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Dark Angel

by Lord Liagheron

Note: This story is an alternate timeline to that of the standard EVA plot. It picks up shortly after the 16th episode just as Tojui is chosen to be the 4th child. Forgive any name changes, I am not sure on all the names and may change a few for simplicity. Also, the Shadow Angel(the one who absorbed Eva-01, the 12th Angel)'s destruction by the emergence of 01 from the Sea of Driac was possible due to the formation of an S2 organ, giving EVA-01 the power to break free; however, the EVA cannot use it until the pilot(the being in control of the EVA, this includes the soul of Yui Ikari) knows that it exists and wills it to activate.

Today was an unusual day in the only functioning school in Tokyo-3, they had a new student. This was very unusual since most wanted to leave from Tokyo-3 and its Angel attacks, not come to it. Even stranger was that the new student had a long Katana strapped to his back nearly as tall as his own 6ft. height. A fact the teacher could not help but comment on...

"Excuse me young man. You may be new here, but I know of no school where the students carry a 6ft. long katana to class! Now state your name to the class, and leave the sword elsewhere!"

The boy, who was about 6' 2" in height with black hair, fair-skinned, and had purple-colored eyes, entered the small classroom, walked up to the teacher's desk, and turned to the class before replying.

"My name is Sean Yao. I was born in the U.S.A. and am 15(again unusual since most of the class is 14). I just moved here last week," he paused and turned to the teacher before continuing, "As to my sword, I have a license to carry an edged weapon and permission from the principal to do so on school grounds, provided I don't draw it on a classmate. I'm sorry if this troubles anyone, but it is a habit."

The teacher just shook his head and indicated Sean sit in an empty desk to the right of a redheaded girl and in front of a gold haired boy. The teacher began to prepare for his lecture on the results of the "second impact". When the gold-haired boy whispered to the newcomer...

"Hi, my name's Kensuke Adia. Welcome to Tokyo-3."
"Hi," Sean whispered back.
"If you want to be shown around later I could."
"Thanks, during lunch?"
"Fine with me."

And the two sat back to listen and take notes. Sean noticed 4 people in particular in the class. One, a dark-haired boy, was staring out the window, mimicking a blue-haired girl on his left. The third was a brown-haired boy in a black-and-white jacket, who seemed to be intensely bored with the lecture and was chewing on his pencil, staring up at the ceiling. The fourth was the redhead to Sean's right. She seem one of two or three actually paying some attention to something, unfortunately, it seemed to be the dark-haired boy and along the lines of "1000 ways to kill a rival".

This is going to be an interesting chapter in my new life thought the new student.

Later that day, in the cafeteria...
"Hey! Sean!" yelled Kensuke from about 5 ft. away, causing the addressee to cringe back. Kensuke was accompanied by the boy in the black-and-white jacket.
"Don't yell Kensuke, I have very good hearing."
"Ah. Right. Anyway I came to show you around."
"Thanks. Who's your friend?"
"This is Touji. Say hi, Touji!"
The boy just rolled his eyes back, "Whatever. Hi, name's Touji," he said, offering his hand.
Sean took it, saying, "My name is Sean."
"Pleased to meet you, but I gotta' run. I have to get my sister to the hospital for rehab."
"For what?"
"She got crushed by rubble in the first of the Angel attacks. One of the EVA pilots couldn't control it and tripped into a building. Specifically that one over there."
Touji indicated the dark-haired boy who was still staring out the window.
"Shinji's a coward, but we're decent friends now, gotta go!" He ran out the door from the cafeteria.
Sean turned to Kensuke, "Any other of these pilots I should know about? They seem to have slight mental problems."
"No more than I do."
"My point."

Kensuke looked angry for a moment, then calmed, "Good point. There are two others that are here at the school. Rei, " he indicated the odd blue haired girl from class, "She's a bit quiet, like Shinji, but even more so. The other, Asuka-the redhead who sat next to you in homeroom--, you may want to watch out for. She likes to brag and consequently K.O. anyone who disagrees."
"Well they do say red-heads are born with a temper."
"With Asuka, that's an understatement. Shall we go?"
"Sure, I finished already."
"But lunch just started!"
"I eat fast, besides, you were a bit late in getting here as well."
"True, I was talking to Shinji. Come on!"
Kensuke started off and Sean followed him out the door...

"And that over there is the Library."
"Kensuke, not to be rude, but lunch period is about to be over."
Kensuke checked the watch at his wrist, "You're right! Quick let's get bac--!"

Kensuke was interrupted by a loud siren!
Sean winced in pain, it seemed a siren was mounted on the roof which was the next floor up. After placing his hands over his ears, Sean called, "What's that!?!"
Kensuke yelled back, "That's the 'Angel's siren'! It goes off when they think they've sighted an angel coming this way! It should stop soon so everyone can go to their shelters!"

Meanwhile, in the Geofront...
Misato called out from the upper platform as she ran in, "What is it!"
Shingeru was typing rapidly, "Reports coming in! Confirmed. It's an Angel, on screen."
A window opened on the large screen showing a scene in the mountains to the west of Tokyo-3. There, a silver sphere seemingly made of a liquid, a glowing red core floated in its center.
"E.T.A. to Tokyo-3," said Gendou Ikari from his usual position.
"30 minutes, sir!"
"Have the pilots reached the cage yet!" yelled Ritsuko.
"No! Shinji and Rei have just reached the east entrance. Asuka isn't here yet!"
"Damn. Two's better than none. Prepare EVA's for launch!"
"This was unplanned. Perhaps the abyss is staring at us once more," commented Gendou too quietly for any to have heard since Kouzo was absent from the place at Gendou's right, very odd...

Above ground, on the school roof...
"Are you sure we should be here, Kensuke?"
"Of course, Sean! You're really lucky you know. Your first full day here and an Angel attacks!"
"That's debatable," mumbled Sean as he stared out over the city. The siren had gone off about 25 minutes before. "Are you sure we won't be missed at the shelter?"
"Nahhhhhhh, I've done this before with Touji."

Sean caught a glint in the distance. Pointing, he said, "Is that it?"
Kensuke shielded his eyes and squinted, but couldn't make it out, "Might be, let me check."
Kensuke searched his pocket for a moment, pulling out a collapsible telescope. Looking through it he confirmed that it was an Angel by instantly dropping the 'scope and pulling out a camcorder from the bag he had brought with him. As he did so, several structures shot up from the ground. They were all humanoid, facing away from the school, one was red, another blue, and the last purple; and purple one had a horn of some sort sticking up.

"What's that, Kensuke?"
"Huh?" he said turning slightly, camcorder still on his eye. "Those are the EVA's! Man are you lucky! Those are all three of the Evangelions!"
"Whose in what?"
"Shinji is in the purple one, EVA-01. Rei is in the blue one. And Asuka in the red. Man! This is gonna' be an awesome battle!"

