In Tokyo there's a crew, from the Outlaw Star, trying to earn money for all of the debts they have.

(Gene)"So Jim, did you find out who's really worth a lot of money yet?

(Jim)"Ummm...let me see. There's Ryoko, the space pirate."

(Gene)"I don't think I really wanna deal with a space pirate."

(Jim)"Okay, then. How about Relena?"

(Gene)"Eeeee. How much?"


(Gene)"Is that it? You know that's not a lot for her!"

(Jim)"Let me finish." Jim then looked at Gene and smiled, "I was going to say....900 million yen!!"

(Gene)"900 million yen! Hey, everyone! Who wants to earn 900 million yen?"

(Aisha)"You can count me in! But, I think that I should get most, since I would be most of help because of my super strengths and senses."

(Jim)"You wish."

(Gene)"So, Suzuka, are you interested?"

(Suzuka)"Of course I am. I would never pass up this chance. It should be so easy since Relena can't even fight. Unless someone is protecting her."

(Gene)"So, what's the reason for her being so much money?"

(Jim)"It doesn't say. But, if I could just hack into the right places we'll be able to know why."

(Gene)"Melfina, can you please find out what area Relena's been recently spotted?"

(Melfina)"Sure Gene."

(Jim)"Found it!"

(Gene)"So, what does it say?"

(Jim)"O.K. It says that Dr. J is the guy who put her for a wanted person. The reason is, is that Relena kept getting in the way of this guy named Heero's missions to keep peace for the Earth and Earth Sphere.

(Melfina)"Gene, I found something that says where she was last seen. This was posted two hours ago. I was posted by a bus driver who ran her over by accident. He apparently didn't know that she was a wanted person until after he didn't see her again."

(Jim)"So, is she already dead?"

(Melfina)"Even though she got hit with great impact she didn't die. It seems that she might have got some scrapes and bruises since she just got up and started walking towards the Royal Tokyo Apartment Complex."

(Aisha)"Huh? She didn't die?"

(Suzuka)"It sound like she might be immortal."

(Gene)"That's just great. How are we supposed to kill her now? *sigh* Well, there's no harm in trying."

(Aisha)"Especially if there's a fortune involved!"


Relena wakes up from her knockout. "Heero? Huh!? What am I doing in here!? Ewwww."

She then tries to lift up the cover. "What?!?! It's LOCKED! Pargan! PARGAN!," she then takes a big, disgusting breath of air, "PAAAARRRGAAAAN!!!!!"

Pargan then arrives with Relena's pink limo, "Yes, your highness?"

(Relena)"Get me out of here!"

(Pargan)"Right away." He then works on breaking open all the chains and locks. Her finally gets it open after 45 minutes of trying.

(Relena)"Are they still at the complex?"

(Pargan)"I suppose so. I didn't see them get out."

(Relena)"Then I'll have to look in the complex again."


The crew of the Outlaw Star were searching for Relena. But after searching an hour at the apartment complex, they decide to take a break at the kareoke bar and try again later.

(Jim)"You know, Gene, we shouldn't just take a break like this. We should keep on looking for her or else we'll never find her!"

(Gene)"Loosen up, Jim, we'll find her."

(Aisha)"Plus we need to eat so we could have the energy to find her!"

(Jim)"But we'll never find her if we just keep on taking breaks like this! Don't you wanna get the reward money for her!?"

(Aisha)"Of course I do! But, remember the Catarl-Catarl can hear from far away. So, I'd be able to find her if I get close enough. Then I'd be able to collect the reward!

(Suzuka)"Remember, we're all working together. That would mean that we would split the money.

(Jim)"Yeah, Aisha! Don't get all selfish on us!"


(Relena)"He's not at the complex! Hmmm...Maybe he's at a bar with the other pilots." *Pause* "Pargan!"

(Pargan)"Yes, your highness?"

(Relena)"Drive me to the closest bar. I think he might be there."

(Pargan)"That would be the kareoke bar."


(JulieAnn)"Duo, don't 'cha think that you've had WAY too much beer?"

Ryoko, who was drinking as much as Duo, said, "There's no such thing as too much beer."


(Sakura)"That's what you say now. But, wait until you get the hangover. Then, you'll regret it."

(Duo)"All that doesn't matter. It's just as long as we're enjoying it now."

(Miranda)"Why do you like that stuff? It smells really bad."

(Ryoko)"Beer to you might be too bitter. Maybe if you try some other liquor stuff you'll then start to love it!"


(Washu)"Hey! I don't want you two influencing Miranda into bad things!"

