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by Princess Amika


My name is Selena. I live LA, or I used to, I won't starting tomorrow. I really hate to go, but I can't help it, my Dad's company moved him to Tokyo.

I wish with all my heart that I didn't have to leave my friend Samantha, Sam for short. She is really pretty and considerate. She has long, pretty orange hair and red eyes. I love her like the sister I used to have.

My past is very complicated. In this life I am an only child, but in another, I was a twin, but that was during the Silver Millennium. That was a long time ago. Since then, the kingdom was destroyed and all of the princesses, including myself, were sent to a new future on earth. Apparently most of the others live near each other, but for some reason Sailor Sun and I were sent to a different country.

When I was younger, my parents got me a cat for my birthday that I named Lunas. I was only three at the time, so it surprised them that I named her a name such as that. It was destiny that I got her, because it just so happens she is my guardian cat. She can also talk, so she's my best friend as well. Or one of them. My only other friend is Sam, and she isn't going to be with me anymore.

I miss her already.

At least I get to spend one last night with her. She opted to spend the night with me our last night together. I wondered if I should tell Sam about her past, see she is Sailor Sun. I decided that I couldn't possibly leave without her knowing. I also decided to tell her when were exchanging farewell gifts. I would give her the communicator and power stick. It so happened that she gave me her gifts first. She gave me two presents: one was an album, full of every single picture taken of us (don't ask me how she got them ALL!), and the other was a picture she drew. (She's a talented artist) The drawing utterly disturbed me.

In the middle were two identical girls in
dresses. Now, that wouldn't be odd except that they had crescent moons on their foreheads!!! To the right was Prince Darien and the Scouts, to the left was Sailor Sun and a blonde headed man in a suit similar to
Darien's. The blonde had his arm around me. I wondered if she already knew.

"Do you like it?" she asked eagerly.

"It's wonderful- where did you get the inspiration?" I replied.

"Oh well, I get visions of things such as this all the time, I don't really know where they come from," she said.

"I bet I have an idea," I muttered.

"What?" she asked. "Nothing- do you want your gifts now?" I asked. "Oh sure!" she said. I rummaged around in my closet for a minute until I found them.

"Here," I said, "this is for you. I know it isn't much, but I think you'll like it." Her eyes lit up.

"Ohhh, it's so beautiful!" she exclaimed.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"It's perfect," she declared.

"Well, there's something I should tell you- a story behind it," I said. She looked at me and waited for me to begin.

I told her everything: the Silver Millennium, how I fit in the whole story up until the day Queen Beryl destroyed the Moon. She was overwhelmed to say the least, but what surprised me was that she recovered a lot faster than I did. She then tried out her new powers and our communicators, after I showed her how to transmit a private conversation and a public one that can be heard by all communicators. We talked all night about our home. It was like old times. It made me remember my past, and since I explained it to Sailor Sun, I shall also explain it to you.

I am the identical twin sister of Princess Serena, daughter to Queen Serenity. I lived with them for the first three years of my life. Then tragedy struck. I wandered off on my own. Mother tried looking for me, I found out later, but before I was safely returned to the arms of my mother, a woman found me and, not recognizing me, took me in. I grew up a peasant until I was 18. By this time my blonde hair was past my waist and I had decided I liked green eyes, so I saved up and bought contacts. That year, I
decided to go work as a servant in the Royal Palace. I was all packed up and ready to go and I went in to tell my mother goodbye, but I tripped and hit my head.

Suddenly memories of my real family and my past came rushing back to me! The flood of memories overwhelmed me and then I realized that if I wanted to, I could go to the palace and reveal myself to my mother and sister. I then chose not to and rather, to be my sister's servant. I worked there for a while, until one night I couldn?t take it anymore and resolved to tell my sister.

On my way, I was stopped by a cat named Lunas, I wondered if she would recognize me, so I dressed up exactly like Serena, took out my contacts and put up my hair. The cat about had a heart attack! When she realized who I was, she told me that she was my guardian cat. I told her I'd explain later and made my way to the ball. I finally spotted my sister and was about to go speak to her when I heard someone yelling, "We're under attack, under attack!"

I then knew that I would never get the chance to tell my sister or my mother anything. I knew that my life was over here. Part of it is because I'm slightly psychic and this was a premonition. As I watched my home be destroyed, I felt a rage. I vowed that day to get revenge on the Negaverse for this. As that happened, a tear rolled down my cheek, as that happened, it turned gold and became a crystal.

