(Heero)"Damn it! The bitch is here. Hide!"

(Wufei)"Seeing her is just injustice!"

(Sakura)"Who is that anyway?"

(Wufei)"Stalker Bitch."

(Sakura) "Real name please."

(Duo) That is. For us."

(JulieAnn) "Just tell us her damn name!"

(Heero) "That's Relena."

(Wufei) "Why does she have to be immortal?! There is no justice in this world anymore!"

(Minako)"Will you shut up with all this justice crap?!"

(Trowa) "All of you shut up or else she's gonna find us!"


(Washu)"Ah, now my amazing bio-android that I programmed to kill Relena is ready!"

Ryoko then walks into the lab. "Have you seen Tenchi? Oh, wow. Is that android thingy ready yet?"

(Washu) It's a bio-android that is mildly psychopathic."

(Ryoko) "What do ya call her? Washu 2?"

(Washu) "That does have a good ring to it, but I decided that she should think of a name that she wants."

(Ryoko) "Uh huh. Well...she will be able to kill Relena right? And do you think she could help me get back at Ayeka?"

(Washu)"I'm not too sure if she will be able to kill Relena and that's why we should put it to the test. And, I think that it will be up to her if she wants to help you get back at Ayeka or not. I can't really control her, the same way I can't really control you."

(Ryoko) "Well then hurry up with finishing her. I'm tired of hearing Relena's Tarzan call."

(Washu)"Yeah, it's worse than Ayeka and you fighting."

(Ryoko sweatdrop)

"Okay well I see that Tenchi isn't here so I guess I should be moving right along."

Washu then sighs and does the final procedure to bring her bio-android to life.

(bio-android)"Hi Washu! Where is Relena because I wanna kill her now!"

(Washu)"She's in the building. About ten minutes ago I heard her Tarzan call."

(bio-android)"Lemme out now! I'll find her I promise. Then I'll cut her up into tiny little pieces!"

Washu then let her out and the bio-android ran up close to where Heero and everyone was hiding from Relena.


(Relena)"Heeeeeeerroooooooo! Oh, where are you? Heeeroo!"

Heero and everyone are still hiding in the girls' apartment.

(Sakura)"Will she ever go away? I mean its been an hour sinc-"

(Trowa)"Shhhh. Someone is coming."

The bio-android walks up to Relena, "Excuse me, are you Relena Peacecraft?"

JulieAnn then gets too curious, so she peeks out the door to see who the other person is.

(Relena)"Yes, do you need me for anything, or want something?"

(bio-android)"YES! Your LIFE!" The bio-android then uses her nails of death, stabbing Relena in the heart.

JulieAnn comes out of hiding saying, "Cool, she's killing Relena!"

The bio-android then kicks her out the window and as the glass broke the glass stabbed Relena in her back. Everyone then comes out of hiding to see her fall to the ground. As Heero looks out the window everyone hears a loud, "Heeeerro-" She then gets run over by a bus, and the bus goes over a cliff.

(Trowa)"Your good. Whoever you are."

(bio-android)"Yes! I killed Relena! Oh yeah. I'm a bio-android. I didn't think of a name yet and I already know who all of you are, Washu programmed me to."

(Quatre)"You want us to help you think of a name?"

(bio-android)"Yeah, sure."

(Quatre)"How about Miranda?"

(bio-android)"That sounds like a cool name. I think I'll keep it."

(Minako)"Don't you need a last name just in case anyone asks you?"

(Miranda)"Well yeah, of course."

(Sakura)"Is there only one of you or is there more somewhere?"

(Miranda)"Nope. Just me. Why do you wanna know anyway?"

(Sakura)"I was thinking that since there is one of you your only one your last name could be that!"

(JulieAnn)"That's kinda corny."

(Heero)"My name means one."

(JulieAnn)"Well sorry. Maybe it could be in a different language like, Filipino!! And one means mesa."

(Miranda)"That sounds cool. So for now on I'm known as Miranda Mesa."


(Miranda)*Gasp* "Why didn't she die!?" Miranda then started to shake Sakura while asking her, "Why!? Why!? WHY!? You saw her die, didn't you?!?!"

(Sakura)"Aahhhh! Quit shaking me!"

(Miranda)"But didn't you see her die?!?"

(Sakura)"Yes! Yes! Now STOP SHAKING ME!"

(Miranda)"Oh. Sorry."

Everyone then saw Relena just limping up the stairs. Then Miranda reached into Hammer Space and took out Sailor Saturn's Glaive.

(Minako)"Hey! That's Hotaru's"

(Miranda)"Well, I need it right now!" Miranda then ran towards Relena hitting her repeatedly with the glaive until she fell to the floor.

(Miranda)"Is she dead?"

Wufei then goes to Relena to check her pulse.

(Wufei)"Shit! She only got knocked out! There's no justice, no justice at all!"


