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Moon Kingdom Knight

Moon Kingdom Knight

by Sir Kam
Episode 1: Kenji

Dear Journal,

Hey journal this is your good friend Kenji again.I`ve been having these strange dreams about a magical Moon Kingdom. The deram seems so real, it feels like I`ve been there before. I`m not sure what it means but I`ll try and find out.

"Kenji, dinners ready," his mother calls. He closes his book and runs down the stairs.
"What are we having?" he asks.
"We`re having your favorite, home made pizza."
Kenji jumps with glee and grabs a plate and starts eating. He eats his food extremely fast and grabs his coat.
"I`m going to Hideo`s to play his new game,"Kenji says.
"Ok dear, be careful."

Kenji puts his jacket on and begins walking down the beautiful streets of Tokyo. As he walks towards Hideo`s house he sees a wolf running down the street right towards him, and all those walking quickly panic,and run away in fright. Kenji is suddenly pounced on my the wolf,and in a shock it begins talking to him.
"Master Kenji it`s so good to see you again, I thought you were dead along with the others from the Moon Kingdom."
Kenji gets up and dusts himself off.
"I must be going crazy, a talking wolf? I`m definitely going crazy". Continues his walk to Hideo`s house,with the wolf folloiwng him.
"Where are you going, Master Malak? Please don`t leave me here,this place is dangerous. Why don`t you remember me?" Kenji ignores him and continues walking while the wolf still folows him. The other people walking by start to freak out when they see the wolf.
As Kenji turns down the ally,the wolf grabs his pants leg to get his attention. Kenji tries to make him turn him loose,and finally agrees to talk to the wolf.
"What do you want?" The wolf stares at him and suddenly a crescent moon appears on the wolfs forehead,and a beam of light flows form it into Kenji`s head.

Kenji is transported to the Moon Kingdom,where he is shown his past. He learns of the Sailor Scouts,and the mission he was snet on by the queen to help fight along side and to protect her daughter Princess Serena.

Just as the show is almost over, Kenji catches a glimpse of a beauitful girl that looks just like Princess Serena, and just then it ends and everything is back to normal.Kenji stands in the alley way.
"Master Kenji do you know who I am?" Kenji looks down at the wolf and says, "I sure do Ares."
The wolf jumps with joy as Kenji calls him by his name.
"It`s good to have you back Master."
"And it`s good to see you again Ares." Ares grabs Kenji`s coat sleeve with his mouth and pulls him towards him.
"What is it Ares?"
"It`s your transformer, sir." Kenji takes the gauntlet shaped gadget and puts it on.
"Thanks Ares."
"My pleasure sir." Kenji looks at his watch and and sees it`s getting late.
"We better get home,my mom`s goin to kill me if I`m late." Ares nods in agreement and they rush home.

Kenji opens the door and walks in with Ares.His mother stands at the door waiting for him.
Kenji lowers his head and makes up a story on why he is late.
"I`ll let it go this time, but next time you won`t," she pauses and hears a panting sound.
"Kenji did you bring home a dog,what have I told you about bringin in strays?" Ares steps up ebside Kenji and his mother freaks out.
"A WOLF!? ARE YOU CRAZY!? THOSE ANIMALS ARE DANGEROUS. GET THAT THING OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Ares looks at her and starts to bark and then whimper.
Ares walks up to her and picks up his paw and holds it in the air. Kenji`s mother looks surprised at how well-trained he is and cautiously takes his paw and shakes it. Ares begins to lick her hand and then lays at her feet.
"Aw,how cute. I guess he can stay, as long as you promise to take care of him." Kenji nods in agreement and begins to walk upstairs to his room,when his mother stops him.
"Kenji dear don`t forget that you start your first day at your new High School tomorrow, you will need a good night's rest, so I suggest you start now."

Kenji goes to his room puts on his pajamas and goes to bed. Ares jumps on the edge of the bed and curls up into a ball of Silver fur.
"Goodnight Ares," says Kenji.
"Goodnight Master and Pleasant Dreams," says Ares as Kenji falls into a deep sleep.

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