The hellspawn, eyecandy, anything else I decide to put here.

Here we have one photo of my hellspawn manchild, whom I love dearly and spend alot of time with. The shirt he's wearing is strange because it's part of his ren garb. We camp at Texas Renaissance Festival yearly, with many friends, and have alot of fun. Also some links and a list (Angelfire's recommended format for a start page, whoo!)

More pages and photos will be added, maybe. If I feel like it.

Stuff I like

The Malks, don't blame me, they were there before I found them.
Google, a search engine, I use it ALOT.
Free email, without MS anything, recommended
Redhat linux, a free o/s, you can download and burn it on your own CDs, or buy a boxed set and get extra goodies. No money for Bill. Enjoy.
The eye candy.
How the web sees me.
Odd conversations, as I feel like adding them
The secret diagram of this site, in case anyone is bright enough to want to look at it the easy way.

Things that make me pissy.