Sean shook his head, he was in the company of a madman, 3 giant humanoid robots, and something called an "Angel". Could it get any worse? Unfortunately, Sean was about to find that it could and would. For in the next 5 minutes, despite the valient attempts of the EVAs, the Angel managed to get several miles into the city, well within good seeing distance.

"Wow! The only time I've been this near to an Eva battle was that time when Shinji nearly landed on us!"
That's not very encouraging. Sean thought. He peered closer at the battle, noticing something odd, the Angel was shifting under each blow, absorbing the energy before it does any harm, not even the gun 01 was using had any effect. The Angel seemed just to float and take each hit with no problem, waiting, searching.

A thought.
Many thoughts.
The thoughts of a machine.
The Th-GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! My thoughts screamed in rebellion. And as suddenly as it came, it was gone. I came back to my body, which was panting and in a cold sweat. Kensuke was in a similar condition, but to a lesser extent.

"What was that," he whispered strained.
"I wants a form. Where better to look than the minds of its victims?" Sean said weakly. Sean turned, only to find himself all too right. Even worse was that the Angel had chosen a form from his own form, changing to it while the city was stunned. It was a tall robot, more chunky than the EVAs. It was in a golden rod color with a red eye above a red "V" visor and 24 blue disks rested in pods of 6 around the two barely visible, short wings on its back. A small black arc was visible behind its back. A red gun of some sort was attached to its back. The robot was slightly shorter than the EVAs, but broader. Sean recognized the design, despite the differences. He racked his mind for it, then it came like a monster from the depths, Mobil Doll Chimera.
Shit. was all Sean could think.
"What the hell???" yelled Kensuke.

Sean grasped for the pouch at his waist, from which he revealed a computer about 1 foot long, half that wide and an inch thick. While Kensuke watched the battle, if it could be called that, the Angel still did not fight, Sean lifted up the computer's screen, activating it...

Meanwhile, in NERV HQ...
"Sir! Some one's hacking the system!" exclaimed Shingeru.
"WHAT!?!" screamed Misato.
"Is it the Angel?" asked Gendo, in his annoyingly calm way.
"No sir! It appears to be from a link from a multi-bounce satellite link! He's through over half the barriers!"
"Introduce false entry!" yelled Ritsuko.
"Introduc-failed! That's impossible! No human could do this!?! It's through!!!"
"What's it doing?" Gendo asked.
"It's---- accessing a instant messenger link? Huh?" said a dumb-founded Ritsuko.

A window opened over the display of the battle. a message appeared.
It read, "I don't have much time. The Angel is based off the attached design plan. There are several differences."

3 windows opened, show pictures of the disks, the black circle on its back, and the gun.

"First up is that it's much larger than the design to be about the size of your EVAs. I am unsure how this affects the suits strength, but the base design depends on the weapons. First is the beam sword," The picture of the circle is enlarged as the typing continues, "It is mounted on a cable dispenser at the base of the secondary generator. The design deviates here. The original was a plasma-based blade. This appears to be laser-based, another design I have seen, but before it couldn't stabilize the blade. The blade couldn't be more than 50ft. long or so if my estimates are correct. Second, the beam cannon, "the sword window closed and the gun window took its place, "this seems to be a high-power laser weapon instead of the original ion cannon. Its power should be tremendous, only limited by the generator. Third, the Planet Defensors," the gun window closed and the disk one enlarged, "They were originally a magnetic shield, but now are larger and use a different method to defend. My sensors detect a spacial distortion. This is all I know. Bye for now!"

There was nothing else written.
"Is the link gone?" asked Misato.
"No, I don't think so. Just inactive for now," replied Ritsuko who had picked up a datapad and was furiously typing.
"Can he be trusted?" asked Gendo.
"Possibly, we've traced the link to Tokyo-3, but can not pin it down to track it."
"Good enough. Warn the pilots."
"Of what? That Angel hasn't moved."

Sean leaned back on the wall, tired at the effort it had taken to move fast enough for that hack. Kensuke was still absorbed in the battle...
Kensuke likes battles. He soaks them up like a sponge...Wait. Soak? Sean thought.

He turned and focused on his sense of sight, picking out the Angel. It was beautiful, and deadly, but had a shifty quality to it. Too shifty.
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Thought Sean. Techno-organic armor. Extremely advanced. Very bad.

Sean grabbed the computer and typed in, "GET THOSE PILOTS OUT OF THERE!!!"
The reply was quick and simple, "Why?"
Sean typed his reply, "Don't you see how the armor is shifting under each blow!?! It's techno-organic! It's adapting to every blow!"

"Well, is our informant right?" asked Gendo.
"Checking...Yes sir! Life detected in armor!"
"Damn! Shinji! Rei! Asuka! Withdraw, now!" yelled Misato.
Asuka's face appeared in a window, "Why? It's not doing anything."
"Just do it! No time to explain!"
The EVAs all stopped and backed off about 50 ft.
"So why'd we back off, Misato?" asked Shinji, his face appearing.
"That Angel is using T.O. armor. It adapts to your blows, eventually rendering it invincible to attack," stated Ritsuko.
"Send a reply. Ask what to do next," commanded Gendo.
"Yes sir."

Back above ground,
"What's happening, why'd they stop?" asked Kensuke to no one in particular.
"Shhhhhh. Let me concentrate."
Sean had just gotten the reply and was trying to remember what he programmed the doll to do...
Oh damn. I programmed it to attack!!!

Sean rapidly typed his reply, being all too prophetic, for the blue disks deployed and floated into a formation around the Angel, and formed an AT Field powerful enough for any observers to see the spacial shift, even without anything hitting it, with the naked eye. It surrounded the Angel in a cocoon of defense.

Sean got a plan, remembering that techno-organic armor couldn't adapt to something it had never encountered before. There was a once shot chance...
I hope this works.

At NERV...
"Ritsuko! We've got a message coming in!" called Shigeru.
"What does it say? We need a plan!"
"Coming on screen!"
The message window appeared.
It read, "The Chimera's original programming called for it to learn and evolve. The shield it's putting up doesn't cover the disks that project it. You may be able to get in a few shots before it adapts to cover the disks. Also, be careful, it is learning how to use its weapons one-by-one. The disks were originally for defense, but even in the original design, they could be used as weapons. Good luck."
"The link's inactive again. Who is this guy! How could he hack our system and keep a channel into it that we can't dislodge!"
"Nevermind that. Shinji!, Rei! Asuka!" yelled Misato.
Shinji's face appeared.
"Yes, Misato?"
"We're sending up 2 machine guns for each of you, take out as many of those disks as you can before it learns how to defend them."
"Got it," said Asuka, her face appearing as well as Rei's.
"Preparing," said Rei.

