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Kahm and Tetsuya

The Story...

Thousands of years ago, a race of people developed on a small blue planet. These people wielded great magical power. But some of them discovered technology and took to the stars, destroying their own people and taking over the galaxy. These people came to be known as the Santovasku Empire. Now they have returned to the sacred blue planet, only to discover it is over-run by invaders! But these "invaders", have allied with the remanants of the Yoma clan whose bitter hatred and rage makes them a dangerous foe. Soon the greatest battle of all time will be raged across the galaxy.

Original Manga

At the center of this confrontation is Santovasku Princess Kahm and Tokyo News Photographer Wakatsuki Tetsuya. Despite everyting, they fall in love and make plans to stop the destruction of earth. Even if it means facing down the Emperor Quevas, Kahm's father himself....

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