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The site has been moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It now exists at !   Thank CalcGames for hosting it and enjoy a pop-up free site, with fast navigation and downloads!


In addition to the News/Comments section of the site (or the blog), there is now a Forum section. This has been graciously given to me by the staff at CalcGames. In order to use it, you will have to register at their site (free, of course) and then follow that link and you can post on the forum. Be aware that I have moderator rights, and if any inappropriate language, images, or topics are posted, I will delete your post(s) and alert CalcGames to promptly remove your account.  Please use this forum to ask me direct questions, as I sometimes check it more than my email =P.


This is the first day of the new web site design  I will update the archive pages as well, though they make be a bit tricky for the reason that I have to rearrange the tables.  Tell me how you think this looks!


Updates coming up. I now have more time to work on things, as April vacation is at hand. I will work more on adding new Mario levels, updating files, (yes, Zilak 2 is already available. I will make a page update for it.)

Also, I may decide to finish Light' Out!, which is currently not working properly.

I may rename my blog site from to That way, it will be more authentic. When I do, make sure you update your RSS feeds, as I will use that more often to post news.

Updates may appear in the next week, depending on the availability of my computer during that week. If they never appear, then I probably could not use it =(


      New section has been added. From now on, all news shall be located at this site, Now you can post comments, subscribe to an RSS feed, set live bookmarks, and I can easily post news on the site with little to no difficulties. This news section may also stull be used, but mainly for small archive and poll purposes.

UPDATE: News site renamed.


NOTICE: Light' Out! v0.5 is invalid. It does not work. I will fix it as soon as I can. On a brighter note, I'm thinking of an overhaul of this site. A new design, maybe. However, I need access to a good FREE web editor. If anyone can give me suggestions, please email me. As for Light' Out!, I'm trying to add sound to it. It's a bit troublesome, but it will come through. Also, check out Epic Programming! They made a brand new programming language called MLC! It's a breakthrough, and as soon as it's fine-tuned, I will make some games using it! And the best part is... THEY WILL BE COMPATIBLE WITH ANY CALC, EVEN CASIO ONES!!! As long as they create MLC interpreters for every calc, my games will work on them. I suggest everyone to check this out!

UPDATE: No need for editors, as I have changed the design.


Light' Out! v0.5 is out!!! Download it now! Also, source code is released as well. All in the TI-86 archives section.


Added the Sound Blast routine in the archive section. Check it out, along with my own Mario Level.


Mario level page added, in the Archives section.


New image added; also, poll moved to separate Polls page.


POLL ADDED!!!! YAY! NOW YOU CAN VOTE ON STUFF! Email me with poll ideas, and I'll put them up. Other news... New program: World Distance v1.0. In addition, I added dates of when I uploaded my files. They may not be all correct, but the new ones will always be.


New programs to the site: Titrate v1.0 and.... Light' Out! ASM !!! Ya, I know it was on other sites before, but give me a break. Its here with a cool screenshot. Check the archives NOW!


Well, midterms are coming up for me :( This means I temporarily stop Light' Out! ASM, and work on... Chemical Equation Balancer v2.0! Yes, it's true. I have decided to make a better, faster, smaller version of ChemBal. This one will be awesome! Look in the next 2 days for an upload!


It's coming!!! "Light' Out" in ASM is nearing completion! My first ASM game will be finished soon, and v0.1a will be available for the public. It will have 30 built-in levels, and 5x5 boxes, each with assigned keys. Also, it is written completely with the Asmide IDE and compiled using Clem Vasseur's Z80 Assembly Compiler. Maybe it's the first game written this way!


First three programs added in the Archives! Check them out! These are only TI-86 programs :)


The birthdate of the Realm of Zilak. How long will it take for a national holiday?

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