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Ki was getting dressed(NO YOU CANT SEE ANY THING) and Seikou was guarding the door. Ki came out in a Silver shirt and her favorite black pants. She walked outside to go look for Noki, and heard the thing that makes even the most burly of men run screaming in fear. The dreaded cry of "MY SHINING THING!!!!!" Ki looks around to see who the unlucky person is when she looks at her own shirt shining in the sun light and "eeps". The blue blur known as Miki comes at her head on. Ki turns around, takes a deep breath, lifts her arms up in the air, and runs screaming down the halls of Ohitori Academy.

Touga walks calmly down the halls of the Academy when her sees a silver and black blur comeing strait for him. He doesnt have time to dive out of the way so the screaming blur tackles him and takes him with her.

The weight of Touga slows Ki down just enough for the shining thing crazy Miki to grab her waist. The sudden stop of movement sends Touga crashing into Nanami. Nanami is totaly delited to have Touga ontop of her but he gets up(much to her disapointment)and goes to see what Miki is doing to Ki. Somehow Miki hade managed to tigh Ki to a tree and was hugging her. Her face was turning interesting shades of blue and purple as the amasingly strong Miki huged her to death, when out of no where Noki comes out wielding a crow bar. He attacks Miki with the crow bar trying to get him off of Ki Miki sees something blonde and shining. He lets go of Ki and goes bluring off to get the blonde shining thing with Noki still hanging on to him. Touga goes off to find some one to maniulate and they all leave poor Ki STILL tied down to the tree. "Well,"said Ki "now that i'm here I might as well introduce the Profiles. I have a feeling i might be here for a while. Here are the Profiles!! I will have more up as soon as I get untangled from this tree."A shadow comes up infront of Ki and wispers" I can show you the "Ends of the World."Ki "eeeps" and wiggles in vain. Just then Serena comes zooming past with Miki hot on her trail. She tackles Akio and takes him with her as she screams and wails down tword Crossroads Junior High."Sorry for that delay, injoy the profiles..."

Salior Moon
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus
Sailor Nebula