(Gene) "That was strange meeting all those weird people like that."

(Aisha)*yawn* "That's for sure. I'm gonna go to bed."

Gene stayed in the family room and sat on the couch to think for awhile.

Melfina walked out of her room to get some water and saw Gene sitting there. "Is anything wrong?"

(Gene) "No, just thinking."

(Melfina) "Is it about today?"

(Gene) "Yeah...it was just so strange. All of them with their own powers, it's hard to believe that we ended up on the same side."

(Melfina) "That's true." There was then a slight pause and then she said, "You know that other bio-android? Maybe there's some connection with who made her, and who made me."

(Gene) "There could be.....I'll think about this tomorrow, okay, Mel?"

(Melfina) "Okay, goodnight, Gene."


Quatre was in the living room and saw Heero, Trowa, and Wufei walk in.

(Quatre) "Hey you guys. Duo fell asleep right away and hopefully won't wake up too soon to-"

(Wufei) "Whine like some stupid onna about his hangover?"

(Quatre) "Exactl...hey!"

Heero sits down on the couch an says to himself, "It's been too long."

(Trowa) "What do you mean?"

(Heero) "Do you realize how strange this night has been? Meeting all those people. All with the same objective." (Then in a quieter voice) "And meeting Sakura again."

(Trowa) "...Yes. You're right."

(Quatre) "Wufei, what do you think of those girls who moved in today?"

(Wufei) "They're like every other onna, weak and foolish."

(Quatre) "I have a feeling about them..."

(Heero) "That robot makes me curious."

(Quatre) "I've never seen technology that advanced. Of course, Washu said that Miranda needed to be reprogrammed."


(Washu) "Miranda, you know you were created, not born, right?"

(Miranda) "Yes Miss Washu."

(Washu) "Good. Just making sure you knew. I admit that you were an experimental android prototype, but it was going along so nicely I couldn't resist waking you up. The destruction program was a last minute thing, and will affect you severely if I don't remove it soon. I'll use this anti virus to delete the program, and remove the chip tomorrow.

A few minutes later......

(Washu) "Yeah! I got it! Now then Ayeka. I'm leaving you in charge of Miranda 'till I remove the rest of the program. She's not very alert and her response system's reception has been cut down by 70 percent."

(Ayeka) "All right Miss Washu. But only until that program's removed. Then it's Ryoko's responsibility! She may stay in our room for TONIGHT, and tomorrow she's staying with Ryoko. These horrid rooms are so small we barely fit."

Tenchi turns towards Miranda. " So after today, you'll begin sleeping in Ryoko's room."

(Miranda) "...........Alright Sir Tenchi"

Tenchi bids the girls goodnight and leaves the room.

(Washu) "All right then! That was settled nicely. I should go now. I'm gonna miss the late night rerun of Science for Eggheads, and we wouldn't want that would we?" Washu strikes pose to prove her point.

(Washu Doll A) "No Washu! We wouldn't want that Washu!"

(Washu Doll B) "That's right, Washu! Anything you say Washu!"

(Ayeka) *sweatdrops* "Well now, Miranda, you may borrow one of my extra night clothes."

(Miranda) "...................You don't have to do that Miss Ayeka."

(Ayeka) "It's no trouble. Here." Ayeka handed Miranda her nightclothes. Miranda slipped into the bathroom to get ready for bed.

(Miranda) "..........Ayeka?"

(Ayeka) "Yes?"

(Miranda) "You're too big."


Miranda paused, her system preventing her from responding normally. "You're too tall."

(Ayeka) "Oh. Sorry." *Nervous laughter*

Miranda perked up. "That's okay."

(Ayeka) " I should have some smaller clothes somewhere that you can borrow."

(Miranda) " ............Thank you."

When Miranda was in more comfortable clothing, she went to Sasami and Ayeka's room and curled on the foot of Ayeka's bed like a kitten, falling asleep almost instantly.

(Sasami) "Miranda? Oh! She fell asleep..."

(Ayeka) "I don't see why Washu just can't re alter the program. It would be nice to have someone around to fight off that little pest, Relena. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't keep stalking us in that horrible pink limo!"

(Sasami) "Every time she sees Ryo-Oki she starts squeezing the poor thing to death."

(Ayeka) "Even Quatre can't stand her. I'm surprised Heero and Wufei haven't lost it yet. Ha ha ha ha ha!"

(Sasami) "Well, Ayeka.....I suppose we should get to sleep now. We have to wake up early to cook breakfast and make our new friends comfortable!"


The three girls were just finishing unpacking their stuff.

(JulieAnn) "I don't see why we have to do this all tonight."

(Sakura) "It's morning already."

(JulieAnn) "Yeah, whatever. Hey, where's my black baseball cap?"

(Sakura) "It should be here. I just saw it earlier. But why have you kept it for so long? You should get a new one."

JulieAnn gave Sakura a death glare as she searched harder. "Sakura! I've had that hat for a long time! It means a lot to me. You should know that!"

(Minako) "Isn't that it right here?" She pointed to an old black cap right next to her suitcase.

(JulieAnn)*sweatdrops* "Oh. Heh heh."

(Sakura) "So you yelled at me for nothing and used that death glare on me?"

(JulieAnn) "That...could be possible."

(Sakura) "You are so mean."

Minako decided to use the worlds best conversation changer. "...You know what, guys? I think Quatre's cute."

(Sakura) "You two would make a good couple."

(JulieAnn) "Okay. Not a subject I talk about so I guess I should leave now."

(Minako) "Julie!" Minako glomps onto JulieAnn's arm and drags her back, forcing her to stay.

(JulieAnn) "Fine. I'll stay."

(Sakura) "Come on JulieAnn. There should be someone you think is cute."

(JulieAnn) "Well. Who do you like?"

(Sakura and Minako) "Duh."

(JulieAnn) "Oh yeah, Heero."

(Sakura) "Well that was a hard one."

(Minako) "Don't you think it's kinda weird that you're meeting him after such a long time?"

JulieAnn chirped in with her most sarcastic tone. "Oh my god. Its like, FATE! Eeek! Why don't we ditch the boy crazy fan club and bring ourselves to a more... interesting subject. Like, that bio-android person. What do you think?"

(Minako) "She seems nice, I guess....."

(JulieAnn) "At least she's a good fighter. That was some VERY admirable glaive work."

(Minako) "We're talking about something that could change the world of science forever and you're admiring her fighting skills....." *sigh.*

JulieAnn sticks her hat on backwards and strikes a pose, waving her Patay in the air. "Well anyways, I'm glad we moved here. It's a whole lot nicer than a freakin' orphanage! There's somethin' about these people, ya know what I mean......maybe we can even share our secrets......."


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