At Rei's house, when everyone's at study buddy, Ami gets a reading on her computer.

(Ami)"Hey, you guys! I have a strange reading on my computer at the Royal Tokyo Apartment Complex."

(Usagi)"Let's go right now like, this minute! This second!"

(Chibi-usa)"YOU just don't wanna do your algebra!"

(Usagi sweatdrops)

(Makoto)"Hey, isn't that where Minako's staying?"

(Ami)"We should go check it out right away!"

(Usagi)"That's what I said"


(Haruka)"The wind changed directions" (Michiru)"Yes the sea is roaring."

(Setsuna) "We should go see what's up." They all nod and get Hotaru. After that they drive towards Royal Tokyo Apartment Complex.


(Wufei)"So, Miranda, did you leave Relena in the dumpster?"

(Miranda)"Yeah. I locked it up and everything."

(JulieAnn)"Good. At least we don't have to see her for awhile. She scares me. And she seems very evil."

(Duo)"She is."

(Miranda)" I still don't see why she didn't die."

(Trowa)"She's immortal."

(Miranda)"I should ask Washu if she can make something that can even kill people who are immortal."

(Duo)"Yeah, but it's hard to kill people who are immortal because their just.....immortal."

(JulieAnn)"Well, duh genius."

(Minako)"But if Washu is smart enough to make an android then maybe she'll be able to make something to kill Relena."

(Quatre)"But aren't you supposed to be the thing to kill Relena? I mean if she knew how to make a machine or something to kill Relena I don't think that she would've made you in the first place."

(Miranda)"You're right. I guess I just failed."

(Trowa)"No you didn't. You only fail if you give up or die. So, just keep on trying to kill her and eventually you will."

(JulieAnn)"That's sweet. In a psycho-killerish sort of way."


(JulieAnn)"Don't ask."

(Miranda)"You're right, Trowa. Well, I guess I better get back now since I didn't kill her this time."

(Minako)"We should finish unpacking."

Sakura then nods

(JulieAnn)"But I don't wanna unpack! I wanna go to bed I'm tired."

(Sakura)"Yeah, that's because of your sugar rush. But I doubt that it's over yet. So, I'm thinking that you're just being lazy!"

(JulieAnn)"Fine. I admit it. I am being lazy. And I DO still have my sugar rush. But, it's fading. So, if I have some more sweets, SURE! I'll work some more!"

(Sakura)"No! You are so annoying when you have your sugar rush. And your gonna wake people up from being so loud."

(Quatre)"So your saying that how she is acting now is only a sugar rush? And is usually more calmed down?"

(Minako)"You never know with Julie. She gets hyper off lots of things. So, you practically don't know when she is calmed down. But right now she seems normal."

(Heero)"You mean she can be worse than this?"

Sakura and Minako then say together, "Yeah."

(JulieAnn)"I guess this means no chocolate tonight."

Minako then sees Usagi and knows that it really is her because she heard her fighting with Rei.

(Minako)"Usagi!!" Minako then runs to her friends to greet them.


Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru then arrive to the apartment complex.

(Hotaru)"Is this the place?"

(Haruka)"It should be."

(Michiru)"Isn't this the place where Minako and her friends live?"

(Hotaru)"I think so" She then looks at the dumpster and gasps. "Why is the dumpster shaking?" (Haruka)"It's probably some hobo looking for food."

They all walk into the complex and Chibi-usa sees Hotaru.


(Hotaru)"Hi there, Chibi-usa!" (Chibi-usa)"Are you here to visit, Hotaru?"

(Haruka)"Actually we're here to check things out."

(Usagi)"Like what?"

Michiru then saw the guys and started to talk quietly so they wouldn't hear. "We've been sensing strange power over here. Do you think you know where it's from?"

(JulieAnn)"Might be from that Relena person. This complex is really strange, I mean the people here. Like our neighbors downstairs."

(Sakura)"Those guys over there are Gundam Pilots and our neighbors downstairs, like JulieAnn said, are strange because one of them made a bio-android."

(Minako)"How do you know that they are Gundam Pilots?"

(Sakura)"Well I did know Heero. Before he left. So I already knew. So obviously it should make sense that they are all Gundam Pilots"

(Minako)"How do you know that he still IS one. Because there is a chance that he quit or something."

(Sakura)"Li? Or now Heero, just quit!? I don't think so."

(Minako)"It was just a thought."

(Haruka) "Hey wait. You said that one of your neighbors made a bio-android?"

(Sakura) "Uh huh."

(Ami)"Wow! Intelligence like that would make someone very rich. But I wonder why this person would just live in an apartment instead of a house or something."

(JulieAnn)"Gots no clue whatsoever"

Duo was now wondering why all those girls were whispering.

(Duo)"Hey, now girls. Didn't you know that it's rude to be telling secrets?"

