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This site is officially closed. Why? Because the webmistress is going insane at college. I really hate to do this, because writing these stories has been such an integral part in my life for the past five years, and you people have been the life's blood to keep my going. However, my muse has left me, and my sanity is about to follow. Someday, perhaps you will see the great american novel written by yours truly in your local WaldenBooks, but until then, my the sun be upon your face, and the wind be at your back. Lots of love, Anika

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1/31/ysko2: Dude....I bet you all thought I dropped off the face of the Earth, huh? Well, I have been a bit preoccupied...what with the Lord of the Rings out in theaters and all. *laughes evilly* Good movie...if you haven't seen it yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Good storyline, awesome effects, good-lookin' men (and women, if you like that kind of thing...(~_^) But personally, I liked the book me biased. Um....not really anything more to update...I have some new pucs I drew, but I need to get them scanned first, and I have some new poetry I need to type up...I know, I need to get my shit together. And yes, along with my new obsession (LotR) there will be some fic....if you like that sort of thing, once again. A very different kind of fic, most definatly. Follows book very closly. Now must sleep....I have class at tommorow morning at 9:00...too old for this sucks my...well, you know.... -_-'

11/4/y2k01: Hey all. Sorry I haven't updated*looks below*...forever. I still don't really have anything to update. I know, I'm sorry. YOu try double majoring in college and writing fic, and maintaining a website, and see how far you get!

Anyshit, I have been informed *coughcough*scolded*coughcough* by a good friend that some of my links were not workinging in GW. That's becuase the files are not uploaded. And how long has this been going on? When did time begin? Exactly. This coming weekend promises to be extra boring, so I'll try to work on fic. I have the second part in 'Lana' in the works, as well as the thrid chapter of 'Koshchei'. WE'll see how things play out this week. Be sure to check back to see If I've updated! Till next month, I'm sure....~Anika

10/7/y2k01: I have a new obsession. Click Here to see it!

9/3/y2k01: Hey all! I love working in the computer center! I get to update so much now! Well, I have a fic in Gundam, a fic in DBZ, and a new entry in the Shrine to Darkness! *Cheers in the background* Well, enjoy! Until next month, ~Anika

8/30/y2k01: Dude, guess what? I updated fic. There's a new one in Gundam, and *Gasp* one in Misc...a Big huge crossover. WEll, I g2get back to work...I'm actually working on an X-men fic, perhaps....I got an idea from my muse, so things may workout.....

8/29/y2k01: Hey all! Umm...I'll have more fic for you tommorrow....I swear! I have two Gundam Fics that are finished, and I have a DBZ one that I'm submitting...And the fist chapter to a big huge crossover. But that's tommorrow. I have a guestbook now, so all you happy people can let me know who you are! I'm so happy that this place has gotten over 5000 hits! You like me! You really like me! Anyways, I'm sure you'll like me even more if I stop rambling...tommorrow, peeps!

7/30/y2k01: Sorry I haven't updated in a while....*dodges various thrown objects, including the trumpets from the links page* But I got a little....side tracked. Um...I have no /fic/ to put up this month....wait, where are you going? I wasn't finished! I /do/, however, have a new section. Multi Media. There's a couple of Wallpapers I made up there. Um....what else.....lemme think....oh yeah! I'm starting a new thingy called "Site of the Month" *trumpets sound in the background* ::Sigh:: Go and check out this month's site! ....And in other news, I have a new fic coming for ya! Its a DBZ, Card Captors crossover. It'll be pretty good, I promise. Also, "Draco Meets Orion" will be up, as well as the first part of a side story to that fic. Gundam, I am three chapters away from finishing a super duuper fic, hopefully it'll be done sometime next month. My big Angel/Buffy/Highlander crossover is almost complete, so next month will be a big fic bash here at A Non-Yaoi Romance. Until then, Ja!

6/1/y2k01: Three Updates, 2 in GW, and 1 in DBZ. Fixed links. Next time, put up a DBZ Saga, and two GW series. Going to bed....high on exahstion....see ya in a month, minna-chan!

5/4/y2k01:I know, two updates in one week! Look!! Did you see the riders on those white horses, carrying the signs that say "Apocolypse"? Well, the Shrine has been updates with a couple new things, and it came to my attention while updating "Is There No Truth in Beauty" that the format was...well...sucky. So I took it down, and I'm converting it to a better format. But its done! It should be back up by Sunday! Ja!

4/30/y2k01: Yo dudes! I promised I'd update! I got four new GW fics up! I'm working on a pretty big one, as well as many parts to another. I'm still working on "Scars", its almost finished!!! wahoo!!! I got another fic, that's top secret, also in the works! I'm sure you'll love it, though!!! Oh, by the way, I have one week left of school! Then, I'll be a college sophomore! Yes!!! That means I get to go home were we actually get Cartoon Network!!!I'm very happy about that!

4/28/y2k01: Hey all! Still visiting, even though I have nothing up here, huh? well, that is about to change. I have written about 7 new Gundam Fics, and they're due to be posted any time now. Maybe even tonight! Wow, I know....scary, huh? Well, I don't know if they'll be that great or not, but they're not as depressing as what I've been writting lately! That's good...I think! Anywho, I'll be back on tonight, hopefully updating!