Six buildings shot up from the ground and opened, revealing a rifle in each. Each of the EVAs grabbed two and carefully aimed.
"The Magi agree that this is the best action. Aim to strike in a pattern, you have just over 5 seconds to hit as many as you can," called Ritsuko from her datapad.
"Got it, you can count on us!" Yelled Asuka, thrusting her spear into the ground and picking up two guns. The others followed in suit, aiming carefully and preparing a pattern of shots.
"Commence in three seconds! Three! Two! One! FIRE!" yelled Misato.
And the EVAs did.

On the Surface...
Sean watched in amazement as the smoothly, and perfectly coordinated pattern of shots were fired. Kensuke settled with whooping in amazement. In seconds, the Angel was covered in a cloud of smoke. A smoke that was dissipated by something from within, the Angel was still alive. They had only managed to eliminate 19 of the P.D.'s. The angel was projecting a tetrahedron shield of concentric triangles while a fifth, seemingly inactive, floated above, wavering, as if the Angel was deciding what to do with it.
"ARRRGH!!! I'm going to get that Angel!" yelled Asuka, her voice carrying over Sean's computer. Luckily for him, Kensuke was still whooping at the battle. The red EVA, Asuka's, grabbed the spear from the ground and leapt into the air, arcing in preparation for splitting the Angel into. Sean realized something: the Doll's visor eye was designed to pick up these movements in order to target and react with the...Oh shit. he thought.

Sean was only too prophetic, for at that very moment, the remaining disk shot at Asuka, sprouting blades made of the same energy as the shield was, spinning at extreme speeds.
"Quick! Severe the pilot's connection to the EVA!" yelled a voice, a woman's voice, possibly the blond scientist Sean had seen earlier from his hidden hack into the camera recorder.
"Huh? What!!!" was Asuka's only response as the EVA shut down moments before the head and arms were cut cleanly off. The EVA fell to the ground, some sort of blood spewing from the stumps.

Wait. That was before it could learn to fully evolve a control, so... Sean noticed that the disk and its blades hadn't stopped and was continuing toward the school at an alarming rate.

"SHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!" Sean screamed as his shirt was torn to shreds by two white wings that were emerging from two lumps on his back that were visible as his shirt was torn apart by the growing wings. Sean ran at Kensuke, his wings still unfolding and his computer stowed in a pouch at his waist, the sword was oddly positioned already so that it wouldn't hinder his flight. Sean was already flapping his wings as he grabbed Kensuke and pulled him off the edge, grunting under the extra weight. Just as they cleared the school, the disk struck, shattering the school building as if it were glass. In doing so, a gas mane broke, and ignited, destroying the disk in a massive explosion! Luckily, the AT Field blades absorbed most of the blow; however, there was still a fairly large concussion wave.

Combined with the fact Sean and Kensuke were still 15 ft. in the air and moving at about 40 mph...You get the idea. The blast knocked Sean out of the air, just as he managed to reach a hill, and toss Kensuke off, who rolled, slightly beaten to a stop. Sean was not so lucky. The backwash of dropping Kensuke sent him into a spin cut short by his spectacular crash, punctuated by a sickening crack when he hit his left wing. After regaining his senses, Kensuke pushed himself up and stumbled over to Sean, who was only partially conscious, his left wing bent where there was no joint.
"K-k-kensuke, pl-please put my bone b-back."
"I'll try," Kensuke said, shock preventing him from fully understanding what had happened. He grabbed Sean's wing and slowly put its broken bone back into place, Sean's minor screaming told that this had been done before.
"Th-there, s-stop. Hold it w-while I retract them," Sean whispered weakly. As Kensuke held, he concentrated, slowly tensing muscles and pulling his wings back into his body as Kensuke kept the bone in place. After a few painful minutes, the wings were back in their places and the bulges sunk back into his back. Sean sighed loudly and wiped his forehead from sweat, stood, then fell, his left leg and arm badly sprained and swollen.
"Here," said Kensuke, pulling Sean up by his uninjured arm and supporting him as the two moved slowly toward the shelter, away from the battle...

At NERV...
"Is Asuka still alive?" asked Ritsuko.
"Yes, we're still getting some minimal feed from the new transmitters we added to the plug suits, but she's out cold and in shock from the rapid cut off."
"Shinji. Recover EVA-02, Rei, see if you can eliminate another of those shield disks."
"Yes, sir."
"Yes, father."
And the two faces disappeared from the screen.
"Was there anyone in the school?" asked a worried Misato.
"We're checking...Yes, two lifeforms detected 3 blocks away by out new sensors. They seem to be heading toward the main shelter," said Shigeru.
"Who are they?"
"The camera is bringing them on screen."
Two boys, one supporting the other as they limped along the road, appear in a window.
"Hey! Isn't that Shinji's friend Kensuke, Misato?!" yelled Ritsuko.
"Kensuke! That idiot! He must have been trying to watch the fight and dragged that poor fool with him!" yelled Misato. She turned to Gendou, "Sir! Permission to go rescue those two!"
"Denied, you are needed here."
"I'll go, Misato. I'm no use in a battle," said Maya Ibuki standing from her usual place.
"Fine," Misato said reluctantly. "Take my car. It's in lot C, space 312."
Misato threw the keys to Maya as he ran out the doors.
"Sir! EVA-02 has been recovered and is in cage D. Asuka is getting medical attention."
"Damn. The Angel?" said Misato.
"Nothing, it seems to be biding its time, developing another weapon," answered Shigeru.
"The AT Field?" asked Gendou.
"Still functioning at 5 times that of the EVAs," said Ritsuko. "Rei's Progressive Knife is have no effect. Shinji's rejoined the battlefield and the two are trying to use their weapons together."

Above ground...
Sean and Kensuke were limping down the road when they heard a car coming. They turn and see a blue-white Viper zooming up the road...right at them!!!
"Hey! That's Misato's car!"
"Is Misato a good driver?"
"We're in trouble."
Just then, the car banked to a stop right in front of them!!! The door popped open, revealing a young dark-haired woman was sitting in the driver's seat!
"Get in!" she called.
"But you're not Misato!?!" yelled Kensuke in confusion.
"I'm Maya. I handle the pilot sync tests. Misato is needed at HQ so she lent me her car."
"Kensuke, does it matter? Would you rather help me limp to the shelter over a mile away, or have her drive us there? Note the large battle going on."
"Your friend has a good point, let me help you get him in back," offered Maya, who had emerged from the car. Together they managed to get Sean into the car with minimal wincing on Sean's part. Kensuke jumped into the passenger seat, and they headed off. Most of the trip was in silence, Sean concentrating to ignore pain, Kensuke staring at the battle, and Maya trying to drive at 100+ mph without tipping.

