everyone started eating and when they were done they just started talking.

(Gene) "Hey, Jim! When's our next payment for rent?"

(Jim) "Um, I'm not sure. What's the day today?"

(Gene) "Friday."

(Jim) "Really?! Shit! The payment's due today! Great we're gonna get kicked out now with no place to stay."

(Ayeka) "Maybe you guys could find a place at the Royal Tokyo Apartment Complex."

(Minako) "Yeah. We got our apartment cheap. And The floor we live on has the biggest rooms. Who else lives on our floor anyway?"

(Kiyone) "I think all the other rooms in our floor is vacant it used to have a lot of people living on this floor but then they just moved out."

(Tenchi) "That's because they got scared when they kept on hearing explosions."

(Trowa) "Don't forget gunshots, and people yelling at each other."

(Sasami) "Yeah. They are always scared of us when we try to talk to them."

(Gene) "There's just one problem. It's that we don't have to money to pay to get in, in the first place."

(Wufei) "The people who run the place are weak and don't know how to defend themselves. You should be able to move in and pay later."

(Miranda) "Cool. We'll all be neighbors now. That'll be cool!"

(JulieAnn) "Hmm. The owners are weak?"

(Wufei) "Yes."

(JulieAnn) "We can always take advantage of that!"

(Washu) "We already do."

(JulieAnn) "Tight!"

(Melfina) "This is good. Now we can all be close to each other."

(JulieAnn) "Oooh! They sell chocolate shakes here!"

(Heero) "Huh? Where?"

(JulieAnn) "Right there. See? Hey! Waiter person!"

(Waiter) "May I help you?"

(JulieAnn) "Well, duh, I called you! Anyway. I want a chocolate shake!"

(Heero) "Make that two."

(Sakura) "Heero, are you still obsessed with chocolate?"

(Heero) "Yes."

(JulieAnn) "I don't see who wouldn't. Chocolate's good!"

(Minako) "To you, anything that has sugar is good."

(JulieAnn) "No, sugar on meatloaf isn't good."

(Minako) "I meant candy and sugary stuff."

(Washu) "Miranda, I forgot to tell you about some powers that you have. It's just that you ran so fast to kill Relena I just didn't have a chance to tell you."

(Miranda) "Really? What kind of powers?"

(Washu) "You can practically do what Ryoko can but, you're a little bit stronger. And, you can do something that she can't. That would be to transport yourself through mirrors and clear glass. Or, if you want, you could just hide there."

(Miranda) "Those sound like fun things to do."

(Jim) "Shouldn't we go to the apartment complex place to get the keys to move in before the office place close? Or before they fall asleep?"

(Heero) "We know where to find them and we can just wake them up at the place they stay."

(Tenchi) "That's a little rude, don't you think?"

(Quatre) "If they need a place to stay for awhile we should wake the people up for Gene."

(Kiyone) "Plus they're scared of us. They wouldn't have the bravery to yell at us."

(Aisha) "Waking them up to bother them sounds like fun! I could really help."

JulieAnn had the string of her cross in her mouth and was making the cross twirl.

(Sakura) "Quit doing that. It's dirty. You'll get germs."

(JulieAnn) "I on't air."

(Sakura) "Huh?"

JulieAnn took the string out of her mouth and said, "I said, I don't care. They always take so damn long just to make a simple thing. I just want a damn shake."

(Miranda) "Okay." She then walks up to JulieAnn and starts shaking her.

(JulieAnn) "Thanks, but that's not what I meant."

(Miranda) "I know."

The waiter then walks towards them.


(Waiter) "It's right here."

(Heero) "Took you long enough."

(JulieAnn) "Yeah. No tip for you."

(Sakura) "Now that you got your shake, can we leave now?"

JulieAnn then nods her head up and down really fast.

(Mihoshi) "Is Duo awake yet?"

(JulieAnn) "Lemme see."

She then reaches in back of her and a stick magically appears.