4/2/ysk01: Yahoo! I have officially lost my mind! The reason that the site has stalled in the past month and a half is because I've been pledging to a sorority. I'm finally done! I made it! I am a sister of the Lmabda Sigma Phi Sorority! Wahoo! And now that that's over with, I can finish the one million fics I've started! In two or three weeks, There should be a buttload of fic up here! I'm so excited! Oh ya, and check out the new mailing list I got! Its just for gits and shiggles, too. Just one to discuss GW, and have fun. Ja!

2/17/y2k01:Yeah, I know...I haven't updated in...forever. But I have a good excuse! College has kept me very, VERY busy this past month. I'm managed to put in a couple updates in the Gundam Section, and the Shrine To Darkness. I'm half done with the "Scars" last chapter in DBZ fic, and I'm dropping that...really big crossover I was planning. Maybe when I have tme this summer, I'll write more on it...or not. But I'm working on a new fic right promises to be good.

1/3/y2k01: New fic in DBZ!!! And I'm in the proccess of writting, get this, and Angel, Buffy, Highlander crossover. AND I'm writing a Wufei/Sally fic, and finishing up the last chapter of Scars. Go me! Putting x-mas vacation to good use, I am! Also, I put up some original poetry of mine! Check out the newest section! Anika's Shrine of Darkness....

1/1/y2k01: Happy New Year, minna-san! And a update for all you happy people. 2 new fics in Gundam Wing. More coming. I have in mind a couple fics for Card Captor Sakura and Ronin Warriors. So, until next time, ja!

11/30/y2k: Hey all! I know! Dude! The third update this week! Okay...the humor page has been uddated, as well as the fanart. And a put a counter until I get the he** out of school for winter break. Well, until next time!

11/29/y2k: Ya guys like the new layout? Pretty sweet, huh? New fanart in the fanart section! Have fun with it!

11/27/y2k: Okies, guys, a new section has been added. Yup, Fanart has arrived! It has a meager ONE pic, but its absolutley go see it! I eventually will put up more. Probably when I have access to a scanner. BUt until then, I will update fic. By the end of the week, I will have more GW fic, as well as the ending to "Is There No Truth In Beauty." (DBZ) The ending to my sister's fic, "Draco Meets Orion" and "Scars" will also be finished in the upcoming month. Look for them! Ja ne minna-sans!

10/31/y2k: Yeah...again with the apologies for not updating...College sucks. I have a couple new fics I'll be uploading Later to ALl you people can have new material...If you really can't wait for my stuff to be posted here, usually its on under the name Anika in the Gundam Wing Section. But it eventually gets here. oh, by the way, Happy Halloween!

9/26/y2k: ::ducks various thrown object from people:: Sorry I haven't updated in a while. College sucks. Anyways...I'm still working on fic for 'yall, and it should be up soon. Ja!

8/17/y2k: The second part to "Sabre" is up, and another Love letter entitled, "Tear In My Hand" is up. Enjoy!

8/11/y2k: Another update. wow. This time, we have two new DBZ fics. Another is in the works, and one is almost completed. And I am pleased to announce that (insert dramatic music here) that Montana's Lost Garden series will be appearing soon!! And a beg for fic. I am only one person. While I may have 1 million fic ideas in my head, I can't write them all. So, please. If you have fic you would like to see here, please e-mail me with them. Especially Tenchi or DBZ fic. But any is appreciated. We'll even take Reboot fic, X-Men fic, or any other fic you can think of. It doesn't even have to be animated!! Just send it to me with the HTML tags, and I'll put it up for you. PLEASE??? ::pleads with big anime glassy eyes:: Oh!!! I almost forgot. My good freind and fic writter, Lars the Goddess, is writting a shameless self-insertion fic with Montana and myself in it. It Gundam Wing,too. Oh boy!!! It's a riot, so I suggest you read it. That is, when I get it posted. And she finishes writting it. Well, you people have a nice day!

7/21/Y2K: Heh heh, Rainbow has internet access!! Can't you tell? with all the spiffy changes here, I've been one busy little webmisstress. Anyway, I'm here to ask for your help. We need Fic. There's no shortage of Gundam fic in our minds, but if you all could submit some DBZ or Tenchi fic, you would really rock. Send it to Raindow, please!

7/14/Y2K: . Our first update. ::sob:: A landmark in our site's growth. (My baby's all grown up and savin' non-yaoi shippers!) We have a new fic in Heero and Relena's section, and a new one in Duo's Many Chics. We also changed the Goku & ChiChi's Mountain Home to Gohan and Videl's Place. Why? Because Montana has developed a fetish. (Sweatdrop...) Anyway, thank for coming to our lowly site. As soon as I get a new computer, this place will kick some major booty.

Coming Soon:(insert dramatic drum roll here.)

  1. Gohan & Videl fic
  2. Techi fic
  3. Reboot fic
  4. The Tori Arc. That is were we take Tori Amos songs and write fics to them.
  5. And the current project of Rainbow, "The Wizard of Namek." (da da dun...)


Montana is working on a Heero/Relena fic that is forever long. It'll be the first of the Tori Arc. "Putting the Damage On." I'm working on...1...2...3...::counts on fingers::...4...., man, I'm gonna run out! Anyway, I'm working on lots of fics. A Dragonball Z fic about the alternate timeline, a sidestory to one of my sister's weird, messed up fics, The Wizard of Namek, and whatever else happens to pop into my sick, demented little world. That's all for now, Ja ne!

Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, Tenchi Muyo!, or anything else that is on this website. Well, except my fanfiction! And all respective authors and artist own their work, too!