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Gabriella Kylie Browne

Hello, all! My name is Gabriella Kylie Browne and this is my web page.

My Mom's name is Mikki. My dad's name is Eric. They were married on July 26th, 2002, when I was two months along!

I was born on Monday, February 10th, 2003. It was amazing! My mommy went into Lovelace Community Hospital on Sunday, February 9th because I was giving her some serious "I'm-Ready-To-Be-Born!" signals! She was having contractions left and right! They decided to keep her that night, since I was a week late on my arrival time. She had contractions almost all night, so they gave her some Vistaril to help her sleep. She had a cold just before then, so I'm sure she wasn't very comfortable. But, then again, neither was I! I was definitely ready to come out into the world!

The next morning, she was finally allowed to go get something to eat, so she went to McDonald's. Right about that time, I started kicking and pushing a lot harder than I had the night before. So, when she got back to her room, she was told to go to have an ultrasound to check my fluids and make sure everything was alright. Lucky for me, the fluid was low and they decided that today was the day!

By about 6:30 pm, she had been induced twice and my water bag had been broken. I was giving her a lot of contractions by then, so they gave her an epidural to let her rest a bit before I was born. At about 7:30 pm, they had done a thorough exam of Mommy and decided that I needed to be born via c-section. She had stopped at 5cm and my heartrate was going all over the place!

My grandma woke my daddy up and told him that I was going to be born through c-section. He had been sleeping most of the day, but woke up almost immediately because he was worried. My Aunt Alissa and Aunt Caly were there in the room an both of them were very scared for Mommy. But, she needed someone to go in with her. So, since Daddy was squeamish, Grandma went in with her to the operating room!

Mommy kept her cool through the entire process, not looking up because she could get a little glimpse of the surgery in the overhead metal's reflection. She just stared at Grandma the whole time.

Finally, at 8:38 pm, I was born. Mommy felt a huge relief of pressure. Her heart stopped for a second because I hadn't cried yet and she squeezed Grandma's hand tight, asking if I was alright. Suddenly, I let out a muffled cry (since I still had all that gunk in my nose and mouth). Mommy instantly started crying, so happy that I was finally there and healthy.

Poor Grandma thought that Mommy was in pain and kept asking her if she was alright. Finally, Mommy said, "I'm so happy... I'm just so happy.. thank you, Jesus!"

They cleaned me up and brought me over to where Mommy was. When I saw Mommy's face and she touched my cheek, I quit crying and she said, "Hey baby.."

Then, they whisked me off to the nursery so that I could be taken care of for a little bit before Mommy could see me. Mommy was in recovery for about half an hour before even Daddy could see her. About the time she said, "I can move my big toe!!" to the nurse, they decided that she could be seen. Daddy rushed in and held her while they both cried. A little while later, Mommy was able to see me and hold me. Daddy and Grandma had already seen me, but they didn't cry as much as Mommy did!

So, here I am. I'm four and a half months old now. Mommy and Daddy are great at taking care of me.

I enjoy sticking my fingers in my eye a lot, but then Mommy always pulls them out and it makes me cry when she does that! I also like chewing on my fingers. I think I'm going to get teeth soon.. When I was three months, I was already eating rice cereal with formula and now I can eat just about any kind of babyfood! I'm so strong and Mommy says that I'm very smart. I have my Grandma's blue eyes, but I look like my Daddy in the face. I have Mommy's hair, though.

One of my other favorite things to do is scream my head off! I love how high my voice goes! It's not that I want to worry Mommy and Daddy, but I love shrieking. Mommy calls me "Banshee Child" sometimes. But, mostly, she calls me "Honeybear" and Grandma calls me "Punkydoodle". Weird people.

So, here are some pictures of me! I hope you like them. They're kind of blurry because I wouldn't sit still. I wasn't very old when they were taken, but enjoy! Just click on the link to check them out!

This one is of me resting in Mommy's arms..

This one is also of me resting in Mommy's arms..

Here's the last one of me in Mommy's arms..

This one is of me with my Daddy..

This one is cool.. I have Daddy on one side, and Mimi on the other side!!

This one is me with my Grandma.. Mommy wrote all over it!!

This is of me with Mimi.. I look like a papuse!!!

This one's of me with Mommy, Daddy, and Grampy.. Mommy has Daddy in a death grip!!!

This one is of me with Mommy, Daddy, and Mimi.. she looks so cool! I can't take my eyes off of her!!

This one has everyone.. and me just looking at the camera.. too bright.. can't see!!!

This last one is of me with Mommy the morning after I was born.. I love Mommy...

Alrighty, that's it for now! When I get my teeth in, I'll let everyone know! I said "Mama" the other day. I know I'm going to be talking soon! Also, Mommy is thinking about something called "relactation" for me? I think it has something to do with her boobies.. I don't know what to make of that! Thank you for visiting my site! Do come again!!!