"Damn. Nothing we do can hurt it," cursed Shinji, under his breath.
"I concur. This Angel seems to be nearly invulnerable. My knife seems to have no effect. Nor does Shinji's Ax," commented Rei.
Misato's face appeared on an orange outlined window.
"Shinji! We've got a plan. We think that-Shit!"
"Wha?" was all Shinji could say before the Angel shot past at amazing speeds, the sword drawn and active, its wings glowing at their inner edge. Its glowing blade severed both EVAs' power links. At NERV HQ, two orange timers turned on, counting the 5 minutes till the internal batteries ran out in Shinji's EVA, and the 3 minutes before Rei's.
"Damn! Shinji! Rei! Get out of there!" yelled Gendou, totally out of character, sounding worried and shaky.
Luckily, the Angel had landed 100 feet away, deactivated it sword, and retracted it, leaving its AT Field inactive. Its wings stopped glowing. Shinji and Rei tried to attack directly, but just as they did, the ATF reactivated. They continued in vain to pound on the AT Field...

At the shelter...
"There, just a couple more steps, Sean," encouraged Kensuke. They had reached the shelter, and Maya had been recalled to the NERV HQ, or so Kensuke believed. Sean, who still couldn't walk, was being helped into a bed in the med-clinic built into the mountain shelter.
"There, can you get into the bed?"
"Yeah, thanks Kensuke. You okay?"
"Yeah, just a bit battered up. I'll go see if I can get you a doc."
And Kensuke ran off. Sean felt tired, and suddenly dozed off.

The timer was down to 1 minute. The Angel began to move.
"Shinji! Watch it!" yelled Misato over the link, as the angel tossed a disk at him. Shinji was knocked out the way by Rei in 00, resulting in its arm being cut clean off!
"REI!" yelled father and son simultaneously.
"I-I'm fi-fine. Ju-just sh-shaken u-up. My ba-batteries ra-ran ou-out w-when th-the di-disk hi-hit," panted Rei, the obvious pain despite her words carrying over her voice-only link from her plug suit.

"Shinji! WATCH OUT!" screamed Misato, just as the Angel slammed both EVAs with a flying tackle! Rei was sent into the mountain and knocked unconscious against her seat while Shinji was sent flying into a building, collapsing it. His screens flickered as the batteries ran down. Before it did, however, the Angel drew its cannon and fired an experimental shot...right at the shelter!!!!!! The laser beam was an oddly dull purple. As it streaked toward the mountain, time seemed to slow...and almost stop as a purple AT Field of hexagons appeared in front of the beam. Time started once more as the beam was deflected into another mountain, vaporizing the top! The Angel seemed to nod before turning to Shinji's failing Eva, bringing the cannon to bare. Again it fired, and again time seemed to slow, only this time there was no AT Field to stop it, only blackness...and a triple toned scream, one of the father for the son, a second of the son for his mother, and the last, a scream of rage from the Mother...

"Where am I?" asked a lone voice to the white nothingness in which it floated.
"You are between, my son. You are where life and death meet," said a voice from a female figure that appeared. It was a featureless white in color.
"Am I dead?"
"Then why am I here?"
"To learn of what we have created."
A heart-shaped object faded into view, it was not beating, but glowed a pinkish light. The figure touched it and it began to beat.
"Touch it Shinji."
Shinji reached out to it and touched it, noticing his hand was also a featureless white. The object began to beat harder and faster as its glow intensified. The white world began to fade to black...
"Mother! Will I ever see you again?"
A voice called from the darkness, "I am always with you Shinji. Although I can only come to you through the power of another, I will always protect you..."
And black became vision...
"What! EVA-01 is unfolding an AT Field! The beam has been deflected!" yelled Ritsuko in confusion.
"It's powering up!" screamed Shigeru.
"How!?! The batteries are empty!" yelled Gendou Ikari!
The voices screamed though the link to the no longer flickering screens, now powered by the same organ that was causing a bright white light to shine though the back's armor plates. Shinji saw the Angel and became enraged. The small screen displaying the synch chart began to change.
"What!?! Shinji's thought pattern! It's changing!?!" screamed Ritsuko.
"What!?! Is the Eva still under control!" yelled Gendou.
"Yes sir. The Eva is following the change," stated Shigeru.
"Can you translate the pattern?"
"No sir. But it seems to be a repetition of a single strong thought,"
None of this mattered to Shinji, all he saw was the Angel. All he thought was destroy. The Eva's hand lifted above its head and an AT Field formed and began to collapse.
"Give me the reading of that AT Field!!!" commanded Misato.
Shigeru just looked stunned, "I-I-it's of-off the sc-scale. Over 10 times that of the Angel's max."
The Field turned blood red, becoming a forked spear held in the hands of the EVA, who still had a bright light leaking from between the armor plates on it back.
"The Lance of Longius!?!" yelled Gendou, disregarding secrecy in his stunned state.
EVA-01 swung the Lance diagonally, shredding through the AT Field, the cannon, and the Angels armor. Shinji brought the lance to forward position, then stabbed it through the Angel's chest. In slow motion, the Angel turned to silver, then liquid, running down into a puddle, leaving a red core pierced by the two points of the ATF Lance. Then the core suddenly exploded!!! When the smoke cleared, the EVA stood at attention, deactivated with the Lance gone. Shinji sat slumped in the Entry Plug, unconscious.
"How's Shinji?" asked Misato.
"Fine, he seems to be asleep," stated Ritsuko, examining the readout from Shinji's plug suit.
"She's regained consciousness and is getting power from an auxiliary truck-based power cable and is proceeding to recover EVA-01."
"So, we've avoided the abyss...This time," stated Gendou in a whisper.
Later, in the med-clinic of the shelter...
"Unnnnnnnnnnnnn. Anyone get the number of that truck?" groaned Sean waking up in a plain white cot.
"A-N-G-E-L," commented Kensuke, who was sitting in a nearby chair. "Welcome back to the world of the conscious, you've been out for about 5 hours."
"The battle?"
"Apparently over. We won. The doc said to go home and rest for about a week. Luckily school is canceled until they can set something temporary up."
"That's good, but, ahhhhhhh, and how do we get to my place?"
"...ah...I hadn't thought about that..."
Sean just shakes his head. Nearby, Shinji awoke in a similar room.
"Huh? The ceiling's different."
"It should be. The hospital's gas mane broke. We had to bring you here," said a woman sitting nearby.
"Misato! That you?"
"Anyone else?"
"Nope. I couldn't find Tojui, Rei's at HQ, Asuka's in a coma, and Kensuke was waiting for the new student to wake up."
"Huh, must've been some battle...I'm afraid to ask, but what about the school?"
Misato winced, "Look on the bright side, school's going to be out for a while until they set up a temporary school here, in the shelter."
"The second question I'm afraid to ask is, what happened?"
"I was hoping you could answer that," said a voice from the doorway, Gendou Ikari.
"We have discovered that your Eva has developed an S2 organ," Ikari continued, ignoring both greetings.
"A what?" asked Shinji.
"An organ that can biologically generate electricity. Your Eva has apparently evolved one. Do you know how?"