"What is this?" I whispered.

Lunas found me and told me that it was the Golden crystal, the Silver crystal works hand in hand with it and they both have equal power, but different effects to the user. She also told me that only the Moon family could use them. Lunas brought me a brooch and told me to put the crystal in there. Then she hid the brooch and we were both killed, I woke up reborn into this new family. That is my history.

Sam brought me back to reality. She asked
me what I was doing and I told her simply that I was remembering my history.

The next morning we were basket cases crying and bidding each other farewell. The flight was long and uneventful, and the trip to our new home was too. Only one thing stuck out in my mind: the girl I saw walking on the street, actually girls, plural, there were five of them. They were the Sailor Scouts without a doubt, and one of them was my sister.

As my day ended, I thought about them, I hung up my new school uniform and went out on the balcony. I decided that I wouldn't get involved just yet with the Sailor Scouts, for I was a loner and didn't do a group thing. I took out one of my gifts from Lunas. So far I had the time key, the Luna pen, my brooch, my locket, and communicator. I looked up at the night sky, lost in thought...

Chapter One

Setting: Tokyo, Japan. A young 14 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes looks over the railing of her apartment balcony. The night is young and there is a crescent moon in the sky. This young girl is Selena. She moved to Tokyo from California, USA, because of her Dad's job. Tomorrow she will start her new school: Crossroads Jr. High. Her only friend is Lunas, her cat, who told her of her past. Now, without further ado:

I sat there looking into the night. It was just Lunas and me. My Dad was already asleep for work and my mother was at the night shift in her hospital job. I wondered what it would be like tomorrow.

I glanced at my new uniform. It was okay, I guess.

One thing that was far from my mind was making friends. I had one close friend back in LA but that was it. I am a loner. I suppose that's why I never told my sister the truth.

See, my past is very complicated. I am an only child, but in another life, I was a twin. At least that's what Lunas told me when I was younger. I am Sailor Celestia. I am also a princess, or so I am told.

As I looked out on the balcony I wondered what my life was like on the moon. Suddenly I felt a warm glow on my face and realized that all that thought of my old life must have made the crescent moon appear on my forehead. I cleared my thoughts and after awhile, it went away. I mentally kicked myself, that was stupid and careless of me! What if my Dad happened to come in and see me?

I clasped my locket. It was a communicator for Sailor Scouts, and although the other scouts didn't know about me, I often listened in on what they said on there so that I had some idea of what I was dealing with. If you just opened it up, all you would see would be my sister and mother as they were during the Silver Millennium. But there was a small button that if you pressed it, the pictures moved aside and there was a little screen and place to speak.

I pressed the button and turned on the screen.
I closed the patio door and then heard, "Calling all Sailor Scouts! This is Serena! I am in big trouble! Please whoever hears this come immediately! I am at the 3rd Street Garden! Please help!"
3rd Street? That was near me! In fact that was just two meters from my apartment!
Then, "Serena? It's Amy, I'm on 5th, be there soon!"

"Hang on Serena! Lita and I are at the temple, we're coming!"

"Serena! It's Mina! I'm close to Cherry Hill Temple, I'm coming as fast as I can!"

They were all too far away! My sister would be toast by the time they got there! The only thing I could do was transform and save her myself!

"Lunas, I'll be back, I have to go save my sister!" I said to her.
"What?! It's too dangerous Selena, you don't even know if you're ready!" she argued.
"I have to, the others won't make it in time!" I argued back.

I took out my broach and shouted, "Moon Celestial Crystal Power!"
I felt the familiar changes taking place as my normal clothes were changed to a lavender and pink skirt, a white shirt with lavender bow and one in the back. My tennis shoes became lavender ankle boots, and my odangos donned pink jewels, while the rest of my hair had two white barrettes. A pink necklace appeared on my neck and a tiara on my head. Instead of a jewel in the middle, there was a crescent moon. For a moment, I struck a pose and then I was all business. I jumped off my balcony and landed perfectly. I ran to the park and followed Serena's cries.

