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News: 07/21/2001: Well, I'm ready to announce my latestn effort in fansubbing.... Minky Momo! yeah, this show kicks major bootie, and a friend is offering to lend me the entire LD set, so all I need is a translator... so anyone who comes here... pleasepleaseplease find me a translator! I'll beg.... I already did that... anyway... as soon as I find a translator, i'll do it. and a word to my distributors, especial whoever it is I'm supposed to send tapes to. I'm in the process of getting all my equipment and such to the new apartment, but when I do I'll be rolling full-speed, so thank you for hanging in there.

News: 01/11/2001: I passed all my classes last semester, and stayed off A.P. (if you're in high school, AP has a whole new meaning in college). Today, I'm updating the links with some web-comics I read religiously. First is Cool Cat Studio, which reminds me of Strangers in Paradise and is a lot of fun... it's like a comic book one page at a time.

After that is Little Gamers. Think Midgets on crack playing video games... and there's ninjas. After that is a strip I really love, and not just because I've known the creators from IRC for a few years. Mega Tokyo, which used to be the slashdot of all things Japanese, until they got the idea to do a comic... it's like a cross between Cool Cat Studio and Penny Arcade... some days it's a gamer joke, but there's a beautiful story running in the background... sort of like a web-manga about video gamers in love.

Lastly for the new links, the big kahoona of all things web comic, Penny Arcade. all I can say about this one is... read it, read it often, and when you're not reading it, spend your time thinking about reading it.

News: 11/9/00: ADV liscenced Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon R. I'm still subbing them, but they'll be a private thing if ADV decideds to do the right thing and release bilingual dvds. Things are moving slowly, but moving.

News: 9/30/00: Ahh, college life. 5 weeks into the semester and I have, like, 0 time to sub. But, I have a lot to sub now... Sailor Moon R lds 2-7, 2 DBZ movies for my club (7 and 9), Gundam W Endless Waltz, Excel Saga, and Naussica. Now, only SMR will get out to the public, the rest will be for club screenings. Plus, I'm definately going to archive some DragonBall scripts, because of the announcement of Japanese DVDs sometime in the future for me to buy. And Digimon DVDs.... must have... yummy.... Digimon. Hey, don't look at me like that, I'll find you! That show is great! Sora-chan wa supa-kawaii desu! So, winter break will most likely be spent subbing... ah well, such is life. Also, I'm working on the Towikawa Gym episode of Pocket Monsters.

News: 6/6/00: I'm 19 in two days. Plus, I'll be gone in a week, so I may not have a lot to say for a while, but I'll still check my e-mail box if you send me something. I fell in love with little button-sized links while surfing Japanese websites, so that's how my links are going to look... also on this page are 6 I designed for this site, if you want to link to me, make the link point at

News: 5/18/00: Well, Pokemon 18, 35, and 38 are finished... check the distros sometime next week. Also, Wedding Peach volume 7 is ready to go.

News: 4/20/00: Put that pipe down and read. Happy birthday to my father and one of my best friends today. Now onto business. I should be able to start timing the first half of Pocket Monsters 35 soon, and I'll get to work on it as soon as I get the script chunk (it's half translated).

If anyone passing by here happens to have the Sailor Moon R lds, e-mail me, would you? I need to talk to someone who does.

I'm looking for some raw anime right now. I'd like to have good, raw copies of the original Gundam TV series and the original Dragonball TV series (earlier episodes of DB prefered). Also, I'm thinking of archiving DB scripts do they're avaliable if anyone wants them... I love that show, it's a shame it's sequels were so.... not it.

Anyone want to buy some dubs? A while back I bought some dubbed anime, and I no longer want it, seeing as I'll buy subs or, more likely, DVDs. I've got 4 volumes of Maison Ikkoku, Tenchi Muyo in Love, Lodoss War OVAs, and Akira. Although one of my good for nothing friends has lodoss and akira (along with my ghost in the shell sub). E-mail me if you want them. Oh, and yes, they're the original commercial tapes, lightly used.

News: (ummm a while ago) Sailor Moon R 67-70... finished and avaliable.

Note on selling fansubs for profit: I no longer care about the lazy swine who want to make a quick buck on e-bay. I hope they all just go away... seeing as they won't, maybe people will finally be smart enough to do something... you can't talk to these people! They're all l33t h4x0rz who'll h4x0r you for interfering with their God-given right to make money off other people's work... and they're not even record producers! The only people who will listen are ones with one tape they bought in china town they don't want anymore, and quite frankly, they're not hurting anyone. So for God's sake, get your tapes SASE, or, even better, from somewhere like DVD Express. Fsck people on e-bay... not even worth the time to run a bid up a few grand so they have to pay when you give them squat (not that that's okay.... but I understand if you want to do it). Just ignore them and let them rip off the people who don't want to take the time to go find an honest distro that does SASE.

You may be wondering what happened to Tenshi Ni Narumon. Well, Sachi's is way ahead on it, so I've decided to leave it to them since fate is against me on this one. (My TV episodes got lost in the mail twice, and my translators got tired of waiting for sources). I'll be looking at another series to replace it, but for now I'll work on Sailor Moon episodes and Wedding Peach.