June 7th

    It's been a while, it seems. While I haven't been inactive, I have been procrastinating. By that, I mean that I've been writing and publishing elsewhere and didn't get around to doing that anywhere else until now.

    So, yeah: the story that I had mentioned in my last update kind of inspired me — alongside a lack of the usual fare that I read — to expand my fan-fiction reading horizons, which eventually led to writing something that only involved MLP: FiM, and I ended up publishing it over at FimFiction.

    They're here now, though. Woo-hoo? Oh, the stories in question are called Pamphile and Recherche.

September 19th

    I finally pooed out another chapter for A Pony by Any Other Name. What do you think about that, Fluttershy?

    Flutteryshy: "Yay."

July 7th

    I'm sure it's been long enough that no one even remembers me, if they ever knew me in the first place, so here's the latest addition to Growing Up just for the heck of it. *Nods sagely*

March 21st

    Well, it took me a month, but I finally finished the next chapter for Growing Up. I wish I could grow up in terms of writing speed. ;/

February 21st

    Okay, so I added a new story: Growing Up. I'll probably add one more part to it before I finally start to work on Ranma's Disgaea again.

January 23rd

    Okay... I finally got the next chapter of A Pony by Any Other Name finished. I don't know how long it will take for me to write anything else, since I've been pretty low on food lately, but I'll try.

January 3rd

    Okay, another chapter of A Pony by Any Other Name is done. As it turns out, I'll write another chapter for it since I didn't get to include everything that I wanted to in the latest chapter. Le sigh.

December 22nd

    Okay, the next chapter of A Pony by Any Other Name is done. Since I didn't get to write the part of the story that I intended to, I'm going to write another chapter before I work on Ranma's Disgaea.

December 3rd

    Okay, I got the next chapter of Not Half Bad done. Now I may be getting to the part of A Pony by Any Other Name where I effectively throw myself to the timberwolves. Ought to be fun...

November 26th

    Okay, I finally finished a one-shot called The Missing Tale. It took a month, but since its length is equal to three or four chapters for other stories, it amounts to about the same time for a good month.
    Also, someone was nice enough to point out that the link for Nyannichuan was wrong, so that has been fixed.

October 28th

    I got distracted left and right, but I finally finished a new chapter for Lunar Phases.

October 11th

    I took a little break, then got a bit distracted, but I finally finished the next chapter of Ranma's Disgaea.

September 22nd

    I seem to be on a roll, or something. A Martial Artist's Life is Fraught with Trouble has been updated.

September 15th

    I finally updated Nyan☆nichuan. Now to take care of another story that I haven't updated in a while... ;/

September 3rd

    It's been a while since I've updated Not Half Bad, but I finally have. And I did it in under a week once I got started on it! @_@

August 28th

    I finally updated A Pony by Any Other Name. Now I get to have fun deciding my next course of action. Weeee...~

August 18th

    So... Would you believe me if I said that nearly a year hasn't gone by since the last update? Not that anyone really cares, I'm sure.

    Well, either way, at least Charon & Sharing is now complete. That's one less story for me to worry about. I also revised and (hopefully) improved Not Half Bad, and split each chapter in two since it will be easier for me to write chapters of that length once I update it with new content.

September 4th

    Okay, I updated the story that has "Pony" in its title. I probably shouldn't have written so much of it while I was tired, but... Eh.
    Speaking of tired... *Collapses*

August 26th

    Due to various reasons pertaining to the usual, it took me longer than I wanted to update Lunar Phases. Now I get to make up my mind on what I want to work on next... Urk! X_X

July 28th

    Well, I'm surprised. I thought for sure that the next update would take a while, but instead this might be my quickest update yet. Go figure, huh?
    Anyway, I updated Ranma's Disgaea: Hour of Chaos. Woo-hoo.

July 24th

    It took longer than I wanted to write another chapter of A Pony by Any Other Name, but stuff happened. Between the severe lack of food and losing power out of the blue (between all these blasted thunderstorms, no less), it's a miracle that I was only delayed by a count of days, rather than weeks or months.
    Still, I'm seriously lacking energy these days, and I'm spending anywhere between ten and fourteen hours sleeping, so I can't say for certain if I can make another update happen as soon as I've been managing to lately.

July 13th

    Not much of an update this time, but better one than none, amirite? Anyway, I split the last chapter of A Pony by Any Other Name into two, then added some more stuff to what is now the latest chapter (which begins at the section break).
    I know it's a small update, so I'm already working on the next chapter before I turn my focus elsewhere again.