"Back off! Leave her alone!" I yelled.
The youma turned to me and said, "Who are you?"
"I am Sailor Celestia, and you are going to leave my sister alone!" I yelled.
"Not likely," the youma replied. When it said that, I decided to show that I was serious.
"CELESTIAL MOON BEAM, STRIKE!" I yelled. To my delight that took care of the youma. It smoked and disappeared into nothing.
"Wow, thank you for saving me," Serena said.
I smiled at her, "No problem, just stay out of trouble, Princess."
She looked puzzled, "How did you know? Who are you? What's your name?"
"My name is not important. Just know that I'm a friend,"I replied.
"Well why don't you join us?" she asked.
I lowered my head and said, "Serena, I am more of a loner." This really got her attention.
"You know my real name?" she asked.
"Yes, I know you, and Sailor Mercury is Amy, Sailor Mars is Raye, Sailor Jupiter is Lita, Sailor Venus is Mina, and that Reeny is Sailor Chibi Moon."
At this she stood agape, seemingly having nothing to say for once.
"Now farewell my sister, I shall be here whenever you need me, as Prince Darien is," I told her and melted into the night.

Somewhere between home and the park, I changed back. It wasn't easy sneaking in, but I did it. I went on to bed after giving Lunas an account of what had happened. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized that the other Sailor Scouts saw me as I talked to Serena. I also realized that I would be going to Serena, Amy, and Lita's school, so I would not be able to wear odangos to school. Finally the sleep overcame me...

The next morning I awoke to my alarm clock. For a second I wondered why I was so sore and why I wasn't in my room. Then I remembered. I groaned and realized that if I didn't get a move on, I'd be late. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a mess from sleep and I looked like a wreck, but that was nothing that a little makeup and a good brushing wouldn't fix. First I took down my hair and let it free. I shook it out and then took a brush to it. That felt so great. I was about to put it back again when I remembered that I couldn't. So instead I French braided it. I decided that it didn't look bad.

Next I put my uniform on. It was comfortable enough. I headed downstairs and made some toast. I ate it quietly and finished off my meal. I then returned to my bathroom to brush my teeth and gather my things. I left the house with plenty of time to spare and arrived at school 15 minutes early.
Good, I'm glad I'm on time for my first day,
I thought.

Suddenly a young girl with blue (yes, blue!!) hair came up to me.
"Hello, my name is Amy. So nice to meet you. I thought I was the only student who arrived here early," she told me. I smiled at her.
"My name is Selena. It's nice to meet you too," I told her quietly, "I just moved here with my family from the States, this is my first day here." She smiled back at me.
"Well I could show you around. If it's okay with you that is."
"Sure that sounds okay to me, I guess," I said.

So we spent the day together. I found Amy to be a sweet person, and her friends were just as marvelous. They accepted me right away and I found that having more than one friend was actually quite fun. True, they were all Sailor Scouts and I was keeping secrets from them, but I still did not reveal to them that I was Sailor Celestia, nor that Samantha was Sailor Sun. I did find that when we weren't on missions, having them for friends made time fly!

Before I knew it, I had been gone for four months. One day, I got a communication from Sam. She told me that she was coming to visit tomorrow and would actually stay for the rest of the school year, attending my school! I was excited and nervous at the same time. Would Sam like my friends? I sure hoped so.

The next day, I was a bundle of nerves and told the others at lunch. (At least the ones that went to my school.) They, of course, said that she was welcome in the group, and were sure that Mina and Raye would feel the same way. I thanked them.

After school we all walked together. Amy pealed off for her computer school, and Lita for her apartment. Suddenly it was just my sister and me.

"So um, do you want to take a walk through the park before heading home?" I asked.
"Oh yeah! That'd be fun!" she replied and then chattered nonstop.

I sort of tuned out until suddenly a youma appeared in front of us!! I almost had a heart attack right there! What could I do? My sister would never be able to fight that thing alone! If she even chose to reveal herself to me! What could I do?

I realized that no matter what, I must protect her, so I shouted, "MOON CELESTIAL POWER!!"

Chapter 2

I finished transforming and stood ready for action. My sister looked at me in awe.
"Selena?" she whispered, "You're Sailor Celestia?" I looked at her, smiled and nodded.
"And we have a job to do, sis, so I need you to transform."
She simply nodded and went to it. While she was doing that, I sent a private message to Sam.