Ryoko then sticks her tongue out at Washu.

(Mihoshi)"Hey, we've been here for more than an hour, and none of us sang yet."

(Kiyone)"Why don't you go up and sing?"

(Mihoshi)"Will you come and sing with me Kiyone?"

(Kiyone)"Uh, well..."

(Mihoshi)"Yay! Come on." And Mihoshi drags Kiyone up to sing with her.

(Sasami)"So, tell us a little about you."

(Minako)"Well, all three of us came from and orphanage ever since we were little."

(Sasami)"Oh. That's so sad. How did you guys end up in it?"

(Sakura)"Well, Minako was just left there by her mother ever since she was little. I went there because my big brother went to the army, and I had nowhere else to stay. And JulieAnn....uh, she just came there. She never told us why she did. And she never talks about her past.

(Sasami)"Why is that, JulieAnn?"

(JulieAnn)"It's too painful to talk about." She then glares at Duo. "I'll talk when I'm ready. And if any of you try to force, or beg me to talk. You will be end up in pain."

(Sakura)"Same thing she told us."

(Duo)"Why did you -hic- look at me like that?"

(JulieAnn)"Look at you like what?"

(Duo)"You -hic- glared at me."

(JulieAnn)"You're probably seeing things."

Quatre, who was drinking tea, said, "Duo, you're drunk. You're probably seeing things."

(Duo)"I'm already -hic- drunk? Woah! Q-man, there are four of you!"

(Wufei) *mumbles* "Baka."

(Ayeka)"Kiyone and Mihoshi are almost done singing. Tenchi, will you sing with me next?"

(Ryoko)"NO! Because he wants to sing with me next. Don't you Tenchi?"


(Ayeka)"Get your hands off him this instant, Ryoko!"

(Ryoko)"It's not my fault he likes me more than you!"


(Duo)"I don't think Tenchi is so -hic- lucky anymore."

(Quatre)"Everyone's staring at us. Why must you two fight like that?"

(Kiyone)"Oh, that's one thing that you'll see them do all the time. And it's practically about anything."


Gene and everyone has been at the bar for awhile. Gene just drinking whiskey, Aisha was eating, Suzuka was drinking tea, and Miranda and Jim were just drinking some juice.

(Gene)"Well Jim, we might as well see who else we could look for. So, who else is on that list?"

(Jim)"I told you already. It's the space pirate Ryoko."

(Gene)"Yeah, but space pirates could be anywhere. We should just stick to the target, Relena."


He then looked at the picture of Ryoko and saw the same exact person a just a few tables over. He was just about to say something to Gene when suddenly...The doors slam open and a loud voice calls out, "Heeeeeeerroooooooooooo!"

(Miranda)"What!? How did she get out?"

Sakura then moves her seat away from Miranda a little. Just so Miranda wouldn't start shaking her again.

(Gene)"There she is."

(Relena)"Oh, Heero, I found you!" She then runs up to Heero and hugs him.

(Heero)"Bitch! Get the hell off of me!" Heero then punches Relena in the face and gets out his gun. Relena then started to bleed.

(Minako)"How can she be bleeding? She's immortal, isn't she?"

(Trowa)"It's strange with Relena. It seems like she can only get hurt by people she cares about.

(Miranda)"But I'm supposed to kill Relena. How can I kill her if she doesn't really know me to really care about me?"

(Quatre)"It's either what Trowa said, or because of how well trained Heero is.

(Miranda)"Heero. Let me kill her."

(Aisha)"Hey, wait! We're supposed to kill her!"

(Sakura)"Why can't you all just kill her?"

(Miranda and Aisha)"NO!"

(Heero)"I don't care who kills her. Just as long as she ends up dead."

(Gene)"That's it. I'm killing her if you guys like it or not!" He then gets out his Caster and fires. But Miranda saves Relena by moving her head. She was keeping Relena in a choke hold and held a gun right to her head.

(Miranda)"You're NOT going to kill her. I must kill her!"

(JulieAnn)"You don't expect to kill her with that sucky gun, do you? And, it is SO boring. Like, BOOM! she's dead. No excitement and suffering whatsoever."

(Miranda)"You're right." She then loosens her choke hold on Relena's neck. "So, any suggestions?"

(Washu)"Well, I did put a lot of weapons for you to use."

(Miranda)"Yeah, but...which one?"

(Minako)"Why don't you take some out and just choose one?"

(Miranda)"O.K." She then started to take out lots of very, very dangerous weapons.