Shinji thought back to his odd encounter with his mother and decided against telling his dad, "No. The last I remember is...the last shot the Angel fired..."
"Hmmmmmm," was all Gendou said as he turned and left.
"Such a cold man," commented a voice vaguely familiar to Shinji. Sean appeared from the shadows of the doorway, supported by Kensuke.
"Hey! Shinji! Sorry I wasn't here earlier, but this new guy's a heavy sleeper," he grunted, "Heavy too."
"Hey! It's your fault we got hurt anyway!"
"Enough you two, Shinji needs to rest," said Misato.
"Sorry. Misato? Could you drive me to my parents' apartment? I don't think Kensuke's going to last that long."
Misato laughed, "Sure," she stood and walked over to the door, and turned to wave to Shinji, "You rest up Shinji. That's an order."
"Yes ma'am!" and Shinji promptly fell "asleep". The three shared a laugh as they headed for Misato's car.

At Sean's apartment...
"That was nice of Misato, huh, Kensuke."
They reached Sean's apartment, room 38.
"You manage to keep your key?"
"Yeah, give me a sec."

Sean fumbled in his pocket, leaning on the wall, for a few moments and pulled out a card key, which he dropped into the slot over the handle. The door's lock opened. And Kensuke pushed it open and took out the key. Once inside, Kensuke helped Sean limp over to a chair in the kitchen, and turned on the light.
"Thanks, could you close the door?"
"Sure. I guess we have something to talk about."
Sean sighed, "Yes."
Kensuke closed the door and pulled up a chair.
"I'm all ears."
"I cannot tell you everything, but I will tell you this. I am human, but for some reason I was born with the ability to manifest wings," he opened out his wings once more, shrugging off the thin, disposable jacket a thoughtful doc put on him. The two wings where whole and uninjured. They also took up a large part of the small kitchen, yet were not fully opened.
Kensuke just stared and blinked for a few moments, "They're not broken any more."
"I heal fast, my wings heal even faster. For example, my leg and arm should be fine in a day or two."
Kensuke just looked at Sean oddly, "For some strange reason, I'm not really confused by all this."
Sean just laughed a bit, "Wait a few days. But if you don't mind, could you keep this a secret?"
"Sure," he blinked slyly, "You'd be surprised what my friends entrust me with."
"Oh I know. You see. I'm also a good hacker."
Kensuke blinked, stunned, for a bit before he replied, "Well, if I do keep your secret-"
"Could I get you info on the new weapons NERV and the JSSF are developing? Fine with me, I review them occasionally anyway."
Kensuke just started jumping and whooping with joy. Sean just sweatdropped.
This is going to be a busy year...

A week later, at the temporary school located in the mountain shelter?
"Pst, hey! Sean!" whispered Kensuke. They hadn't set up the computers yet, so they had to resort to whispering in order to pass messages. Not that it mattered, the teacher was still droning on about the results of the Second Impact.
"What?" he whispered back.
"Have you see Tojui lately?"
"Nope. Not since they moved his sister."
"Weird, no?"
"Yeah. Where should we go to lunch?"
"I hear that there's a good pizza place nearby. I'll show you what I've managed to find, 'kay?"
"Can't wait!" Kensuke said a bit too loud. The teacher for once actually paused in his lecture to shake his head before starting once more. Shinji, who was sitting nearby, actually snickered, breaking the mild stupor he'd been in since he'd returned to school after the last battle.
"And here I thought another near death experience would mellow you, Kensuke," commented Shinji.
Kensuke winked, "You know me, Shinji. And it good to have you back."
Shinji just shrugged, and the teacher went on...and on...and on...and--you get the picture...

Later, as the school bell finally rang...
"Well, come on you two!"
Kensuke was eager to see Sean's new info, but as he and Sean headed out with Shinji tagging behind, Kensuke was stopped by a man in a black suit with a NERV identity tag pinned on it.
"Kensuke Adia?"
"Yeah, that's me!" hopeful that perhaps he'd been chosen as an Eva pilot; however, the man shattered his hope, coldly stating,
"I was told to inform you that there has been an accident involving your father and grandfather. You are to come with me."
Kensuke paled in shock. Then mechanically followed the agent.
"I hope they're all right," said Shinji, sad for his friend.
Sadly Sean replied, shaking his head, "I doubt they are," and he turned and started to leave without a word.
"What do you mean?" called Shinji.
"Call it a feeling. Ask your Misato. She'll probably know more than I do," he called over his shoulder as he walked down the hall.
Sean turned the corner and was out of sight. Shinji was puzzled, but was soon brought to attention by the pager Misato had given Shinji to call him to meetings that he never seemed to show up at. He brought it up to look at the message, it said to get to meeting room 6 to meet a new pilot. Shinji shrugged, hoping the new pilot wasn't another girl, before running off toward the nearest entrance to the base...

The automatic doors of the meeting room opened, allowing Shinji to enter. Inside he saw Asuka, Rei, and Tojui!?!
"Tojui! What are you doing here?"
Asuka pounded Shinji on the head! "You Dumkof(sp.)! He's the new pilot, the pervert!"
"Whoah! Is it true, Tojui?"
Tojui sat down in a chair, hard.
"Yeah. I made a deal with NERV."
"Yes. It was very magnanimous of you to bargain for your sister's care," said Rei calmly.
"So, Tojui, where've you been for the last week?" asked Shinji.
Tojui grunted, "They let me stay for a couple days with my sister, but then they said some emergency came up and we had to get back, so here I am."
The doors swooshed open as two ladies entered.
"We did have a reason, Tojui," stated the first, Dr. Ritsuko.
"Yeah," said a tired Misato.
"Misato! Where've you been for the last two days!" yelled Asuka.
Misato sighed, "Please don't shout, Asuka. I'm having a hangover right now."
Ritsuko smirked, "Serves you right. You shouldn't drink so much, you know."
Misato closed her eyes and groaned loudly, "I had a reason this time."
Ritsuko sighed, "Too true," she looked at each of the Children. "Sit. We have a problem."
Knowing not to disagree with Ritsuko when she used that tone, the Children rushed to sit.
Ritsuko turned on the room's main screen. It showed a base in daylight.
"This was NERV branch 2 in Nevada 35 hours ago as seen by orbital satelite," she pushed a button on her controller. The scene changed to show a large crater with no visible bottom in early morning light. "The was 17 hours later."
The Children were stunned and horrified, even Rei.
"W-what ha-happened?"
"We don't know, Shinji. All we know is that during the most powerful electric storm ever seen, NERV branch 2 lost its feed with us. 18 hours later, when the storm cleared, we got that picture."
"At the time they were starting up EVA-04 at the time when the feed cut. That's why we had to rush EVA-03's delivery. Sorry Tojui, but if whatever did that is an Angel. It will undoubtedly will attack Tokyo-3," said Misato.
"At least my sis is safe."
For some reason, a look of sadness flickered over Ritsuko's face before she smoothed it out.
"EVA-03 will be delivered in several days. Tojui has to go with the group to pick it up. I'd like the other pilots to go with you, but Rei and Asuka have synch-tests to check if the repairs to their EVAs are complete."
Shinji raised his right hand.
"Yes, Shinji."
"Just before I came here, Kensuke was stopped by some of NERV's security force. Were his father and grandfather in that base?"
Ritsuko paused, "Yes."
Tojui asked in a sad voice, "Did they survive?"
Misato, equally sad, replied, "No. No one did."
Tojui wasn't shocked, he just excepted it. Even Asuka looked sad.
"May I make a suggestion, Doc?"
"Yes, what, Tojui?"
"Can I take Shinji and Kensuke with me? It might cheer him up."
Misato nodded, "Sure."
Shinji stood up.
"Yes, Shinji?" asked Ritsuko.
"I have another to add to the list. Kensuke has made friends with the new boy in our class. We should take him along. If that's okay?"
"If he passes the screening test,"
Misato frowned at Ritsuko, "Fine. We'll check him first. But what can a kid do?"
Shnji remembered Sean's sword. Just what indeed? He thought...

