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UPDATED: 6/25/01
I put up Vegeta's Fight, an anime poem by me ^-^

This is a page that contains my poetry, and will contain any that anyone wants to send in (hint,hint). I'm also going to post a couple of sonnets by Shakespeare that I enjoy. More of my poems and Shakespeare's sonnets on the way.

Disclaimer: None of Shakespeare's sonnets belong to me in any way, shape, or form. I'm just borrowing them to post for others' enjoyment.

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The Race of Life By Ami (me)
Rain By Ami
Untitled By Ami. This is my first attempt at freeverse.

Sonnet 36 Written by Shakespeare
Flower By Ami
Fallen Angel By Ami
Crash Course By K-chan
Goodbye By K-chan

Mask By K-chan
Looking for an Angel By Ami
Vegeta's Fight By Ami
(I'll Be) Your Guardian Angel By Ami
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