(Minako) "Uh, Julie? I hope you're not going to shoot him or something."

(Aisha) "How can she shoot him? It's just a stick!"

(JulieAnn) "Cause look." It then just turned into a gun. "But no. I won't shoot him. I'll just poke him. Or just hit him a little." She quickly turned it back into a stick and poked him until he woke up.

(Duo) "Leave me alone. I feel sick."

(Trowa) "We're leaving. So, unless you want to be left behind you better get up."

(Mihoshi) "Someone has to wake Ryoko up."

Sasami shakes Ryoko a little bit.

(Ryoko) "What?"

(Sasami) "Wake up. We're going."

(Ryoko) "I'm coming."

Washu then gets the her teleportation device ready.

(Gene) "Does this thing really work?"

(Washu) "Are you questioning my invention?"

(Suzuka) "This is very impressive of you building this."

(Aisha) "But, she's probably about twelve years old! How can a kid invent something like this?"

(Washu) "On the contrary. I'm over 2,000 years old. AND I can not believe you are doubting me! The greatest scientist in the universe!"

(Heero) "Not that again."

(Washu) "I don't think I'll even let you use this if you keep on doubting me."

(Aisha) "Just as long as we actually get to the complex I'll be happy.

(Tenchi) "Please, Miss Washu. Let's all just go now."

(Washu) "Fine."

They then teleport to the complex into Tenchi and the other's apartment.

(Aisha) "Hey! That was pretty fun! Can we do that again?"

(Washu) "This isn't supposed to be used as a toy!"

(Jim) "Come on. Lets go get a room."

(Ryoko) "You can count me out. I'm gonna go to my room and lay down."

(Duo) "Yeah. I think I'll go to mine too." Duo then walks into what he thinks is his room which is actually Ayeka's

(Ayeka) "Hey! Wait a second! That's my room!" She then runs after Duo to get him out of her room.

(Duo) "Huh? Sorry about that."

(Quatre) "Um...Duo? Do you want me to lead you to your room?"

(Duo) "Yes. Everything's still spinning."

(Tenchi) "Come on. Let's show you guys to the manager."

Everyone walks down to the first floor to the manager's office.

(Jim) "Great. They're closed."

(Wufei) "Let me handle this." Wufei then pounded on the door almost causing the door to break open.

(Manager) "Hey! You kids! It's three o'clock in the morning! You better-" The manager then saw that it was the people from 'the floor' as others would call it. "Oh. I... uh am just so sorry that I... uh wasn't up. What can I... uh do for you?"

(Miranda) "These people need a place to stay. And we're wondering if they could live on our floor."

(Manager) "Of course, of course! Um...how many rooms would you like?"

(Gene) "Five."

(Manager) "Y-your payment for today would be-"

(Gene) "We were wondering if we could pay the money later because we're broke."

(Manager) "Well...I-I don't t-think that would be too fair-" He then saw Heero bringing out his gun so he quickly said, "Well of course it's okay and your room number is 7-O right close to your friends. Okay? Goodbye." He then ran into his room leaving the keys to Gene and the other's new apartment on the counter.

(Miranda) "He's weird."

Sakura and Minako nodded and everyone walked upstairs.

(Miranda) "I guess this is just day one of my mission to kill Relena Peacecraft."

(Aisha) "We should all be able to catch her since there's so many of us. And we can all be rich!"

(Melfina) "We should all go to bed. It's really late."

(Kiyone) "Yeah. Come on Mihoshi. Let's go to our apartment."

(Miranda) "Where am I going to sleep anyway?"

(Washu) "Don't worry. There should be a place for you. And if not I'll make more!"

Everyone then heads to their own apartment.

(Trowa) "I hope Duo doesn't start throwing up all over the apartment."

(Heero) "Well if he starts throwing up, give him a bucket and lock him in his room."

(Wufei) "He surly won't bother us if we do that."

(Sakura) "Good night everyone!"

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