Ritsuko sat in front of the main computer memory bank. The room was dark and silent, punctuated only by the clicks of a keyboard and the light of the screen. She was typing at very fast speeds.
"Well?" asked a male behind her.
"I find nothing unusual about him."
"Then where is he from."
"The records say the USA, but his family moved to rural China after their home city was destroyed in the New Madrid Quake of '06. It says that further records have been lost in the disasters."
"Not surprising, but you are suspicious, Ritsuko."
She bit her lip in frustration, "I can find nothing of him or any relatives from any other sources. It is possible that all the records were destroyed, but it is still strange. I also find nothing of his parents in this city, but I did find a record of their coming here with him, then leaving to return to China because of the recent mudslides."
"I see. We have no way of confirming anything about him."
"None, whatsoever. Should I call NERV security, sir?"
"Let him be. Erase everything of this search," the man turned and headed toward the exit, which opened, allowing a beam of light to enter the gloom.
"Sir, is he in the Scrolls?"
The man turned to face her, the light showing him to be Gendou Ikari, "I do not know."
"Doesn't it scare you to have this variable appear?"
"In a way, he may be the only thing that can stop SEELE," Gendou turned and left, leaving Ritsuko to ponder his words.

Several days later, somewhere in the desert of Northern Japan...
A convoy of humvees and trucks kicked up a cloud of dust as they crossed the desert, swerving through a forest of small mountains, emerging along the edge of the plateau overlooking the mass grave in honor of the Second Impact. The convoy lined up and stopped. The doors of the vehicles opened and dozens of black-suited men dashed out to secure the area. A smaller group of what looked to be technicians set out, finding and activating lights along the plateau, forming what looked to be a runway. A humvee near the back opened to reveal several forms. Two women and three boys, one of which wore a sword, were revealed as a cloud moved out of the way of the sun.
"Hey! Kensuke! Look! A portable runway!" called Tojui to his depressed friend.
"Yeah, whatever..." he said glumly.
Sean shook his head, "Shinji? Any hints? You're usually the one in depression."
Shinji shrugged, "True, but for other reasons. I can't really help much."
Sean sighed and shook his head again. Then looked up to the sky.
"Hey! Is that it, Misato!" he called to the purple-haired woman on the other side of the humvee, who was searching the sky.
She squinted, looking where he had pointed, "Maybe. I'm not really sure."
As the large shape approached, it was seen in the shape of a large flying wing.
"Hey! Is that a HV-678 STOL Carrier!?!" shouted Kensuke, perking up a bit, looking at the massive approaching shape. Kensuke for the first time in a day smiled and was happy as he watched the transport soar over them. Underneath was a sleek black and white form, EVA-03.
"Hey, Tojui! They even painted with your colors!" Shinji called to his friend.
"Yeah, that's cool," he responded, nodding in approval at the bottom of the transport as it slowed to landing speeds.
Sean looked at the EVA and felt something. He began to look around aimlessly.
"What the hell is that!?!" he yelled, see the sky behind them twist and distort around an expanding point of blackness. His voice attracted the attention of many, who then saw the hole, which was rapidly approaching a diameter the same size of an EVA. Sean remembered vaguely what happened when a spatial distortion occurred in atmosphere. Something like a giant concussion wave from the different pressures when the portal was complete.
"EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!" he shouted. Luckily for him, everyone there was a NERV agent and well trained to obey commands. They immediately leaped behind the nearest vehicle and braced themselves. Just as the STOL rolled to a stop, the portal was complete. The wave of air rocked the vehicles, the STOL, and sent a few men flying through the air. After the blast had passed, Sean and company peered over the Humvee at the huge black hole in the sky. The dark black portal floated just barely above the ground.
A very frightened Ritsuko identified the phenomenon, "A Sea Of Driac. It can't be. Only an Angel coul---"
"And what the hell do you think that is!" yelled Misato as a huge white-gray and red form stepped through the portal.
"What the? That looks like an EVA," said Kensuke.
And it was. EVA-04. The only difference was the large red hemisphere now mounted at the lower edges of the chest plates. The dark hole that had formed swirled shut behind it.
"I hope that isn't what I think it is," commented Sean, peaking from behind the humvee.
Shinji took a peak also, "I think so."
Ritsuko pointed a sensor from a box that she had just grabbed from the passenger seat at the EVA.
"Blue. Damn. It's an Angel guys. Any ideas, Misato?"
"Hey, Doc. Does the STOL have a power cable for the EVA?" asked Sean.
"No, but EVA-03 is currently wearing a portable battery pack and has a spare in cargo, why?"
"I get it! Tojui can pilot and I'll coach him!" exclaimed Shinji in realization.
"Good plan. Misato and I will get him there. You and Kensuke get out of sight," ordered Ritsuko.
"Fine. Let's get going, Kensuke."
"But I-"
"Shut up and come on," Sean said, grabbing Kensuke by a nerve point on his neck and dragging him toward the rock outcropping. Kensuke complained loudly until Sean squeezed.
"Come on!" called Misato, halfway to the transport. Shinji, Ritsuko, and Tojui ran to get to the plane before the Angel. Inside, Ritsuko started to pull rank on the officer in charge while Shinji and Tojui dashed into the locker room, where Tojui pulled on a plug suit. As the red-and-black suit tightened Shinji commented, "You know. I think that looks like Asuka's, just male."
Tojui smirked, "At least I didn't try hers on!"
Shinji quickly tried to defend himself, "Hey! I didn't have a choice there!"
"Cut the jokes you two! Get out here! If you've forgotten, THERE'S AN ANGEL OUTSIDE!" commanded Misato from outside the door. Tojui leaped into action and was out the door before Shinji could move. Shinji headed out too and joined Ritsuko at the command console as Misato all but threw Tojui into the open entry plug.

