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In Loving Memory of
Angel Rose Reed and Baby Dru Reed

General Tips:
Donate only something that you would be proud to give in person. This may be the only item that this mother has as a keepsake of her precious baby.

At this time I do not have patterns on the web site, but this is something I would like to include in the future. In the meantime, anyone wishing to actually make a blanket to donate can find hundreds of wonderful patterns on the net. These can be copied or downloaded for free.

Since these blankets are made solely for babies, only baby yarn is appropriate. Please do not send wool, as this type is too hard on angel babies' fragile skin.

Yarn Amounts:
Any amount of yarn is gratefully accepted. One ball can make a small blanket for a preemie angel, or used with other yarns, it can make a beautiful mixed granny square blanket.

Any pastel would be best as these can be used for both boy angel babies and girl angel babies. Also any shade of white can be used.

Helpful Hints:
* Cleanliness is most important, please make sure that if you have pets or smoke that all items are washed before they are sent.
* Only new blankets will be accepted.
* Be creative, adding ribbon or lace, even a little charm, is just the right added touch and will be cherished by the angel mommy.
* When sending yarn or a blanket please place these items in a zip-lock bag. This keeps the items fresh and unable to get soiled while be handled in the postal service.
* MOST IMPORTANT~ Always include your name, and if you are making this donation in memory of an angel, please include their information so that we can make sure you are included on our Loving Donations list. And so that we can Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.

"Grief is stitch at a time."

Thank you to Marlene for creating this very special award for us!

Muchas gracias to my dear friend, Rosemary, for creating the
beautiful background and the cute little sheep buttons for this page. You are the bestest!

A friend can hear a tear drop.

This webpage is created
In Loving Memory of Angel Rose Reed and Baby Dru Reed
on January 9, 2002
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