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Heaven, My Blanket

In Loving Memory of
Angel Rose Reed and Baby Dru Reed

A Blanket Just For You

I choose a blanket just for you.
As they bring you to me one last time.
I lay this blanket before me and place your precious body on its warmth.
I choose a blanket just for you.
Not because of the color it brings out in your beautiful skin.
As I cover your pretty little baby toes.
I will keep them warm for you.
I choose a blanket just for you.
As I cross those long arms that I will never feel squeeze.
I look one last time at those slender fingers
I know would have brought music to my ears.
I choose a blanket just for you.
As I carefully fold over the other side.
I can't believe how peaceful and precious you look.
I choose a blanket just for you.
As I place a kiss on your perfect little head.
And I smell you for one last time.
I choose a blanket just for you.
Because I'm your mommy and thats what mommys do.
by : Sheri Reed

A Blanket Note From Sheri:

Dear Bereaved Parents,
On behalf of Heaven, My Blanket, Please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your precious baby. I know there are no words to bring you comfort, because I too have suffered the loss of two babies ~ My daughter Angel Rose and my angel Dru. My daughter Angel died during pregnancy and was the identical twin to my now three-year-old daughter Ryanne. And then again, in 2001, I lost Dru to an ectopic pregnancy. The loss of a baby is the ultimate tragedy, and can feel unbearable, but you are not alone. There are sadly many other bereaved moms that want to help, including our cause "Heaven, My Blanket." I started this program in hopes that you gain some comfort in knowing how much other mothers that have suffered this same loss care and understand all that you are going through and will go through. You may not feel like reading these pages at this time, but please save them for another time. Parents that have suffered this loss are more understanding and supportive then anyone else. In memory of my two angel babies I now crochet these blankets so that you have something as a keepsake from your precious baby. This blanket is yours to do whatever you choose. You may want to use it for your baby, for wrapping and taking photos of your baby or to bring home and keep in a special place. This choice is totally up to you. My hopes in doing these blankets is to keep the memory of my angels "Angel and Dru" going, and that they will never be forgotten. But my ultimate cause is that it brings you and your family comfort at this very special time.

. From time to time, we do receive materials in order to continue with making these blankets. These donations come from other mothers that have suffered the loss of an infant, or a child also. So you may have noticed that there is a name of someone other then Angel or Dru on the card. If you received a blanket with another name on the card it's because this wonderful person made a donation to Heaven My Blanket, so we have made this blanket in memory of this child. I hope that you received a blanket that is very special to you, I would be very happy to hear from you whenever you feel that time is right or that you need someone to help share your grief with "I'm here." We also started this beautiful web site that tells all about "Heaven, My Blanket" and how it got started. You are always welcome to contact me at the mailing address below or through email.

Our deepest sympathy,
Yours Truly, Sheri Reed

Donations of yarn may be made to:
Sheri Reed
9 Wilson Street
Bethany Ontario
Canada L0A1A0

To learn more about making a donation, click on
the little sheep below ~~

Let Death Come

Let death come as I gently bend over you,
placing my lips upon your warm forehead for the last time,
softly whispering 'good-bye', not, good-night.
Let death come like the hawk,
gracefully, slowly, spreading her wings,
soaring in the breezes, letting go of her past journeys,
as she's carried toward new horizons.
Let death come like the sun,
warming the vast meadow, re-birthing her,
and blanketing her with a golden-glow after a cold, bitter frost.
Let death come like the leaf, clinging to the branch,
gradually relinquishing her grasp, succumbing to the wind and swept beyond sight -
becoming one with the earth, somewhere again.
Let death come like the tall pine,
with her limbs extended ready to receive her first winter's snow -
resting against the blue, cloudless sky,
gracefully shrouded in white delicate lace.
Let death come like the 'mother' with out-stretched arms,
drawing her newborn close to her for the first time -
holding her gently against her warm bosom.
Let death come peacefully, as day becomes night,
and the moon awakens, and the sun sleeps,
and the constellations light the way to the heavens.
Let death come as I wrap my arms around you,
feeling your soul depart my last embrace
long before the silence of your final breath.
And...death came.
Quietly, gently, without face or form,
bringing with her a promise of eternal peace
and the silent reminder of the child we now share.
Debbie Landsman

This blanket was made in Loving Memory of Christopher R. Faller. The blanket was made in a soft baby blue and white yarn. In all the corners of the blanket there are beautiful blue silk ribbons. There is also a gold angel sewn in the corner of the blanket. Thank-you Angel Christopher for helping to guide me in the making of this beautiful gift.
Yours Truly Sheri Reed "Heaven, My Blanket."

Take this blanket that we've woven
wrap it round you good and snug.
feel the softness of its fibers
warm and gentle like a hug.

You needn't worry about your tears,
no damage will they do.
The fibers may be very soft,
but they're strong and durable too.

Its a very large large blanket.
There's room for you and yours.
Draw them near under this cover,
block the winds and stay the storm.

This blanket has many different yarns,
From all around the world.
We've intertwined them just for you,
though some have twists and curls.

This blanket will always be here,
Warm and soft and dry.
A safe spot in a scarey world,
Where even angels die.
~ Author Unknown

"Grief is stitch at a time."

Thank you to Marlene for creating this very special award for us!

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A friend can hear a tear drop.

This webpage is created
In Loving Memory of Angel Rose Reed and Baby Dru Reed
on December 10, 2001
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