"Would you stay still!"
"But I wanta' watch the fight!"
"You wanta' get killed? If you do, skip the Angel! Just go jump of that cliff over there!" shouted Sean pointing at the edge of the plateau, not 10 feet away from him. This cowed Kensuke for a minute, giving Sean a chance to peak around the edge of the rock face they were behind. He saw the Angel almost confidently watching Tojui, in EVA-03, stand shakily, after pulling itself away from the carrier.
"I though I told you to stay back, Kensuke," Sean called over his shoulder at the disobedient teen.
"What are you going to do about it?"
"Remember the NERV agent that tried to stop us?"
Kensuke gulped, remembering the small, 4-pointed throwing stars he now knew Sean carried in his sword's sheath, "What do you do to him anyway?"
Sean shrugged, watching the two EVAs contact and begin to grapple, "The stars administer a drug that paralyzes the target for, at that setting, about 3 hours. If he survives the battle, he'll be fine."
"Well, at least Tojui can move the EVA," said Kensuke to change the subject, pointing out that Tojui had taken a ready position and was waiting for the Angel.
"But can he fight?"
"Yeah, he's a good street brawler. And he's been taking boxing lessons."
"Good he'll need them."

Sean was all too prophetic, for as the words left his mouth, the Angel made an impossible leap onto the plateau, then it swept the EVA into one of the rock formations with a low, spinning kick. However, Somehow, Tojui managed to flip in mid-air, land on the rock wall, and leap at the Angel, only to be smashed aside by a roundhouse kick from the Angel. Tojui took the blow and rolled to a stop before standing. Because of Tojui's newness to piloting, his reaction times were slower than the Angels, but he managed to lock hands with the Angel and engaged it in a battle of strength.
"Tojui's in trouble, the Angel's gonna' flip him," commented Kensuke.
"I agree, but since when were you an expert on hand-to hand combat?"
Kensuke looked a bit sad, "My father is...was a research scientist for NERV. He specialized in the 'biology of fighting' as he called it. In other words, he worked on ways to improve the fighting capabilities of the EVA. Needless to say, he was also an expert on fighting techniques, but hasn't been able to fight for a few years. Ever since the car accident."
"What car accident?"
Kensuke looked even sadder, "The one that killed my mom."
Sean felt compassion for his friend, "You need a place to stay?"
"No, Tojui's father offered to let me stay with them."
There was a loud crash and they turned to see that, as they had predicted, Tojui had been sent flying by the Angel's flip.
"Tojui's in trouble."
"Yeah. All he can do in grapple, the Angel's too fast for him to hit," Sean said as Tojui again begin to grapple, but more carefully, watching out for the flip. If something wasn't done soon, though, they were all dead. For at that moment, the two teens saw a saw point of darkest shadow form below the Angel and begin to grow. Sean felt a bit sick, as he had when the first portal opened.
"Sean, is that what I-"
"Yeah. He needs help, hold this," Sean took off his shirt, leaving the sword, and tossed it to Kensuke. He unsheathed the sword and tossed its sheath to Kensuke, as well.
"What are you going to do?"
"Fight," was all Sean said as his wings exploded, the only way to describe the speed they emerged at, from his back. With a mighty beat that send dust and small stones into the air, he made a tremendous leap to the next level of the rock formation. There he peered again at the fight, in which Tojui had drawn and lost his Progressive knife.
I vowed only to use your teachings when in great need, Sensei. I believe you would count this as one. He thought, moving out from behind the cover of the rock. Sean took a look around him. Hmmmmmmm. I guess this would count as a mountainous plain. I better defend myself first, though.

"Mask of Fate and Justice!(Note: the spells used in the fic and the method they are powered are based of the game Magic the Gathering. It seemed the easiest way to potray what I want, so please don't sue me!)" he called to the winds as he concentrated on the various plains he had visited in his life, drawing from their strength to power the spell he was working. A white aura quickly formed about him, condensing into definite shape. With a small flash, a set of armor(similar to Goku's when he returns to Earth, but gold) and a simple gold masked helmet appeared on Sean. Sean peered out through the blackened slit of the helmet. Now for phase two. He heard a loud whoosh as the hole began to suck. I gotta' hurry.
Sean leaped off the rock formation, using his wings to build up tremendous speed. As he flew, he mentally focused on the many Mountains and volcanoes he had been to and hidden in during his life. He drew from their heat and focused the power into his sword as he sped toward the battle. The sword itself took on a dark red-orange glow, but his path was obstructed by EVA-03.

Drastic times, drastic measures.
Sean now summoned power from the oceans and islands he had flown over while crossing the Pacific. He used the power to boast the strength of his thoughts to reach Tojui.

In EVA-03's cockpit...
"Huh? What?"
"We didn't say anything," said Shinji.
"I coulda' swor-"
{They can't hear this. So be quiet and listen.}
Tojui just looked around.
"Is there something wrong, Tojui?" asked Ritsuko.
{Listen, I don't have much time. Move to your left a bit.}
"Tojui! Stop looking around and move left! We have something on radar and it's packing some sort of heat weapon! You only have a few seconds, move!"
With a massive jerk, Tojui briefly lifted the Angel and rotated left, letting the Angel back down.
{Thanks. Be ready to move! I going to destroy the core!}
Why does that remind me of someone? He thought as a white-winged form shot past?

Wind raced past Sean as he shot between the titans. He raised his sword, which was now glowing a bright white-red, a pulsating aura came of it as it grew brighter.
"DISINTEGRATE!!!" he shouted as he slashed through the core. As he flew past, he saw a glowing white cut where his sword had connected.
I better hurry. The core's gonna' go!

His armor having disintegrated into white smoke, Sean flew over the rocks in front of the hiding place. Calling to Kensuke, "Get down! The core's going to blow!"
Kensuke yelped, moving back behind the rocks from his view point and rolling into a ball. Sean flipped as he came into land, grabbed his sheath, and sheathed it, all before he landed lightly on his feet. But his wings weren't fully retracted when the concussion wave rolled over him. His wings caught the wave of air, and he was blown over the edge of the cliff, but he first skipped along the ground, grunting as he picked up rocks. As he fell over the edge, his wings finally were in, and he drew his sword, as he flipped the sheath over his shoulder. He stabbed the sword into the cliff, and it amazingly went through the rock as if it was silk. He was jarred as he stopped and had numerous cuts and bruises, but otherwise fine. After a short period, Kensuke poked his head over the cliff and called down, "You okay?"
Sean grunted, "I'll live. Just get some help!"
"Sure. Here's your shirt!" he threw down the Sean's shirt before disappearing. Sean sighed, and then concentrated on getting his shirt on, without falling. This was strange, since the shirt should have been blown too far away for him to catch by the reflected winds from the blast...

