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Visualize To Revitalize is a service of
Jo Witt, who is a degreed professional with 14 years experience assisting women and adolescent girls with such issues as low self-esteem, perfectionism, relationship issues, life balance, stress, anorexia, aging, depression, and grief.


Jo Witt
Mental Health Practitioner
Jo primarily embraces the Cognitive Psychology philosophies, while recognizing and acknowledging the significance of childhood events. The effectiveness of therapy is dependent upon a level of trust being established in which a client can feel comfortable openly sharing any thought or feeling without fear of being judged in doing so. Feelings can be stuffed so deeply inside, and for so many years, that it can be difficult to bring them to the surface, much less to allow oneself to express them, if a person can even find the words to verbalize the feelings. This can take time. Sometimes the simplest things can seem like they won't "fix" anything; yet, I know from personal experience that there's healing in getting the feelings outside of you by verbalizing them to a trusted professional. And, it's important to allow oneself to think through and to express, while having some guidance in reasoning through the true validity of the negative thoughts that can be so disabling, until one is finished with the thought or feeling and feel ready to put the thought or feeling "to rest." It's at that point that one finds peace. Thus, Jo's approach can be summed up as being that of supportive "talk therapy." Talk therapy can enable you to refocus--to visualize--and to move forward in life--revitalized.

Who is?

Jo is middle aged, divorced, the mother of two adult daughters, and the grandma of three preschool aged children--two girls and one boy. Valuing family, Jo was a stay-at-home mom with her daughters for 10 years.

Jo grew up on a farm in rural Missouri. She has resided in Minnesota for nearly 20 years. Areas of particular interest to her are family, pets, elderly folks, spirituality, music, and art.

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