JulieAnn then said in her imitation of a valley girl, "And like, didn't you, like know, that like, it's just so , so rude, to just like, butt in?" She then stops her impression and said, "So will you please....BUTT OUT!"

(Haruka)"Anyway, you guys just make sure you keep a low profile." (Sakura)"It's a little too late with those two." And she pointed at Minako and JulieAnn.

(Minako)mumbles, "Squealer."

(Setsuna)"What did you guys do anyway?"

(JulieAnn)*Sweatdrop* "Umm...well, we kinda...um...did...um...some of...our...um...powers. In...uh...front of...um.......Duo."

Haruka, Setsuna, Michiru, Hotaru, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Chibi-usa then yell, "WHAT?!?!?!?"

(Haruka)"What the hell were you thinking?!"

(Michiru)"I can't believe you'd do this!"

(Setsuna)"What's your reason?"

(Sakura)"Believe me. You don't wanna know."

All the Gundam Pilots were now staring at them weird for the fact that they were yelling at the top of their lungs.

(JulieAnn)"Alrighty. Minako, you wanna help me unpack 'cause we got lots to do."

Before Julie Ann could get away fast enough Haruka grabbed her long hair and pulled back. Making Julie Ann fall on her butt.

(JulieAnn)"Owieeeeeeeee! My butt. It hurts. And why didja haf ta do thaaaaaat?"

(Haruka)"Believe me. You deserved it."

(JulieAnn)"Why couldn't you do that to Minako then?"

(Minako)"Huh?! Traitor!!"

JulieAnn then stuck out her tongue.

(Haruka)"JulieAnn! I thought you had more common sense then that!"

(JulieAnn)"Think of it like this, we know a secret about them and now they know a secret about us! Now can you let go of my hair before I go bald!?"

(Rei)"Since Minako and Julie Ann did something that they weren't supposed to, we should do something about it."

(Usagi)"Not too badly though."

(Heero)"What are you girls going to do? Drag her down the stairs?"

(JulieAnn)"Sounds like fun! And I can drag Minako by the hair with me and we can slide down the stairs. Don't you think it sounds like fun Minako?"

(Minako)"I don't think I would agree with someone on what's fun if she thinks totaling her motorcycle ten times by racing people on a freeway is fun."

(JulieAnn)"It wasn't ten. It was eight. And I wasn't racing. I was seeing how fast my bike would go without running into something."

(Duo)"Are you fighting about when Minako turned into that one Venus chick-"

(JulieAnn)"Sailor Venus."

Minako then hit JulieAnn on the head, "Shut up!"

(Duo)"Yeah. And Julie Ann used a stick and did Illusion Pool?"

(Makoto)"Pretty Much."

(Quatre)"If that's all, you guys really don't have to worry."

(Haruka)"I guess this is just a warning for you."

(JulieAnn)"Hey! Maybe once you let go of my hair we can go out to eat and then shoot some pool or something."

(Haruka)"We'll pass." (Chibi-usa)"So Hotaru can't come?"

(Usagi)"I don't think we can either. It's getting late."

(Chibi-usa)"Awww, okay."

Then all of the sailor soldiers left. Except for Minako, of course.

Julie Ann finally gets up from her fall and asks, "So, does anyone wanna go out or not?"

Everyone then nodded. As they went downstairs they saw Miranda, Tenchi, and everyone working on patching up the wall.

(JulieAnn)"Hey! Do you guys wanna come with us?"

(Miranda)"Where are you going?"

(Minako)"We're gonna shoot pool, eat, and do other stuff. I think."

(Ryoko)"Yeah! We can go to a Kareoke Bar, Clubs and other places!"

(Mihoshi)"Oooh, that sounds like fun! Lemme go tell the others!"

(Ryoko)"Come on Miranda. Let's get ready."

(Duo)"How does he do that?"

(Quatre)"How does who do what?"

(Duo)"How does Tenchi get all those girls?"

(Heero)"That's easy. Act the exact opposite of you."

(Duo)"Ha, ha. Aren't we a comedian today."

(Tenchi)"Oh! Come in you guys."

(Ayeka)"So, where exactly are going to go?"

(JulieAnn)"Ryoko said something about a kareoke place. I think I wanna go there. what do ya think, guys?"

(Duo)"I'll go. Just if they have good food."

(JulieAnn)"Yeah. I agree."

(Sakura)"Well of course they are going to have food there."

(Minako)"Well, who's car are we going to take?"

(Washu)"Who needs a car? We can just teleport there with my invention!"

(Trowa)"Do you think we can trust her with this invention?"

(Washu)"You dare doubt me? Washu? The Greatest Scientist in the Universe!?"

v(Washu A)"Yes, Washu. The Greatest!"

(Washu B)"Scientist in the Universe!"

(Washu A and Washu B)"Yay Washu! The Greatest Scientist in the Universe!"


(Minako)"I guess it would be safe if everyone goes in including Washu."

So they then all teleport to the kareoke bar.

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