Pictures Of The Cartrivision Recorder & Accessories





This page will be devoted to random images of the Cartrivision and related accessories.  If anyone has any unique pictures of Cartrivision equipment that you think would be a good addition to this page, please email to me and I will get them up right away.  Especially if you have

one of the Cartrivision TV console units!



The first picture is a nice shot of the Cartrivision playback in action.  The wood cabinet is a homemade job and is not unlike some of the nice aftermarket cabinets that were produced for hobbyists who had purchased the separate Cartrivision parts (fish tank and tape transport) and wanted something nice to hold them in. 







The next pictures are of the separate Cartrivision components, the signal processor (fish tank), and the tape transport.  I have one of the Teledyne/Packard Bell faceplates on my particular unit, but there were other faceplates available such as ones with the Sears logo, etc. 






Notice the inputs on the back of the “fish tank” below .  These are for the Instant Replay camera and microphone, etc.  For those who are asking “Why does he refer to this piece as a fish tank?”, well it was given this nickname due to it’s strange resemblance to one.







Cartrivision offered a black & white video camera that connected directly to the TV console that enabled users to videotape

home movies.  There was also a microphone that you hooked up simultaneously that allowed mono recordings.  Click on the link below to see what the Cartrivision “Instant Replay Camera” looked like:



Cartrivision Instant Replay Camera





Pictures Of Cartrivision Tape Cartridges