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The Mecha of Outlanders

Imperial Battleship v1
IMPERIAL BATTLESHIP Version 1. From very early planning stages. Based on a Macross ship.

Imperial Battleship v3

Imperial Battleship Final
IMPERIAL BATTLESHIP Final Version. These are the most common type of mecha seen in Outlanders.

Imperial Flagship
IMPERIAL FLAGSHIP. Geobaldi used one of these. This is just a detail. They're similar to the Imperial Battleship, except the prow.

Rha Ledaruba
RHA LEDARUBA. Kahm's personal yacht/battleship.

MEGATRON. Alot of people like this mecha. Her Highness doesn't seem to think much of it, however.

Spider Thingie
Spider Thingamajig from the first issue. Actually, I guess it's an insect, as it only has six legs.

Spider Thingie 2
Another Spider Thingamajig.

Eel Thingie
Eel Thingamajig. These show up rather frequently in the Manga.

I have no idea what this thing is, but it got shot down over Germany.

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