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My Backstory (written in 1999/2000): I spent hours on the internet, searching for a good site for the great TV show Bucky O'Hare, and I have only found two sites, both just ok. What I was looking for was a site with movie clips, pics, and bios. I was on E-Bay, and i found some Bucky O'Hare videos, so i bid on them. I know the frustration of not being able to find good sites, so here it is, the best site devoted to Bucky O'Hare

My current Backstory (2005): Now with the availablity of technology that allows one to get images from VHS and DVD more easily, one would think that sites with Bucky O'Hare pictures would be more plentiful. However, as I search, I simply find my pictures, labeled with "JC" on other sites. It's flattering and humorous, and it's fun to show my friends, but it still goes to show that I've got the best site devoted to the Cartoon. If you want the Expanded Aniverse and the comics, head over to DJ Clawson's BOH Site, it's wonderful, but I'm devoted to the Cartoon.

UPDATES: 27 December, 2005

Ok! So I'm doin a little bit of rewriting on the Bios. They're a bit... juvenile right now. I looked at the webshell, and the last update was, get this, 12 February, 2001. So here I am, almost five years later, working on the site. Ideally, I'll make the page look a little nicer, not so "angelfire web editor" looking. But until then, this is what ya got! At least the Bios will be less eigth grader-written (which was when I wrote em...)

Additional Update – 11:35 PM
I decided to do a little research on HTML, and came up with this new look for the site! It’s got tons of flaws, all the bad links, etc of the old site, but in the next few days I plan to clean that all up. I just wanted to get this prettier looking page up and running!

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