"Hey Sam, where are you?" I asked my old friend. Sam saw me transformed and looked worried.
"I'm at your house, Selena, and where are you? Are you in trouble?" she asked me.
"Well not exactly, my sister is here and is going to help, but we need all of the scouts here! Can you possibly come help?" I replied.
Sam smiled and said, "I'll be there, if I can find it, so tell me, how do I get there?" she
I gave her the directions and quickly contacted the others, filling them in on the situation, but not telling them my identity. As Serena finished the transformation, Sailor Sun came bounding around the corner.
"Hey Li!" she yelled and stopped beside me. "Sailor Sun, at your service."
Serena looked surprised, but decided to focus on the battle. As we each went into our attacks, nothing seemed to phase the monster. I decided to try something new and yelled, "CELESTIAL BEAM SHOWER, STRIKE!"
The more powerful attack weakened the youma to the point that Serena merely had to use her scepter to finish it off. We were panting and congratulated each other. I took the next few minutes to explain all about myself and Sailor Sun. Serena was definitely surprised from the news of her sister and her sister's best friend, but welcomed us both. Just then the rest of the Scouts arrived and the explanations began all over again. The others agreed to have a giant sleepover at Lita's to celebrate their newfound allies and friends. We spent the night having popcorn fights and eating pizza and eventually we all fell asleep, except for Sam and me.
"What about your school uniform?" I asked, "I don't have one, what do I do?"
"You can borrow one of mine if you want." I replied. Sam smiled and finally we fell asleep.
Chapter 3
I woke up and yawned. My kitty, who looked as if she had just woken up as
well, looked up at me.
The cat yawned, "Your Majesty, if you do not hurry you will be late for school." I giggled.
"Ms. H won't care when Serena walks in, she always yells at Serena, plus I've never been late, I usually arrive before Ami," I said.
The cat shook her head and yawned again, "Your funeral."
Lunas stalked into the kitchen. I giggled again. Making Lunas mad was possibly my favorite thing to do, and I knew Lunas enjoyed it too, she only acted mad. I woke up Sam, who got up and took a shower. I got ready for school and made breakfast, still managing to have lunches packed. We took our breakfast calmly and ate. Afterwards, we put away the dishes, looked at each other calmly, took a deep breath and yelled "WE'RE LATE!!!!!"
Of course we never were, but it was a joke of ours from when we went to school together in LA. We walked to school, which passed without incident.
After school, I invited everyone to ice cream, but only Sam's, Serena's, and my schedules were free so we headed down to the ice cream parlor in my neighborhood. Serena and Sam were gabbing; I was lagging behind lost in thought. I suddenly realized that Serena and Sam were ahead of me and I was about to catch up when I heard some soft crying. I frowned and went to investigate, temporarily forgetting about my sister and friend. I stepped into an alleyway and saw a girl there, curled in a little ball and crying. I kneeled beside her.
"What's wrong?" I asked her. She looked up, her eyes puffy and red from crying.
"I'm all alone," she answered, "I'm so lonely."
I took pity on her, she looked small and I knew what it was like to be lonely. I smiled at her warmly.
"There there, I'm here, what's your name?" I asked.
"Melsa," she answered.
"Where are your parents?" I asked her. She started tearing up again.
"I don't know," she said.
"Well, would you like to stay with me until you find them?" I offered. Her face lit up.
"Really?" she asked.
"Sure," I said smiling. The little girl hugged me and as she did, I felt a strange bond with her. Something was different about this little girl, I didn't know what.
"Come on, let's go get some ice cream Melsa," I said.
"WOW! COOL!" she exclaimed and hopped into my arms. I carried the little girl and as I did I noticed that her hair was in odangoes. Odd, I thought, but then dismissed it because a lot of little kids wore their hair in odangoes now that Sailor Moon had gained such popularity.
I started walking to the ice cream store, but I bumped into someone.
"Sorry sir," I said, "I didn't see you." The man looked at me strangely.
"It's ok," he said.
I walked off to the ice cream store. Serena and Sam were, at first, upset that I had been missing, but as soon as they saw Melsa they forgave me. As I sat tucking Melsa in that night, I couldn't help wondering who she was. I sang softly until she fell asleep. As I watched the little girl sleep, I couldn't help but wonder who she was and what was the strong bond I felt to her. I was glad the next day was Saturday so that I could spend the day with her. Before I realized it, I had drifted off to sleep beside Melsa...

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