(Quatre)"Why do you have to be so violent? Why can't you just kill her without having her suffer?"

(Miranda)"But it would be fun to see her suffer."

Quatre then thinks it over for awhile and says, "You're right." He then looks at all the weapons Miranda brought out. "Oooh, that looks interesting." Quatre then pointed at a kit that read:

complete with handcuffs!

(Miranda)"Yeah, it does! We'd have lots of fun killing her with that."

(Duo)"How about I -hic- kill her."

(Sakura)"Your drunk."


(JulieAnn)"You might shoot someone else instead of Relena. Or, for all I know, you'd probably shoot everyone at this bar thinking that everyone's Relena."

(Duo)"Just as long as I get -hic- Relena, I'd be -hic- happy."

(JulieAnn)"Yeah! Then, you'd be a loner with no friends! Cause, you'd most likely shoot them all!" JulieAnn said that in a cheery and sarcastic way.

(Duo)"Well, -hic- it wouldn't be -hic- boring."

(Sakura)"When will he pass out from being drunk? He's getting really annoying."

(Trowa)"He's annoying all the time."

(Heero)"Meaning, he's like this even when he's not drunk."

(Sakura)"That sucks, cause now we have two annoying people. JulieAnn and Duo."

(JulieAnn)"There should be more annoying people than just me and Duo."

(Gene)"Wait, we're going to kill Relena because we need the money for it."

(Miranda)"I don't want the reward money, I just wanna kill her."

(Aisha)"So, we can have the money?"

(Ryoko)"No!! Miranda, don't you know how much money that is? We can all be rich!"

(Minako)"Why don't we just split it, okay? 900 million wong is a lot of money. There should still be a lot even if we split it! Okay. Now, there's twenty-two people here. And if we split it, it would be around 40 million wong each."

(Washu)"To be exact it is 40,909,090.91 wong."

(Quatre)"So, would this mean that we're all working together?"

(Gene)"If it means that we can all get the reward without anyone interfering, sure."

(Aisha)"Good! Then I could have 90% and the rest of you can split it!"

(Everyone else)".......NO!!!"

Aisha then sweatdrops

(Washu)"This is fun and all, but...Relena's gone!"

(Gene)"Damn it! Just our chance to finally kill Relena, and she's gone!"


(Sakura)"Don't worry. Just as long as we have Heero, she'll be back."

(Heero)"So, now I have been lowered down to as bait."

(Ryoko)"That's what it looks like, buddy!"

(Sakura)"Well Heero, what's something that we could use as bait?"

(Heero)"Get something pink, and then she'll be attracted to it very quickly."

(Sakura)"Will a pink, frilly dress work Heero?"


(Minako)"How about kill two birds with one stone by having Heero dress up in a pink frilly dress!?"

Duo and JulieAnn then fell off their chair from laughing, and Ryoko just started to laugh real hard.

(Ryoko)"Yeah, why don't you start doing that, Heero!?"

Heero then gave a Death Glare to Minako.

(Minako)"Death Glares don't work on me."

(JulieAnn)"That's because she's the ditz. But a really smart ditz."

(Wufei)"Why don't we just torture the damn baka-onna by painting her damn pink limo white!?"

(Duo)"No, paint it -hic- black. And then -hic- in gold -hic- letters write, -hic- Shinigami."

(Ayeka)"Is it wise to listen to Duo when he's drunk like this?"

(Gundam Pilots except for Duo)"No."

(Ayeka)"That's what I thought."

(Melfina)"We all haven't been properly acquainted."

(Duo)"Okay -hic- then, I'm -hic- Duo. I may tell a -hic- lie, but I never run and -hic- hide. Wait, -hic- that's not it. Uh, -hic- I need a bi, but -hic- I never run -hic- and hide? Everything's getting dizzy." Duo then passes out on the floor close to Quatre.

(Quatre)"I'm Quatre Raberba Winner. And if you're wondering what Duo was trying to say, it goes: 'I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie.'"

(Heero)"Heero Yuy."

(Trowa)"Trowa Barton."

Everyone then introduces themselves with their full names until it got to the last two people.

(JulieAnn)"I like to be called JulieAnn Nagiisa. If you wanna know who I was before, I can only tell you this, she died a long time ago."

(Miranda)"What does Nagiisa mean?"

(JulieAnn)"It means alone."

(Miranda)"Oh... Well, I'm Miranda Mesa. Bio-android made by the greatest scientist, Washu!"

(Washu)"Well of course!"

(JulieAnn)"Why don't we start eating? I'm getting really hungry. So, let's order."

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