July 6th

    As a writer, I wonder if this is my equivalent to having a four-hour erection. This could be bad.
    Anyway, yeah: I wrote a chapter for Ranma's Disgaea. I finally got to the part that has the, "I think this would be good for a Disgaea game," idea. Of course, that could just be me, which would make me a weirdo. Or more of one, anyway.

June 29th

    Not three months? A bad omen, indeed.
    I still had some steam left over for Lunar Phases, so I went ahead and exhausted that for now. Let's see if I have anything to apply to another story...

June 19th

    Three months? Well, it could have been worse.
    Anyway, after a few distractions and totally failing to get much done with a particular story after two months of working on it off and on, I switched gears and wrote a new chapter for Lunar Phases in three days.
    I don't get it, either.

March 15th

    This took longer than I wanted, but such is life. Anyway, I got around to updating Ranma's Disgaea: Hour of Chaos. Hopefully the next update won't take so long, but... Yeah.

February 7th

    I was going to write a chapter for A Pony by Any Other Name, but I ended up writing two. What's up with that?
    Also, I added some links. Now there's one that leads to my profile at FanFiction.Net, and another for the forums there.

January 25th

    So, I wrote another chapter for Nyan☆nichuan! I had a bit of momentum left for it, so I thought, "Why not?"

January 4th

    Another two months? Sheesh. Well, circumstances being what they are, I ended up starting a new fan-fiction story, called "Nyan☆nichuan!" I'm now going to make an attempt at updating a few of the pre-existing stories.
    Don't hold your breath. ;/

October 4th

    Just a small update after two months, eh? Well, I finally got around to changing Shampooed and Confused, since I didn't like what I'd written eight years ago. Hopefully I won't be the only one to think that I've improved it.

August 7th

    I added Sailor Ecdysiast to the Fan-fiction section. It wasn't planned, but... eh. Still, a finished story is a finished story. And since it hasn't been a month yet, that means I'm finished too. Though I find that being among the typing dead hasn't really changed anything.

July 21st

    It's still the same month since the last update!? Madness!
    Yeah, imagine that. Anyway, I added Foreign Friendship to the Fan-fiction section. It's a one-shot featuring Ranma, Shampoo and the Joketsuzoku.
    Hopefully I'll have the next story done within another month, but I'm afraid that it might bring about the end of cancer if I do. Since I'm a Cancer, I'm not sure if I'm willing to take that risk...

July 3rd

    I almost forgot to do this. Whoops?
    Anyway, The Prospective Senshi has been completed. It's the first story that I've finished that wasn't a one-shot, so... Yay? Hopefully it won't take me much longer to finish my next story, which is a one-shot.
    Also, I added a few things to "The Author" section. There's also a note (in orange) that I included in the "Fan-fiction" section.

April 21st

    It's only been a month? Wow. Not much to show for it, though.
    Anyway, I added that fan-fiction story that I mentioned before. It's called Ranma's Disgaea: Hour of Chaos. It has a subtitle because it will be the first part of a series. Yeah, good luck ever getting that far, right? Even if I stick with it, I can be pretty slow...
    Well, regardless, I hope someone enjoys it, anyway.

March 22nd

    Since the last update I've done a bunch of things, though I've only made enough progress with a few things that are worth showing. They're all fan-fiction, of course.
    I've added two new stories, called Lunar Phases and A Pony by Any Other Name. I also added a new chapter to A Martial Artist's Life is Fraught with Trouble.
    What I hope to do next is add one more new story, then try to finish three (one of which is a one-shot not yet on my site, and it's not the one I'm going to add, that I mentioned before). Things hardly ever turn out like I want, though...

November 18th

    As you can see, I've finally gotten around to changing the look of my site. It should work and look a bit better than it did for some browsers, but I could care less about Internet Explorer and what it still fails to support in CSS. (You'll probably notice what it is when your cursor hovers over a story title.)
    Since the last update I've worked on a few things, both old and new, but I still haven't finished anything. Now that I've changed my site, I've finally gotten around to include the new stuff, which I've only posted around at the Temple of Ranma's Sailor Senshi Seifuku. Two are "fukufics" that are each three-fourths of the way to completion, called Charon & Sharing and The Prospective Senshi. Another is a Ranma 1/2 crossover with To Love-Ru called A Martial Artist's Life is Fraught with Trouble.
    My way of writing has also changed a bit over time, so I'll eventually be making changes to my older stories — though probably as a result of wanting to continue them. I don't want things to look mismatched, after all.