Julie Ann, Minako, and Sakura just moved into Royal Tokyo Apartment Complex and they weren't sure exactly where their room was. So, Julie Ann went up to a girl dressed in black with an extremely long braid.

"Excuse me miss, but do you know where my apartment is?"

"Miss? Miss!? I HOPE you're not talking to me!"

At that moment Minako walks over. "Who's that girl you're talking to?"

The guy named Duo looks down, then back at their faces. "Not. A. Girl."

"Well then, um....I'm Julie Ann and this is my unusually ditzy friend, Minako!"

"Hey! You'll pay for that, Julie Ann! Venus Star Power! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"

"Owie! Time for some Illusion Pool! Right Back Pocket!"

Minako ducked, and Julie Ann's Illusion Ball came around to send Julie Ann flying though a wall.

"Are you alright?" Julie Ann looked up and her eyes widened as she saw the guy who lived there.

"Does it look like I'm alright!? I just crashed into the damn wall!"

(the guy sweatdrops)"Oh, here...let me help you up. I'm Tenchi and you are...?"

"Julie Ann. And that girl who made me make a big hole in your wall is Minako, and that girl right there is Sakura. We are just finding our room number once that gir-"

"The name's Duo. And your room is right by mine. Yay." Saying that half sarcastically and half not.

"See ya Tenchi!" All three girls yelled. Then they went to their room to unpack.


(Quatre)"Yay! New neighbors! I wanna bake something for them!" Quatre was jumping for joy for the fact that there was a reason to cook.

(Duo)"Why? You wanna kill them with your cooking?"

(Heero)"Who are they, anyway?"

(Duo)"Some girls named Minako, Julie Ann, and your lover....Relena."

Heero then looked at Duo petrified. "You better be kidding!"

(Duo) "Yeah, I am. But, your lover from the past moved in. Sakura."

Heero then thought about when he was known as Li. And when he was with Sakura. This was all before he became a Gundam Pilot, and met that stalker bitch, Relena.

*BING* (Quatre)"The cookies are done! Now their-"

(Trowa)"Ready to poison people?"

(Duo) "Whoa! Trowa told a joke!"

(Quatre)"I'll taste one to prove you wrong!"

(Duo)"Well, nice knowing ya." Quatre then took a cookie and ate one and it looked like he really liked it.

Duo then took one. (Duo)"Ahhhh!! I'm dying! Help me!" And then he pretended to faint.

(Heero)"Don't do anything. I like him this way. Quiet."

(Duo)"Hey! These are pretty good. But needs beer. Here Trowa, have one!" Duo then stuffed a cookie in Trowa's mouth.

Trowa was about to give Duo the evil eye to blow him up but then realized that the cookies were good and said, "Yeah for once, these are good." Quatre then beamed with happiness for his success.


*Knock, knock, knock* Sakura opened the door and saw a little girl in pigtails that had a cake in her hand. "Hi! My name is Sasami and-," she then looked to the left as if she were looking for someone to come. "Ayeka, everyone! Hurry up! This is Ryo-Ohki."


(Sasami)"Here's my sister, Ayeka. This is Washu, and here's Ryoko. And that's Mihoshi and Kiyone. And you already met Tenchi."

(Ryoko)"How did she already meet Tenchi, huh?"

(Ayeka)"Yes, please tell."

(Sakura) "Well that's a great welcoming. I met him from when my room mate went through a wall. It was because her attack on Minako backfired."

(Minako)"Who are you talking to Sakura?"

(Sakura)"Our neighbors. You know, the ones you and Julie Ann put a big hole in their wall?"

Julie Ann then comes over, "Hey everyone! What are-"

(Ryoko) "So, YOU must be the one who made a big hole that WE need to patch up!"

(Ayeka)"What do you mean WE!?!? YOU DON'T EVEN DO A THING!!!!"

(Ryoko)"But I feel your pain so, so much."

(Ayeka)"You would feel more pain if you would actually did the work!"

(JulieAnn, Minako and Sakura sweat drop)

(JulieAnn) "Uh....sorry. It's not like I planned it or something."

(Sakura)"Here. Take this money and we'll all be happy."

(JulieAnn) "Oooo! Cake! Looks good."

(Sasami)"It's a welcoming gift!"

v(JulieAnn)"Thank you very much!"

(Kiyone)"I don't even see why they are arguing so badly. I mean, all of us here has done our part in destroying the WHOLE apartment."

(Ryoko and Ayeka sweatdrop)


(Sakura)"Sorry, but we've got a lot of unpacking."

(Washu)"O.K. see ya later!"

(*ten minutes after they left*)

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

(Minako)"Huh? Who's there?"

(Quatre)"Your neighbor."

(Minako)"Oh hi! Who are you?"

(Quatre)"I'm Quatre and I made some cookies for you."

(Minako)"O-kay, I don't really meet too many guys who cook."

Duo and Wufei come.

(Duo)"Well, your lucky these are actually good."

(Wufei)"Unlike what happened the last time he gave out cookies and no one cared to try if they were edible." Heero and Trowa then come the same time JulieAnn walks in.

(JulieAnn)"Cool! New peoples! So, I'll call you Bangs Boy, you'll be Spandex Boy, you'll be Chinese Boy, hey Blondie Boy and oh, hi Duo!"

(Minako)"Quick! Introduce yourself FAST! Or else she'll make worse names for ya."

(Duo)"You just like insulting people huh?"

(Trowa)"I know you must have called Duo something. So, what was the name for him?"

(JulieAnn) "Well, now Bangs-"

(Trowa)"Call me Trowa or else I'll be forced to blow you up."

(JulieAnn)"Kay, and thanx for the warning. Now, Trowa, it's kinda worse than a nickname. Minako and I called him a girl."

(Trowa)"Not that surprised."


(Wufei)"Before you go on with those stupid names, I'm Wufei."

(Duo)"Or, you can call him Wuffie"


(Duo)"Hey, I'm just joking."

(Heero)"I'm Heero. And if you call me Spandex Boy again I will have to destroy you."

(JulieAnn)"Seems like you have a really good sense of humor."

(Quatre)"And I'm Quatre."

(JulieAnn)"Cool. Nice to meet you all."

Sakura then walks in. "Hey, you guys who are you talking to because it's not fair if you guys slack off without me! Li? Is that you?"

(Heero)"Yeah. But now I'm known as Heero Yuy. Nice to see you again."

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