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My Me Page

The Profile of the Young Mother

Alright, people.. you know the drill.. let's get this thing started, ne?


Name: Mikki N. Browne

Age: 20

Birthday: January 8th

Hobbies: Being Mommy, being wife, cooking, drawing, singing, LiveJournal, cleaning when I can, playing with Gabbygirl, and I seem to be going to lots of doctor appointments these days...

Favorite Food: At this point, it's anything fattening. I haven't been able to have hardly any fat in my diet.

Favorite Person(s): Eric, of course, my anti-typical man. Also, naturally, my daughter, Gabby.

Favorite Music: Almost anything. I'm not really into the rap/pop scene as much as I used to be.

Favorite Anime: Like I even have time for it! If I did, it'd be BSSM and RK.

Favorite Quote: "Mama!!!" ~ Gabriella Kylie Browne

Favorite Musician: Oh, boy. It has to be Faith Hill, now. That woman can sing like there's no tomorrow!

Favorite URL: Gabby's Page

Least Favorite Food: Anything that is lacking in fat!!

Least Favorite Person(s): Kevin Bachtel (evil, attempted murderer), Jessi (girl in FL who has no conscience)

Least Favorite Music: Rap.. I really can't stand that stuff, honestly.

Least Favorite Anime: Sorry, guys. I can't stand DBZ or DB. Don't like the animation.

Least Favorite Quote(s): "Where's my cat?"

"He's been dead for two months."

"What'd you do with him?!"

"I put him in a box and put him in the garbage can. It was funny, you could pick him right up by his tail!"

"WHAT?!" ~Conversation between me and my Dad

Least Favorite Musician: Any rap artist.

Least Favorite URL: Got it. Mark's (Hidoshi's) Page

Here are some pics of me:

Me just smiling away

Me acting a bit weird

Alright folks! That does it for now. I hope you enjoyed your little tour with me of my page and hope you enjoy the future pages that I'll be designing, okay? Alrighty then! Loves to all and God Bless!

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