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The Hall of Esteemed Writers

Hi! Welcome to the Esteemed Hall, the main archive on this page. I hope you enjoy your stay.^_^

~The Sections~

Anime Fanfiction

Sailor Moon... Pokemon... Gundam Wing...Neon Genesis Evangelion...*New*Ranma 1/2

Fantasy/ Sci-Fi Fanfiction

Valdemar... Animorphs

Lady Becky's Fanart

If you would like to submit a fic, please click the butterfly below. All are accepted as long as they fit into one of the categories above, or are centered around Anime... I can always make a Mic. section, I guess. I accept any format, too. Also, if you want to pick your background or text color, just tell me, and I'll progam it.

*Update* 12/27/00* About Lemons and Limes: Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot, and I've finally decided:
Limes (stories with sexual content and/or sex with little description)- okay
Lemons (stories with graphic sex)-uh-uh.

If you happen to have a really good story with like one lemon scene, I'd be willing to edit that part out, if you're okay with it. I'll then provide a link to the full story underneath.