Back at the carrier...
"Hey! Tojui! Great job!" shouted Shinji to Tojui, who was perched on Eva-03's back, the entry plug stuck out next to him.
"Yeah, whatever," he replied, too softly for Shinji to hear.
"What's his prob?" asked Misato to Ritsuko.
"He just got a call from the hospital we were sending his sister to. The Ambulance was run off the road," said a remorseful Ritsuko.
"Huh? What happened to his sister?" asked a concerned Shinji.
"Dead, I'm afraid."
"That's sad," said Misato.
A figure is seen running toward them.
"Halt! Identify yourself!" shouted a NERV agent, gun drawn.
"It's Kensuke!" shouted Tojui from his perch, standing and turning to see better.
"Put that gun down!" ordered Misato to a sheepish agent.
Shinji ran out to meet Kensuke. They conferred for a moment before running to Misato.
"What's the problem?" she asked.
Kensuke tried to catch his breath as he replied, "The blast-pant-knocked Sean over the cliff. -pant-He managed to get his sword into a crack-pant-but someone needs to help him!"
Misato whirled around and ran toward EVA-03.
"Tojui! Power up the EVA!"
"Why?" he called down.
"Sean fell of the cliff, you need to catch him before he loses his grip!"
Tojui jumped up and ran into the plug, which soon was retracted into the EVA, which was powering up. It soon stood, picked up Kensuke, and headed off under Kensuke's directions...

In the plug...
Tojui only half listened to Kensuke. His sister was dead, and he wondered what he had left to live for. His thoughts were interrupted by whooping from Kensuke, oddly happy for one who had just lost all of his family.
Perhaps that alone is my reason to live, my friends... he thought.

"Could Kensuke be any slower?" asked Sean to the wind as he looked over his shoulder at the ground far, far below, "I'm just glad I'm not afraid of heights."
Sean saw EVA-03 rising from its position by the carrier out of the corner of his eye.
"Thank God. I can't hold on that much longer. *grunt*!" Sean shifted his grip on his sword's hilt as the black EVA approached.
"Yo! Still there!" called Tojui using the speakers on the EVA-03.
"Yeah! But hurry up!"
"Hold on, Kensuke!"

Tojui moved the hand he held Kensuke in under Sean, who hopped down, turned, and in a smooth movement pulled out his sword and sheathed it. He settled down in the EVA's palm as Tojui moved closer to the carrier before placing them on the cliff edge and moving the EVA to the carrier just as the second power pack ran out. As the two sauntered back to the carrier, they spoke.
"Hey, how'd you get your shirt back on?"
Sean smiled, "With difficulty."
Kensuke laughed, realizing that his friend was as mysterious as ever, and the two kept on walking, greeted by Shinji and Tojui as they reached the plane.

Several hours later, at Sean's apartment...
Sean opened the door to his apartment and limped in, Kensuke close behind. Kensuke followed Sean into a room in back, which had a doorway but nor door. It was furnished with a large closet of varnished ash, a desk, two wood chairs, and two windows opened to the street.
"Windows. Close," he stated clearly, and in response, metal sheets slid over. Sean sighed, pulled out a chair, and sat down in the backward chair facing Kensuke, his back toward the wall with windows. His back was under the room's light. Kensuke walked around him.
"What's wrong?"
Sean grit his teeth in preparation for pain, "I hope you know some first aid."
Kensuke was confused but replied anyway, "Yeah. Top in the class. I figured if I couldn't be on the front lines, I could be near them. Why?"
Sean's gray shirt was torn apart explosively as he unfurled his wings. He sighed and retracted them but did not put them in his body, but, instead, they remained tightly held away from his back as he pulled off the front half of his shirt, throwing it into the small trashcan by the desk.
"Oh. Why didn't you get help earlier? You've made it worse by waiting for so long," said Kensuke, now seeing the numerous gashes and stones embedded in his back, along with the now flowing blood from them.

Sean was still wincing from having to tear the cloth of his shirt form his wounds. I was a short while before he could reply, "I heal fast, but I'd rather not to have stones remaining in my back. There's some gloves, tweezers, and some disinfective wipes in over there," he gestured to the box half-hidden under the desk. "You think you can clean my wounds?"
Kensuke though for a moment, "Yeah, I think so. But it's probably gonna' hurt you allot."
Sean shrugged, "It has to be done."
Kensuke dragged the box from under the desk and opened it. He searched for several minutes and from it he selected and removed a white paper pack, several small, blue-and-white packs, and a pair of tweezers sealed in clear plastic. He then pulled over a second chair and the trash can by the desk before tearing open the first white pack and pulling on a pair of sterile white surgical gloves. He then opened the tweezers' packages and began to pick out the stones from Sean's wounds and then cleaning the wounds with the wipes.

Tojui crept around the corner and stealthily moved toward the apartment belonging to Sean with skills sharpened by "missions" to avoid teachers during evacuations. Tojui was amazed that, upon reaching the door, he found it to be partly open. But he frowned anyway...
I'm pretty sure that Sean has something to do with that winged thing I saw during the battle. But this is too easy, I gotta' be very careful.
With that though in mind, Tojui quietly slipped into the oddly empty apartment. There barely seemed to be any room for more than one person, only 3 rooms that Tojui could see, and the doorway(no door) to a fourth, but no others.
Strange. Where are his parents?
Tojui heard noises coming from the fourth room and decided to creep closer. He had just reached the edge of the doorway when he froze at a sudden exclamation in English.
"Well if you wouldn't be so stubborn, it probably wouldn't hurt as much," he heard a voice, which he recognized as Kensuke.
A voice that seemed to be coming from gritted teeth replied, "You know I heal fast, so most drugs don't last very long."

Tojui risked a quick peek around the corner, and although he managed to move back, he saw something that made his mind freeze for several moments. He saw Sean sitting in a backward chair while Kensuke was picking something from his back, but what shocked Tojui the most were the two feathered, white wings that Sean held tightly together and extended that seemed to have sprouted from his back.
I was right! He is the-WHAT THE!!?!?! Thought Tojui as three objects shoot through the wall and stuck in the wall in front of him, forming a triangle of holes around his head. Tojui froze at the sight of the two inch long cones that were stuck in the wall in front of him.
"I'd come out if you don't want a fourth shot to go through your head," called Sean from the other side of the wall.

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