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Gundam Wing Fanfiction

The Section of Gundam Wing

Lady Deona's "Souls of the Universe" Series
Door of Revelation... Door of Meetings... Door of Magic
Meet Tira Felice, an old friend of Quatre's who reunites with him and the other pilots after the war... and stirs up more than just a little conversation.^_^ Cute and romantic, each door is a seperate fanfic, set on the same timeline.

*New* Sequel!!- "Times of Felicitation and War"
First Chapter...Second Chapter...Third Chapter...Fourth Door
The next series to continue Tira's story; four months after "Souls of the Universe", peace is about to be shattered...again. Who's out for Peacecraft and Felice blood? Read, as a new gundam pilot is revealed...

Lady Mika Maxwell's Door of Beyond
A beautiful, tragic story about a mournful sunny day... it centers around Relena and Duo. A must read!