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Well, things are going great this month. I've managed to beat off artists block again and I feel fresh and renewed! ^_^! This is great! I've got the webpage going and doujinshi and fanart comin' out of the works.

Anyways, you might be wondering "Where are all of Kathy's usless bablings of her recent updates?" The answer to that questions is that I've made an updates page. The main page was getting WAY too long with all my updates, so I've moved it to a seperate page.

PHEW! Enough of that...I'll get on with the welcome message to the newbies ^_^. Lovely Romance is a Zechs and Noin shrine (6x9) where I host my own doujinshi and fanart. There are also links to other 6x9 Shrines (which REALLY needs to be updated). So enjoy yourself! A bit of warning though, some of my stuff may contain nudity so, if you think the human body is evil, I suggest not to look. ^_^ Other than that...enjoy!

Kathy Tenchi