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'Bout time you showed up! I knew you couldn't resist the pretty sprinkles! Now you get to treat yourself to some DBZ fics, pics, humour, art, and links! WARNING: May contain yaoi or just plain insanity! You know you can't resist it!

08/14/00 I'M BACK!!! Sorry about the sudden disappearance, but I had some real life problems to deal with. Everything's been sorted out though, so ASSORTED DONUTS is up and running again! I've fixed almost all the broken links and missing pics, but the image archive is still pretty messed up. I'm working on it though so don't worry! ^_^ I have some surprises planned for all you guys, since you've been so nice about my absence...(There was no hate mail in my mailbox! I was shocked!) I'll give you a hint....doujinshi! :) And i still owe you all those fics....they're cumming soon too! (like my little pun?! hehehe)

Yeah, I know. The icon isn't DBZ, but it's still hot, and it still applies!

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