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AAS:Ami's Anime Site


Ami's Anime Site

Standard Introduction:
Hi! This is a site dedicated to an obsession of mine: anime. Here, you will find fan fiction, character profiles, as well as a few pictures. There is also a page that has poetry (so far non-anime), and a page with quotes collected from everywhere. Please send in fan art. I can't draw, but I want to host some. Well, I guess that's enough rambling. Look around the site, and check back soon, as the page is still under heavy construction. Also, sometimes the html code doesn't work, so please e-mail me if you find any problems (i.e.broken links, things I said are there that aren't, etc.) Please sign my guestbook on the way out ^-^.

Disclaimers: Any anime I make reference to, have pictures of, or fan fictions of, belong to other people who were lucky enough to buy rights to it, or creative enough to make it. No matter how much I wish it, I don't own any of them. Please don't sue me for using any of these characters in any ways. As a student in high school, and a watcher of anime, I never have any money anyways.^-^;;

Since 12/6/00

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1/01/02: Sorry about the long disappearance! I return bearing gifts and a proverbial olive branch, though. I have, for your reading pleasure, a brand new story! And I just posted three chapters of it! I also added another part to Reflections. Because of my sporadic updates, I am, as of now, no longer updating the update page and am taking down the link to it. I am too lazy to out and out delete it, so it'll still be there for those that actually visit it. And for those of you wondering as to the status of my dubbed Chichiri, well, he's still alive, and living at my house. He says he will make a visit back here for next summer, but not to expect him before then. Well, I guess that's it. Ja!

10/15/01: Okay, the fanfiction section has an update! The third story in Reflections is now up! It's more of a side story than anything else if you think about it as Kagome & Inu Yasha's parts are the main part of this story, but if so, expect a lot more, since I plan on doing a lot of other characters. I'll post the next part soon, after editing it some more.

9/14/01: Sorry I didn't get this put back up quickly. I had a few.. complications.

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